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Games Global’s path to fame and being loved by the audience started way back in 1994.

Being the first provider to take on such a project as the online casino, Games Global (formerly Microgaming) learned everything the hard way. But it was definitely worth it.

Today, this company is one of the most sought-after software developers for online gambling establishments. Surprisingly, the very first steps of this company were attacked by critics. Now they look up to it, copy its actions and try to compete with the number of awards and prizes.

Games Global is used to surprising its customers. Especially those who are tired of traditional genres and want something unusual. The company creates unusual and colourful characters, thinks through non-trivial stories and guarantees complete immersion into the gaming reality.

Today we will talk about the unique games of the most popular online casino. Keep these small reviews handy if you want to familiarise yourself with the result of the painstaking work of Games Global.

Mumbai Magic – welcome to India


Mumbai Magic is the atmosphere of Bollywood, colourful Indian films and the mindblowing beauty of actors. If you like Indian cinema and simple but engaging games – Mumbai Magic will bring you a lot of pleasure.

From the first seconds of the game, the player switches from their reality to the colourful Bombay universe: the developers tried to recreate all the details in the virtual world. The magic worked. In the background, we can see a glamorous Indian woman with a luminous ball and figures of actors, which are empty at the moment.

What is the main idea of the game? The online casino client chooses the size of his bet and presses the “start” button. The ball of the Indian girl seems to come to life, and the empty figures of the actors begin to fill up. If two identical characters appear, the player has won.

What about the jackpot?

A unique game with an amazing concept that grabs your attention from the first few minutes. It’s as if you are ten years old again, and you enter a familiar children’s hall with slot machines and stalls with coke and french fries. Previously, such games were extremely popular: you had to abruptly hit the toys that jumped out of the holes.

The Whack-A-Jackpot is a symbiosis of nostalgia and modern traditions. What are the rules?

To begin with, the player decides how much to bet. Then gets ready for the invasion of moles, which begin to jump out of different holes in the playing space. Each “burrow” hides certain odds. The player clicks on the mole, and there’s a number that appears instead. The point is to find three identical odds. But some “burrows” are empty, and there’s nothing there. If they are clicked, the game will immediately end without any payouts.

Gaming establishments are valued for various bonuses, for example, free spins. And Games Global products stand for simple but interesting plots. There is no need to rack your brains, reinvent the wheel and think through complex strategies, or spend time developing tactics, approaches, and schemes. This platform suits even the absolute beginners.

Foarmy Fortunes – the idea is the same as in the previous game, but the game takes place in the bathroom. The surroundings are appropriate: a grey background, a lot of water, foam and, most importantly, sparkling soap bubbles. They are the ones that interest the player – they need to be burst to reveal hidden numbers. Three bubbles with the same odds is a sure sign of your luck, so you take the payout.

What is the tricky part? Instead of the numbers the player needs, there may be ducklings in the bubble. Come across three ducklings, and you are out of the game.

Games Global: the games that want to be played

Online casino software leader products attract attention with accessible and colourful games.

The company’s main philosophy is to make sure the player comes back. Something should catch, lure, and keep the user’s attention throughout all the rounds. Therefore, developers provide their game plots with lively characters. For example, as in Mumbai Magic, when instead of dull and simple characters, you see perfectly traced Bollywood actors who, it seems, are about to perform national songs and dance with elephants. And that is why the creators manage to connect with the player’s emotional state: just think about Whack-A-Jackpot, for example – the slot machines from childhood memories, the familiar algorithms, and the game itself is like a postcard from the past. It is a psychological trick – using the associations and familiar images. And, judging by the global recognition and numerous titles, Games Global is doing a great job.

Which games from famous developers are worth paying attention to?


For example, Dawn of the Bread is a great option for those who are a little tired of traditional games. Here, the creators offer to immerse into the atmosphere of Halloween – and again, Games Global succeeds in captivating the player and fully capturing their attention. Excellent graphics, well-thought-through characters that look intimidating, and a colourful bakery where it is not sweets that are baked but horrors.

Freezing Fuzzballs – spring is the perfect time to discover a game which transports you to the North Pole. The action spot is the far north. The creators have worked hard to recreate the feeling of emptiness and wild cold. The visuals and pictures are top-notch. By the way, once a newcomer was able to win about 25 thousand euros from the game. Who knows, maybe trips to polar bears sometimes go extremely successfully.

Wild Champions – also from the scratch card genre and sports-themed game. The characters are wild animals. Each of them excelled in a particular sport. Excellent graphics, thoughtful concept and a bit of black humour. You should definitely try it.

Games Global games are unique and bring their players a lot of excitement and positive emotions. Sometimes it’s worth taking a break from the genre classics and diluting the universe of poker, roulette and blackjack with unusual plots and non-standard decisions.
The famous developers’ work will definitely appeal to the players who like the original design, interesting characters and straightforward rules. From the first minute, you immerse into the world of heroes and adapt to conditions and what is happening.


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