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We can safely say that with the advent of online casinos, a new era has come to the world of gambling which definitely appealed to many fans of gambling.

Imagine that some time ago, in order to spend a couple of hours at roulette and poker, you had to look for a land-based establishment nearby. Considering that casinos are not allowed in all countries, you could reach a dead end.

With the advent of online casinos, players have received millions of new opportunities. Having your own casino in your pocket: why is it bad?

In addition to the fact that games have become more accessible, closer, and more mobile, some features are not available in regular casinos. For example, manual withdrawal cancellation or its opposite, reverse conclusion.

If you have not heard about such a feature of online establishments, then this article will come in handy.

Online Casinos Reverse withdrawal: show much go on


It is a known fact that everything is good in moderation. The casino is characterised by a festive atmosphere, a whirlwind of emotions, and a cycle of gambling. But sometimes this whirlwind spins too much and it gets hard to stop.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine that you have made an incredibly successful bet. Or you showed everyone who is boss in blackjack. Or you used an excellent strategy in baccarat, which hit a real jackpot. And here it is, the very moment that every player wants to experienceю You won a very large sum of money! While euphoria overwhelms you, all monetary manipulations are supervised by the casino.

Experienced players know that moving money from the casino point to the customer’s wallet point is not a matter of two minutes. Managers check your accounts, card number, and correctness of data. All manipulations take a sufficient amount of time. Alas, this is enough for the player to think: why not keep the show going?

But what if the real accounts are empty, and the desire to make a new bet takes up?

The player lays out a simple game in their head: the money is won, but it has not reached the bank account yet. This is where the most dangerous thing happens, the reverse withdrawal function comes into play.

If the client resorts to using this button, they can use the funds in the game. A funny situation arises where you do not have the money yet, that is, you have not seen it, but you can spend it on a new bet. Such a move was invented by casino managers for gamblers who cannot say stop playing

This is an insidious trap, which, alas, many fall into. It’s like an overdraft on a bank card, like a new loan, like a debt that you cannot repay yet. The funds are already yours, but you haven’t seen them yet. It is very attractive to spend something that is stuck somewhere on the checking stage at the casino finance department.

Pros of reverse withdrawal

Let’s assume that the real customer’s bank account is empty, but they really want to continue. In this case, the reverse withdrawal of funds will let them return to the game.
This function is suitable for those clients who are well aware of how uncontrolled spending of money can end and can stop in time.

Dangers of reverse withdrawal


A lucky game with a big win may not have a very pleasant continuation. It is known that emotions can make the player take rash actions without strategies, balanced decisions, and schemes. There is no place for a cool mind; it’s filled with euphoria. These are moments of celebration when the client feels strong due to a big win.
Perhaps, in a normal situation, a player would never bet such a large amount. But the desire to prove that you can do better is bursting from within. The hand reaches for the reverse withdrawal.
Unfortunately, this feature is a direct path to the bankruptcy of customers. The magic of big money won sometimes blurs the lines.
If a player knows about their crazy love for gambling, it is better to forget about this option.
Use a little trick: plan how you can spend the money you win. Maybe this money will be enough for a luxurious vacation? Or an extension to the cottage? Fantasize about your tastiest dreams and you won’t want to put that money back into the game.

Antidote pill: manual withdrawal override

Many call it the red button or rescue service.
Drama aside, the manual cancellation of the withdrawal is the very safe word that can save your funds and nerves.
Manually cancelling withdrawals has repeatedly saved incredibly large sums of money just by holding them back.
In other words, this option allows you to make the won funds immune until the transaction is approved by the casino managers.
This can take a lot of time and, of course, the client will not spend the winnings.
Everyone keeps their money. The client receives money, and the client stays at the casino. This is a useful trick that allows you to maintain an excellent stable relationship between the gambling establishment and the player.
If the player broke loose and lost all the money, their story with this casino would definitely end. Therefore, everyone is happy, so cooperation continues.
But, alas, not every online institution introduces such a function. Therefore, we advise you to choose those platforms that take care of their customers.
This is easy protection against rash acts to which any person can be subject.

Self-control and nothing more

Any additional function is just a tool. Everyone can help themselves. Mainly, you should control your actions.
Perhaps one of the most effective ways to protect your funds from yourself, but at the same time, to be in the game is to allocate a specific percentage of the bankroll.
Agree with yourself in advance about the amount you’re willing to spend daily. For greater reliability, keep it on a separate card or web wallet. Introduce a good habit: think over the bet amount. Allocate a certain percentage even from future winnings. The 10% rule works everywhere. It is known that you should set aside 10% of your salary for a rainy day. Do the same at the casino, allocate 10% of your wallet for bets and you will never go bankrupt.
This will be your backup plan. You will make a bet and keep large funds safe.



The reverse withdrawal is tempting. If you can’t handle it, don’t use it.
Manual withdrawal cancellation is both protection and insurance. Take care of your winnings in advance.

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