Some consider the betting industry a source of easy money, a moment of fame, and unburdening leisure. However, those who have already moved on to the advanced level understand that sports betting is painstaking continuous work. Betting loves only those with a serious attitude about it.

Sometimes a beginner decides to get into betting because of interest in sports. While sometimes, a person is sure that fortune is on his side, testing their luck in a casino seems like a good idea. However, there is a small percentage of novice players who are ready to dive into the business headfirst right from the start by learning to predict, analyse, collect information, test different strategies, and juggle tactics.

The course of action seems simple enough, but some forget about a crucial factor: all this is very time-consuming. So, what should you do? How do you squeeze betting into your agenda without hurting other activities?

The desire to succeed in betting and online casinos and to become a real pro with minimum effect on your life, alas, sounds like something from a science fiction novel. Any job requires effort and time. A good bettor knows that bets require extensive preparation by collecting all the available information bit by bit and analysing it. Is there another way? Let’s discuss!

A game of Chinese whispers: free and paid predictions


Everyone knows this rule from school: if there’s no time to figure something out, ask someone else. In betting, some are in the know, while others just want to eat the cake and get away with minimum losses.
If the bettor doesn’t have time to prepare, they can use someone else’s forecast. For example, they could contact a professional who, for a certain fee, will share their opinion and describe the risks and arguments. There’s an option of using free platforms where you can take a look at other people’s predictions.
Then the player’s plan is reduced to very simple actions: look at the bookmaker’s website and place a bet. This will take just a few minutes. However, the player must understand that in this case, they are no longer responsible for the outcome of the bet. They use someone else’s opinion, so the bet outcome depends solely on how thorough the conducted analysis is. Does betting lose its special magic in this case? Undoubtedly. Not to mention that it’s rather complicated to choose a third-party person who can be trusted with a bet. Betting based on someone else’s opinion is possible but undesirable. Here’s why.
When it comes to betting, the player is responsible for their own finances. The success of the bet will only affect them. But how can you worry about the bet results if you don’t even know how the expert came to their conclusions? Why exactly is betting on the total more desirable? Maybe you should’ve bet on a plus handicap? All these doubts will buzz in your head like a swarm of bees. In case of a loss, you will want to take all the anger out on the expert, but really, it’s you who placed the bet.
The second, more significant, reason is that the player stagnates. They freeze at the same level with no progress. You can become a professional only through practice and learning from your mistakes. Each forecast, each analysis becomes a coin in your piggy bank. The bettor will not be able to learn if they keep using someone else’s analytics. Constantly turning to external sources is not a reliable prospect.
How should you act? You can use others’ forecasts as a “call a friend”, a helpful tool, a hint. Imagine a situation where your opinion is almost identical to someone else’s. These are the perfect conditions for betting with an almost 100% guarantee.

I have no time, but I want to bet: what should I do

If a player is serious about betting, they must find time for it.
Forecasts and analytics are the foundation for a bet. Without it, the entire structure will collapse. Entrusting them to someone else is half-betting. Noone would be able to reach a stable income like that because any successful business requires attention. If you fail, it’s best to do so due to your own analytics. If you learn, you should learn from your mistakes. Only then will the process be natural and will the player reach a good income level.
If you want to bet but the time is running out, your best bet is to reduce the betting area. Choose one type of sport that you are really interested in.
The next step is not to waste your time on all the ongoing competitions and tournaments, but to focus on a few of the most high-profile and discussed ones instead. Say, a world championship; it’s discussed everywhere. You will be able to receive information from all around, even if you are not 100% invested in the analysis. You can even bet on just one tournament. We advise, nevertheless, to have at least 2 leagues under close supervision.
If you approach time management with full responsibility, betting will take only 3-4 hours a week. This is feasible even for a very busy player.

Less stakes equals more earnings?


There is an opinion that the more events the bettor pays attention to, the higher his earnings will be. That isn’t always true. Perhaps, the road to taming betting is quality, not quantity, especially under strict time constraints. It’s better to go to a bookmaker with one quality bet than to make ten bets without clear reasoning behind it.
We advise you to pay attention to learning from your mistakes; there’s a good reason why this process at school is mandatory. Only by going through your mistakes can you understand where you took a wrong turn.
When the bet is exclusively yours and based on your own forecast, you can easily manage it by identifying patterns, favourites and weak teams, and understanding behaviours in different situations.
If you still want to use the expert’s services, you must remember that there are no perfect forecasts, even a professional can make mistakes. Does the player need someone else’s mistakes?
All kinds of activities require some sacrifices. Betting has its own currency: time. So maybe it’s best not to waste efforts on finding a professional expert, but to become one yourself instead?


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