It is impossible to know everything about poker. It is kind of a king among the games and a legend among the players.

It is such a many-sided game that it opens up something new for the player each time. Let us start with the fact that there are at least 150 poker varieties known in the gaming sphere. And the number of combinations that can be obtained is uncountable. And the number of combinations that it is possible to obtain is uncountable. In fact, it is impossible to play the same poker game twice. You will always discover new aspects of this world of card intrigues.

Legends, omens and a little bit of poker


Apart from the rules and the types of players that we will discuss today, there are omens that every self-respecting player adheres to. For example, a dog in the building where the poker lovers have come together is a bad sign. And on the other hand, playing in not so fresh clothes will definitely bring luck. You should note one more secret: some say that the right music will help set the player on the right track.

Poker is considered a truly unique game. Just think about the numbers: more than 70 million poker cards are sold in America every year. If we talk about the most popular game in the world in general, then football remains first, but poker ranks second. And you bet it does – poker is loved so much that even a bad vision is not a sufficient reason not to play it. There was a story that American newsmakers loved spending time talking about. In 2007 a completely blind man named Hal Lubarski managed to hit a considerable jackpot. The man played on an equal footing to everyone, by the reader’s aid, who read out the cards to him and commented on everything happening at the table.

Types of poker player

One size fits all approach is not for poker. Novice players know very well that you should stick to a strategy. Having a plan, a goal, and a set of actions is correct and necessary; you definitely should keep it in mind. But it is a mistake to use the same scheme against all players.

Poker, just as technical progress, constantly keeps improving. In the same way, the players often change their game style and deftly get the better of their opponents.

Thus, we will try to look at the most popular types of poker players and simplify the task of choosing the right strategy for you.


“Phone” is the codename for the most popular type of player. In the poker society, they are considered the weak link in the chain. In other words – to play with such opponents is nothing but pleasure and happiness. The “phone” constantly enters the game without much enthusiasm. Usually via limp or call – hence the name. And just a tip: if you are sitting opposite a “Phone”, it’s better not to bluff. Make your decisions and choose actions consistently, depending on the cards.


It might sound scary, but it is in name only. These types of players are also called the passive ones. “Maniacs” are quite venturous and impulsive, but most of the time, they are not dangerous. They like to enter the game quite often, and what is more, opt for bigger bets. Simply put, the favourite genre of the Maniacs is action. So how should you play? As in the case of “Phones”, – do not bluff. The best adjustment is to give him the right to lead the game. They will make the main bet, and you will decide judging as suited to the situation.

To sum up, if you are at the table with the “Phone” and “Maniac” – it is definitely your lucky day. You can get many chips with them.

Now let us move on to the subsequent ones – tight players. Roughly, they can be divided into two categories:


Brief description: usually against bluffing, they do not like risking and do not go for the big blind – the mandatory and most significant bet. By the way, playing against these types of players is quite simple but pretty dull. They seem like a stone – sitting in one place doing nothing. However, this is not quite the case, and certain adjustments are also needed against them. What can you do? You can take the blinds, bet on the flop. Why are the tight-passive players treated with a little bit of contempt at the table? Some think that they have a terrible effect on the game’s dynamics, and poker begins to be predictable, while others become uninterested.


The very word “aggressive” is already a warning to be vigilant. Tight-aggressive players are pretty common. The features: they use large bets and raise often. The tight-aggressive style of play can be dealt with well if there are 7-10 players. This type will also choose to play not many hands but protect the big blind. You need to steal the blinds when playing with tight-aggressive ones.

By studying the weaknesses and strengths of tight players, you can organise the game most favourably for you.



Well, let’s move on to our special treat. If poker consisted entirely of passive and tight playing, it would not be attractive. And dealing with regulators can be even dangerous.
Regulators can also be divided into expert ones and those who are still not very competent. But even the weaker ones are not passive players. Regulators always stick to a clear plan, make the right bets and think carefully before blind stealing. Bluffing and continuous bets can outplay weak regulators. But strong regulators are those opponents who are definitely not used to giving up. The most straightforward strategy is not to play against strong regulators.
There are too many types of poker players to remember all of them. Therefore, when the dealing begins, be vigilant and write down the details. Next time, if you face this player, you will have an ace up your sleeve – you will know how to act.

Poker has been played for more than five hundred years and, of course, it has changed a lot during this time. Why is poker considered such a legendary game? Because it really has done incredible things – even helped to elect the mayor, and it is not a joke. This happened in America when both candidates scored the same number of votes – 68. The question of this “draw” was easily fixed: it was decided that whoever wins in the poker game is the mayor.

Candidate Farrington was clearly aware of the types of poker players and won. You can find the Poker Kings even in politics.

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