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Since the beginning of summer, a new chapter has begun in big football: the transfer window allows the coaching staff to strengthen their teams as much as possible and the players to find a new place if necessary.

Completed transfers of summer 2022


Of course, not everyone is waiting for this period. Many players have already renewed their contracts. Midfielder Kamara Boubacar left Marseille in May to improve Aston Villa’s staffing situation. The Birmingham club did not stop there and agreed on the transfer of Carlos Diego from Sevilla.

German footballer Rudiger Antonio has already signed a contract with Real Madrid after 5 years as a striker in Chelsea. And 25-year-old Kenny Jonjoe finished his work with Everton and moved on to active cooperation with Hertha.

The amount received for transferring a player to another club doesn’t always correspond to the real value. Bettors, who prefer statistical bets on football, should keep that in mind. Often the final amount depends on a combination of factors: the personal interest of the parties, the relationship between the owners of the clubs, the physical shape of the player at the time of the transfer, his participation in scandalous events and violation of discipline.

Popular bookmakers offer their clients a wide selection of choices. And transfers of top players are a betting option. In this case, the main advice for beginners in sports betting is to carefully check the information, even if it is published on an official source.

Zinchenko’s game at Manchester City

Oleksandr Zinchenko did not have any prerequisites for changing clubs. For 6 years in Manchester, the Ukrainian midfielder:

  • was awarded the title of champion of England 4 times;
  • became the owner of the Football League Cup 4 times;
  • won the FA Cup and Super Cup.

Until May 2022, both Oleksandr himself and the team’s management were quite happy with his game and personal achievements. However, in mid-May, rumours about his possible transfer to another team became too obvious.

These rumours were officially confirmed at a press conference with head coach Josep Guardiola. Zinchenko decided to change the situation and leave the English club. But not a single word was said about the reasons for his intentions.

This situation has given rise to even more conjectures. Some media sources claim Guardiola himself is interested in the defender’s departure. He accelerated the whole process and even personally took part in the search for a new club for his trainee.

Others insist that Oleksandr made the decision to leave Manchester on his own for unknown personal reasons. He was pretty happy with the salary, and his relations with colleagues were friendly enough.

The third reason is the political situation in his home country. Despite the scandalous start of his professional career and the rupture of relations with Shakhtar Donetsk, Zinchenko never changed his citizenship. He has also been a full-back for the Ukrainian national team since 2015.

Club career


Oleksandr has been interested in football since childhood. His father was a football player in his youth and was heavily involved in his son’s sports career. As part of the children’s team DYUSSH-Karpatiya, Zinchenko constantly became the winner of various competitions.

Thanks to an excellent game at the age of 16, Zinchenko became the captain of the U-19 Shakhtar Donetsk team. This is where the disagreements began, which later led to a serious conflict. Despite the productive game of Zinchenko, the coach was in no hurry to transfer him to the main team. Oleksandr himself refused to play supporting roles.

During that difficult period, the young football player was supported by his mentor Anatoly Patuk. He helped Alexander leave Ukraine and find a place in Ufa. In 2014, Zinchenko participated only in amateur games, and in March 2015, he already played in the main team of Ufa at the Russian Championship.
On July 4, 2016, he became an official player of Manchester City, signing a 5-year contract. In a football player’s career, both steep ups and failures. However, for the most part, the club administration had no complaints against him.

Today Oleksandr Zinchenko is a young promising footballer who will certainly find a place in the top clubs outside of England.

Arsenal have a positive attitude towards Zinchenko

The head coach of the London club said in an interview that he had already prepared a place for Oleksandr in defence. If Zinchenko agrees to such an offer, Mikel Arteta will do everything possible to maximize the potential of the Ukrainian.

Zinchenko and Arteta had maintained a good relationship since the time when Michele was part of the Manchester coaching staff. Since they have already worked together, the risk of mismatch between expectations and reality is minimal.

Zinchenko reacted favourably to an old acquaintance’s proposal but has not given an affirmative answer.

Everton is the most obvious option

The transfer of the midfielder to Liverpool’s Everton was approved by Guardiola himself. It will be easier for Oleksandr to adapt, as his compatriot and team-mate Vitaliy Mykolenko already plays for this club.

Of course, the final choice remains with Zinchenko himself, but the administration of Manchester City promises not to stand in the way of the football player. However, there is one condition here – Zinchenko will approve the transfer if he receives a certain amount for it.

Newcastle and Inter remain questionable


Newcastle has also sent their agents to negotiate over Alexander. But things are not so obvious here. Zinchenko will definitely not agree to an episodic game, and there will not be enough places in the main team for everyone.

In addition, the possibility of signing a contract with Zinchenko directly depends on the answer of Matt Targett. How long the disputes with Aston Villa will drag on is still unknown.
Top clubs outside of England are also bidding for Zinchenko. Inter has expressed a desire to work with the Ukrainian footballer. Since Manchester City was seriously interested in their defender Milan Shkriljar, the Italians offered to carry out a kind of barter: to give Milan in exchange for Zinchenko with an additional payment of 30 million from the British. It is hard to say what stage the negotiations are at now.

Barcelona wants to strengthen their defense

Spanish Barça doesn’t stay away from what is happening. The club is not in vain famous for its ability to prioritize and a good sequence of actions. The question of a possible transfer of Zinchenko to Barcelona will be considered only after the conclusion of a contract with Marcos Alonso.

Oleksandr Zinchenko himself did not give a single official interview on the topic of leaving the club. It is only known that if he changes teams, his dream of winning the Champions League will be postponed indefinitely.

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