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A No Deposit Bonus is a special type of bonus that doesn’t require account top-up. It’s especially useful for new users who might not be ready to invest their personal money from the get-go. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved: an online casino attracts new players using their own resources, while the new user gets a chance to increase their funds without any investments.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye. If No Deposit Bonuses were handed out with no limitations and with a possibility to withdraw them straightaway, any casino would quickly face serious financial troubles and even possible bankrupting. In order to fight bonus hunters, online establishments implement special rules around No Deposit Bonuses and their withdrawals. Such rules could include compulsory registration, in-game points collection, championship victories, and other actions.

Withdrawal requires completion of a rule called a wager, which is a kind of ratio that has to be played out after receiving a No Deposit Bonus.

It’s imperative to carefully examine wager terms before agreeing to receive a No Deposit Bonus. Terms might include a specific deadline, bidding on definite items, and bid sizes. Take interest in all details of such a bonus to not fall into a trap of improper casinos

How to receive a No Deposit Bonus after registration


This is the most popular method of attracting new users to a platform. Each casino actively advertises information about such gifts on social media, various websites, forums, and communities. Since registration can be completed using different methods, there are multiple ways to get a No Deposit Bonus.

Registration with instant No Deposit Bonus

This is a quick and convenient way to get the bonus without long procedures or bureaucracy. After filling out and submitting a form confirming your intentions, you instantly receive a No Deposit Bonus. In some cases, it gets added to your account automatically, but sometimes you must check a box to agree to all terms of such gift first. Jokermonarch has simplified the registration process as much as possible. All it takes for you to become a full member of our casino and get all user benefits is to submit your email address and check a box confirming your age.
Creating a new account with a phone number

Oftentimes, in addition to creating an account with an email, there’s an option to add a phone number instead. The registration process is otherwise identical, only requiring you to confirm your phone number by typing the contents of a text message into a field. This helps a casino check information validity, so there’s no point in using an invalid phone number.

No Deposit Bonus with an instant withdrawal

You must successfully complete all stated conditions to withdraw a No Deposit Bonus. This is the only way to get money on your account quickly and easily. Without a wager, no virtual establishment issues bonuses. If you receive such an offer, it’s best to not risk it and avoid depositing your own money on this website. Most probably, the owners of this website are fraudsters who are after your bank information, phone number etc.

Other bonus types without a deposit

On top of the No Deposit Bonus during registration, respected establishments develop a list of extra gifts that don’t require a cash deposit. They can be connected with certain dates, victories, or achievements, so it’s a good idea to read the information on the loyalty programme closely.

Birthday No Deposit Bonus

If you’re planning on withdrawing funds to your bank account, you’ll have to go through the verification process. Verification is completed through additional data being added to the account and a scan of an ID to confirm provided information. This data includes the date of birth among others, which help casino administration to verify your age since gambling is unavailable to those under the age of 18.

Since they know such information, some casinos give gamblers birthday presents. A No Deposit Bonus is the most sought-after one, so the casino cheers its users up with this exact reward.

Notably, the gift amount depends on the account history and user activity; the higher the bets and the more often the user plays, the higher their No Deposit Bonus will be.

Casino Birthday gifts

This type of No Deposit Bonus is handed out once a year, on the day when the casino first opened. All users get presents, but their sizes vary depending on the resident’s status and level. This long-awaited event is announced in advance, so many users wait for the day to come every year. It’s a win-win situation for clients and the casino, as such an event increases user loyalty.

Free spins as a No Bonus Deposit


A No Deposit Bonus can consist of not only cash but also free spins. This bonus type is just as attractive to the users because it involves slot machine spins that don’t credit your account. By the way, free spins can be an independent bonus, but they can also be combined with a sum of money.

How to use them and course of action:

find out which slot machines the free spins can be used on;
during which period the free spins can be played, if mentioned in the terms;
clarify wager ratio;
start spinning and win real prizes.
Keep in mind that if you don’t manage to play the free spins until the end of the stated period, they will expire and won’t be restored.

Why do casinos give out free spins? There could be various reasons for a casino to do that, such as a victory or another winning place in a tournament, achievements, reaching a new level. However, the most common are:

For registration.
As mentioned earlier, free spins can be combined with a cash reward awarded as a No Deposit Bonus for registering on a website. Sometimes free spins are the only offered No Deposit Bonus. In any case scenario, you have to complete the registration to receive the desired gift.

With a promo code.
A set of special symbols form a promo code. It should be entered into a special field to get activated. After that, a certain number of free spins with attached terms and conditions is added to your account.

A promo code is a way for a casino to promote itself. It helps them to attract the attention of their target audience by advertising the upsides of such a partnership. This bonus can be found on forums, on social media, on various websites. They’re published as a banner with an active link or in personalised emails.

Whether or not to use such a No Deposit Bonus is a matter of personal choice, but most gamblers happily accept such gifts. You don’t risk anything by accepting a No Deposit Bonus, so even if you don’t manage to win any money back, at least you’ll feel the adrenaline rush from a free game with the possibility to win real money.

What’s the point of a casino promo code?

Promo codes can contain different types of gifts: free spins, sums of money, in-game points, deposit bonuses. They are all part of a loyalty program carefully developed by specialists and marketing managers. Placing announcements on various websites and the company web page is a great way to attract attention to a platform.

What are the advantages of No Deposit Bonuses and are there any drawbacks?

Everyone likes receiving gifts. Especially if they don’t require financial investments. The most prominent benefits are as follows:
easy start for a newbie without investing money;
a possibility to increase your balance and withdraw funds;
free play at the best slot machines.

Are there drawbacks to No Deposit Bonuses? There are some, of course, main ones being limitations around minimum bet and withdrawal amount, as well as time constraints. The wager is another disadvantage to keep in mind, but they’re mostly there to protect the casino from bonus hunters, not to take the pleasant gift away from the player.


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