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Perhaps you’ve been questioning where most gambling people live, what they play and how much money they spend on it? We’ve probably sparked your interest now to find the answer to this question and many others. Of course, many may think that most people play in the casino capitals – Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but it is not true. And no, this is not China either, even though its inhabitants love to gamble and are literally obsessed with it.

Better criteria for selecting countries and peoples of the world will be looking at the amount their residents spend in casinos. Our experts have compiled their own rating, which includes information on sports betting, poker, and betting companies. Let it be noted that the total amount was divided by the total number of the country’s residents. Undoubtedly, it would be way better to consider what goes on in the black gambling market and how the citizens play for money abroad, but no company has conducted such extensive studies at the moment.

So, let’s move on to our list of top 5 countries where gambling is the most popular. Finland is the first one on our list. Sports betting and various kinds of lotteries are considered the favourite games of local gamblers. The total annual amount a Finnish casino player loses is $533 on average. This includes online casinos as well as land-based establishments.

Together with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the Finnish government were literally horrified when they found out that about 41% of adults at least once a week spend time in gambling establishments. Another interesting fact is that virtual platforms and casinos are a part of the state monopoly. However, this is rather a good thing since the winnings of the establishments are spent on the public and social benefits. For example, part of this money goes towards education and medicine in the country. By the way, you only need to spend 125 euros per month to be classed as a true gamer. In this case, you can be added to the waiting list for free treatment in a specialised institution.

True lovers of winter sports


Canada is on the fourth line of our rating. The favourite pastime of gambling Canadians is the lottery and sports betting. An average gambler spends no more than $568 in one year. This is probably because the developers and the players themselves know everything about online casino bonuses. It also depends on the number of casinos that have been officially allowed since the 1970s. However, Canadians also love various lotteries, for example, scratch cards.

Speaking of which, according to statistics, every third local resident buys a couple of lottery tickets on a regular basis. It can be said that this is even a part of the country’s culture. By the way, parents often give lottery tickets to their children as a gift.

And, of course, in Canada, they just love winter sports. In fact, every resident regularly watches hockey matches, skiing, snowboarding, figure skating and more. Therefore, betting companies have a pretty good income.

The guys’ culture


Ireland is in third place on our rating. The favourite pastime of the Irish is sports betting. On average, one resident spends about $588 on it per year. Many people know that the Irish are real valuers of sports and disputes. The most popular and favourite sports of local residents are football, horse racing, rugby and some others.

The experts found that Irish youth, together with adult men, like to gather at the same table, have a drink, and then watch matches and place bets. Such gatherings are commonly referred to as “boy culture.” It should be noted that the world-famous Conor McGregor collaborated with local betting companies, which helped them to become so popular.

Online sites are much more common, although there are some players who still lose huge sums in the land-based establishments. In 2017, local residents set the record by losing $2.2 billion.

The silver award for gambling goes to Singapore. In this country, the locals love casinos, various kinds of lotteries and, of course, sports betting. Gamblers are prepared to spend $1.1 per year on their entertainment. By the way, this is twice as much as the previous participants of our rating. The most interesting fact is that the gambling industry in Singapore is only gaining momentum. In 1968, there was only one national lottery in the country. Now everything is different, and many new casinos and betting companies have opened.

The love for sports betting can be easily explained because Singapore is home to a huge number of football fans. They are so devoted to their teams that they can’t help but make predictions for the matches. Therefore, companies receive millions of dollars.

Yet the local authorities do not view it as anything bad. The decision to open the gambling establishments was made primarily with the tourists in mind, and the locals have been way more interested in gambling than expected. A large percentage of the population is fairly wealthy people, so they are able to pay the entrance fee to institutions.

Australia has become the absolute leader among the countries that gamble the most. Australians spend around $1,288 annually per gambler. Their favourites are sports betting and slots. According to statistics, 80% of local residents play for money regularly, and 50% absolutely love slot machines. Therefore, it is not surprising that pokies and gaming machines are extremely popular in the country. They can be found in virtually every bar.

The Australians are very fond of cricket and football. There are also international competitions in tennis and other sports that are often held in the country and attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. These fans can’t resist sports betting because there is an opportunity to do that at almost every turn. Answering the question of why gambling is so popular in Australia, experts are confident that the answer lies in a very high standard of living and big salaries.
Now let’s briefly mention in which other countries gambling is quite common. These are Italy, Hong Kong, Norway, Greece and Spain. There, local residents spend over $417 a year on games. For example, in the USA, it is $330, and in Monaco, $320. But the data may differ from reality because when casinos declare their profits, they often state a smaller number in order to reduce taxes.

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