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Gambling has always been popular, regardless of the social status and financial condition of the player. Some people see the casino as an opportunity to have a great time, enjoying the festive atmosphere and holiday feeling. The game distracts from pressing problems, helps to relax and switch to something positive.

For another category of casino players,including online casinos , are an additional, and sometimes the main source of income. There are not so many professional players, and casinos use an innovative security system that helps track “lucky” customers.

So far ,the gambling industry is undergoing a new round of development: users can use the services of a casino without leaving their apartment. All you need to play is any device with an internet connection and a specialized online platform. Content with support for the virtual reality function is being actively introduced. There are a variety of slots, roulette, and even poker with real players. The classic takes a special place: online bingo, lotteries and table-game slots are presented in the widest range.

Bingo as an element of the epoch


According to historical data, the first version of the modern game of bingo was celebrated in the 16th century in Italy. It has become widespread due to its simplicity. In the 18th century, bingo was used to entertain the upper classes in France. In Germany, the essence of the game was used to train the attention and concentration of schoolchildren. It was even part of the mandatory curriculum.

The modern name “bingo” appeared because of a curious mistake. Toy salesman Edward Lowe thought this simple board game could be a great money-maker with a little tweaking. So he spent the next year working with Professor Carl Loeffler to reduce the odds of hitting winning combinations. The Italians named the game after the beans were placed on the playing fields to mark the numbers that fell out. And Edward Low mistakenly heard the word “bingo” instead of “bean”. It was from his hand that the name stuck among avid players.

Bingo is one of the varieties of the lottery, although it has its own distinctive features. Players are given cards with a specific playing field, depending on the type of bingo. The host takes out balls with numbers , without a specific system and order . If multiple numbers come up to form a winning combination, the player must call out the word “bingo” to signify their victory.

The most popular classic bingo has 75 balls. The playing field on the cards consists of 25 sections, one of which is empty. The numbers are grouped by letters BINGO. There are 15 numbers for each letter. There are options for a quick game – only 30 balls are involved in it. For players who enjoy the long game process, there is an option for 90 balls. It has been empirically observed that the fewer balls are involved in the draw, the higher the chance of participants to win.

Winning combinations can be a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. Sometimes it captures numbers in the four corners or in the very center. Some rules suggest collecting 2-3 rows or even all 4.

In the majority of online casinos, video bingo takes place in real time, with the participation of a real dealer. Compared with land-based casinos, online content developers offer players a wide range of game options and nice bonuses: free extra balls, multipliers, additional levels.

In order to ensure a pleasant game for yourself, you should choose content presented by trusted and reliable developers. Many organizations have big experience in the field of gambling and are the guarantor of the quality and comfort of the game. Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular online content providers in the gambling industry.

Top 5 bingo providers for online- casinos


  • Red Rake Gaming

Content producer for online casinos of Spanish origin, which is widely known outside of its country. Its products fully meet all the requirements of the online industry: non-trivial game storylines, thoughtful graphics and themed soundtrack attract a large number of players worldwide.

Red Rake Gaming has developed 73 video slots, 20 types of online poker, 7 blackjack variations and 14 different bingo games. The company has been providing its services in the gambling market for 10 years and is licensed in the UK and Malta. Almost all games are available when logging in from a mobile device and don’t lose their popularity . Their main difference from competitors is a large number of bonuses: free levels, additional extra balls and multipliers.

  • Pragmatic Play

This company offers an extensive portfolio of premium products. If an online casino can afford to cooperate with Pragmatic, then it is at least worthy of your attention. The company was founded in 2015, licensed by the UK, Romania, Malta, Bahamas. In a short time, the company has developed and successfully implemented almost 200 games. Only one bingo is presented in 9 variations. The company specializes in classic games, incorporating modern innovations in the form of detailed graphics and smooth animations.

  • Evolution Gaming

An old-timer in the gambling market, over the 15 years of its existence, it has significantly transformed and expanded the capabilities of online casinos. The first company to develop games with real dealers. Licensed from Malta, UK, Romania, USA and Canada. The most unusual bingo option in their portfolio is the Mega Ball. The real dealer acts as the leader, the cards consist of 12 numerical rows. In one session, the dealer reveals 20 numbers, and 21 balls is a random multiplier.

  • Skirock

This company is one of the branches of the global giant in the field of gambling, which has been a leader for 50 years. Their main content focuses on providing online casinos with top quality lotteries, video slots and bingo. They successfully keep up with the times and easily adapt to the requirements of the modern consumer.

  • Caleta Gaming

The head office of the company is located in Brazil. The company develops table games, keno and bingo content for online casinos with worldwide recognition. Caleta is highly productive: every month they delight players with new developments. Their content is always distinguished by a profitable loyalty program: there are free games for beginners, draws for regular customers, and even a cumulative bonus system.

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