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Among the huge number of bets on football and hockey, bets on goals stand out. The most popular are the classic options like totals and both teams to score. Although there are other possibilities that some players are not even aware of. Today we will talk about betting on the next goal. This is a great option for those who like to play live and watch the broadcast of the match along the way.

What does betting on the next goal mean?


The bookmaker offers to guess which team will be able to score the next goal during the game. At the same time, the score on the scoreboard at the time of betting can be anything: from 0:0 and 1:0 to 5:5 and 8:2. Such bets are accepted both before the start of the meeting and during its course, that is, live.

The odds directly depend on the current score and the level of the opponents. At 0:0 or 1:1, the next goal in the performance of a clear favourite will not be given as much as when playing equal teams. If the score difference is large and the better team has no real motivation, the quotes change accordingly.

Bets on the next goal are accepted in all team sports with low performance. Most often, bets are placed on football and hockey, less often on futsal, bandy, and floorball.

In more productive disciplines, there are similar rates: who will score a certain number of points first. For example, in basketball, they offer to guess which side will reach the mark of 10 or 20 points earlier, in handball – to the mark of five, 10 or 15 goals.

What to look for when betting on the next goal

It is important to assess the balance of power of the opponents and understand who has more chances to score next. Sometimes it is not necessary to understand the capabilities and tactical features of both teams in detail. It is enough just to watch the broadcast of the match, notice the details, and pay special attention to several factors:

  1. The team’s need for a goal/puck;
  2. Attacking capabilities of the team, the level of pressure exerted;
  3. Actions of the opponent in defence.

To put it simply, you watch the game, see its drawing, and determine who has the best chance of a realized moment. Of course, you need to consider the current score and the status of the teams.

Let’s say you’re watching a La Liga match between Real Madrid and Getafe. The hosts lead 3-0, and the outcome is clear. Madrid slowed down, and the head coach removed several leaders from the field to save them before important meetings.

However, bookmakers believe that it is Real Madrid’s chances for the next ball that are higher. In such a situation, it makes sense to play against the line. It makes no sense for Madrid to go forward with large forces, a missed goal will not be a problem for them. But for Getafe, a goal of prestige matters, as it will save face.

Such a scheme quite often brings results. Especially if Getafe gets more active and creates a few chances, and Real Madrid is already thinking about the next game.

Of course, it is easier to achieve high efficiency when watching matches. Online text broadcasts can miss a lot because they focus on specific episodes. Dry statistics are highly dependent on context. A team can beat the opponent in several shots thanks to attempts from 30-35 meters that are not really sharp.

Next goal betting options on hockey and football


All betting companies have at least three offers:

  1. The next goal will be scored by the hosts;
  2. The guests will score the next goal;
  3. In the remaining time, the score will not change.

Depending on the minute of the meeting and the situation on the field, the odds can vary significantly. Also, some operators offer to bet on a double outcome.

This type of bet is less common because it is not very popular with players. The reason for it is low quotes. There are three options, like in the classic double outcome: 1X, X2 and 12.

That is, at 1X you will win not only with the next goal by the hosts, but also in the absence of the next ball. Failure is possible only if the nearest goal is scored by the guests. At the X2 bet, the alignment is mirrored.

The most popular bet is the next goal in a football match. Quotes will be slightly higher than in other sports, because usually, the margins of bookmakers in football are lower. In the pre-match, most often they bet on the team that will open the score, although the high probability of randomness makes it difficult to predict. But before the start of the game, you can bet not only on the first goal.

What does the next goal (2) will be scored by 1 team mean in sports betting

Such records sometimes cause bewilderment for novice players. The above example means that the second goal in the match will be scored by the first team, that is, the hosts. You will get a win when the score is 2:0 or 1:1 if the hosts concede and win back.
If the second goal is scored by the second team (that is, guests) or the second goal does not take place at all (0:0, 1:0, 0:1), you will lose money.
Similar options: the next goal (3) will be scored by the 2nd team, so the third goal will be scored by the guests. The next goal (5) will be scored by 1 team, so the fifth goal will be scored by the hosts and so on.

Strategy for the next outsider goal

This is the most popular model in this betting market among experienced bettors. The main part of the players bet on the favourite, especially if they have a territorial advantage and create a lot of moments.
A large number of bets on a strong club reduce the odds on the favourite. This means that quotes for an outsider are rising. This also applies to betting on the next goal in the match. Therefore, you can play against the line.
The essence of the strategy is to check quotes not lower than 2.50 for an outsider and make a single bet. Especially if a team is inferior in class and regularly counterattacks, and the favourite traditionally has problems with defence or has several players with a tendency to be sent off.
In case of failure, the next bet is made on the same outcome, and the bet size is increased by the catch-up method. That is, it doubles until the unsuccessful series is interrupted. This will allow you to get a profit and cover your losses with the first pass.
When catching up, one pass out of five or six attempts is enough, the higher amount of the bet risks being excessive. Mainly, you should avoid meetings with a high probability of devastating defeats. If you choose matches of the average athletes against tired or unmotivated giants, the series of failures is unlikely to stretch. Even the giants have bad games and stretches.
This model is universal and suitable for football and hockey.

Strategy for next shorthanded goal


Now consider this strategy for hockey. It involves betting on a team that operates in the minority. It is recommended to choose comparable opponents, each of which has a real motivation.
It is necessary to wait for the moment when one of the parties receives a two-minute suspension and remains in the minority. Then the coefficient for the next goal in her performance will rarely rise. Most often it is at the level of 2.50-3.00.
Games of the favourite with the underdog can also work. The team that is inferior in class gets the majority and the coefficient on the opponent increases. It does not matter when the next goal takes place, in unequal compositions or after the return of the fifth field player to the ice.
Inexperienced players bet on the goal of the team in the majority. This increases the coefficient on the opponent’s puck. However, in hockey, an advantage is realized on average in 20-25% of cases and the established quotes reflect the opinions of most players who risked their money.
Pay special attention to teams that successfully operate in the minority. If possible, bet against those who poorly realize the numerical advantage. Two minutes will expire, and in equal compositions, the chances for the next goal will be close to equal.
Otherwise, the essence does not change. Use catch-up and double the amount. One pass out of five or six attempts is enough not to inflate the size of the bet.


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