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The 2021/2022 season will be the 75th for one of the oldest and most respected sports associations. The National Basketball Association was created in 1946. They encountered unpleasant relations from the public, lack of financial support and legal difficulties but today this basketball organization is one of the most popular and significant in the world of sport.

The annual seasonal games have attracted millions of fans around the world, the names of some league members have become generic, and basketball betting has been at the top of the list for decades.

Annual seasonal games attract millions of fans from the screens around the world, the names of some league members have become household names, and basketball betting has been at the top of the most sought-after rankings for several decades.

How it all began


The history of development of the NBA as a functioning unit in professional sports is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Basketball has not been recognized as a separate sport for a long time. Sports figures had to work hard to promote basketball to the masses. The first match was held in November 1946 and called “Basketball League of America”. Unable to compete with team games such as football and hockey, the founders of the league decided to create a new conglomerate. And since 1949, the Basketball League of America, together with the National Basketball League, have played games under the general name “National Basketball Association”. At the beginning there were only 17 participating teams: three divisions of 5-6 teams. Due to the small budget, such a modest option was quite appropriate. Since 2004, the NBA has been included in 30 teams, earning wide public recognition and the love of millions of fans.

So far, the association is represented by the Eastern and Western Conferences, which are divided geographically. Each conference is represented by three divisions, 5 teams in each of them. The season is long and eventful because of the large number of participating teams. Each club plays 82 games annually.

As a respected and influential sports entity, the NBA pays special attention to their members. For example, on the 25th anniversary, the administration of the association, with the help of the jury, recorded the names of the brightest basketball players in the list of the Silver Jubilee Team. At that time, this list included only 10 players.

For the Golden Jubilee, the organizers provided not only a new list of basketball stars “50 at 50″, but also gathered all the players included in the ranking of the best at the “star match”. Tickets for the game were sold almost six months before the event, and sports betting included the match in the game line.

The 75th anniversary is also marked by a new list of 75 names of the best players in the history of the NBA. However, there was another surprise to come. «Nike» as official partner and supplier of equipment for athletes, announced the development of a new design of the form for each club.

Since 2017, “Nike” has been delivering completely new gear designs to players.So all NBA participants have a single format of sportswear. Each club has its own unique collection, consisting of four kits. However, this year “Nike’s” idea is to use the form to display the entire history of the club.

The history of each club in detail


The “Nike” design is best reflected in the design of the “Chicago Bulls” form. The colors chosen for this team were the same as in 1966. There are also black details on the sides of the shorts with the addition of vertical stripes. The inscription “Chicago ” on the jerseys is in white.
Miami Heat players will wear jerseys with numbers and inscriptions made from the letters and numbers of all previous members of the club. In addition, each player chose the font for numbers and letters. They even immortalized Ray Allen’s game in 2013 by adding a vertical yellow stripe to the design.
“The Charlotte Hornets” have an interesting past: playing with the “Bobcats”, working with Michael Jordan. Every year they brought something new not only to the team, but also to the paraphernalia.Today, “the Heat” wear turquoise-purple uniforms, with the front numbers away from the center.
«Milwaukee Bucks» players really wear the history of an entire era on their jerseys. The font comes from the 1971 championship, the rainbow under both hands is taken from 1977-1993, and the emerald shade reflects the present.
“The Boston Celtics” don’t really enjoy changing the format of equipment, so only a few touches were added: the clover triangles from the first games of the club and the inscription “Celtics” when the two organizations merged.
“Indiana” has played all the time in blue and yellow, although the design of their form has changed quite often. Therefore, the main changes affected the font and logo.
“The Washington Wizards” chose the format of the 1978 uniform from the era of Unseld and Hayes. “The Bullets” stripes remained, but the white color had to be removed. “The Philadelphia Siskers” chose to go back to the mid-70s with lighter blue jerseys. The rainbow squares on both sides are a memory of the Spectrum arena.
“Atlanta” has made a record number of changes: numbers, colors and logo hawk on the front since the second half of the 90s. The New York Knicks are one of the eight founding teams of the NBA. For such a long time, the form has remained practically unchanged. “Nike” took the classic version of the outfit and black as the basis.
“Brooklyn Nets” goes back to the 90s: the blue tint and the inscription on the front is white. The stripe on the sides and the roll of stars will also beautify the shape of the players. “The Golden State” logo has been changed: the oak tree was removed, replacing it with a regular number. The zippers on the sides remained.
“Los Angeles Lakers” received stars on a blue jersey and the inscription “Lakers” at an angle. “Portland Blazers” was chosen during the ’70s: the unofficial name of the club “Rip City” proudly shines on the chest of basketball players.
“Houston Rockets” is wearing a dark blue uniform with stripes from the second half of the ’90s, and “Dallas Mavericks” appears in blue and green form of the first half of the ’80s. The cowboy hat logo is also present.
Fans enthusiastically accepted the idea of ​​redesigning the players’ uniforms. However, representatives of the NBA assure that the main surprise is yet to come.


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