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One of the most active and interesting sports is basketball. It is one of the few sports where a single action can change a lot. A single point, a shot, a pass – it all has a dramatic effect on the game. Agree that the greatest number of events take place in the final part of the match. It is also where most of the decisive action takes place. At times, the variety can make one’s eyes glaze over. Betting companies take advantage of this by offering a multitude of betting options on different events.

Quite often the very final events in a game can be foreseen by analysis. After all, it happens for a number of reasons. For example, the leading team wants to maintain their lead, so they put all their final energy and emotion into it. In this article we will look at what actions to look out for when you are betting on basketball.

Three ways to get the last points in the game


As many experts and ordinary fans know, there are only a few ways to score the coveted final points. These are free throws, as well as two- and three-point shots. The question immediately arises: which ones are better to make your predictions on? First and foremost, it is worth paying attention to the overall flow of the game.
If the match is between two equally strong teams, the free throw option is definitely worth considering. The underdogs will step up and try their best to change the score. In this way they start committing a lot of tactical fouls and then it comes down to the free throw. This, in turn, becomes a great opportunity for the team to score the missing points. However, it is very common for beginner basketball betting mistakes to be made by predicting free throws, when it would be completely inappropriate to do so. When teams of completely different levels meet, this kind of betting makes no sense at all.

When can I bet on three-point shots?

Speaking of three-point shots, this is a good option if the team has a lot of basketball players who specialize in attacking from beyond the arc. Such sharpshooters help to take an early lead and then maintain the advantage. However, the losing team will also take advantage of these shots, hoping to improve their position. So this is definitely a universal option for your predictions.
Finally, if teams that cannot boast good sharpshooters are encountered, two-point shots are their only option. It is much easier to make shots from mid-range. This is most often done by centre forwards. Keep this information in mind and use it when thinking up your bets.
In addition, you can bet on which team will make the end shot. This is also based on the general progress of the game. For example, if the clear leader and the underdog meet in the arena, it is certain that the underdog team will make the final shot. Because the difference in the score will already be too big, the leaders will not give up their last effort and will give their opponents the opportunity to make the shot. In the case of two roughly equal teams, you should also focus on the losing team.
They try to close the gap on points and start making embarrassing mistakes. This is taken advantage of by the stronger team and they usually score the last goal.

Timeout bets


You can also bet on time-outs, which is also very interesting. If the meeting is between two different strong teams, the leaders obviously won’t go into half-time. They don’t need to, everything is going according to plan. Understandably, the underdog team will take this last opportunity to try and change the scoreline somehow and close the gap on points. For this reason, there is no hesitation in betting on the underdogs. You can also use the coaches’ statistics. You can use them to find data on how often they call time-outs for their team. This is the most accurate and truthful option, by the way. Often experienced coaches leave it to the last minutes of the game to give valuable tips on the opponents’ tactics that have come to light in the past game.

Which teams are usually the last to make free throws?

Now consider betting on recent fouls and free throws. As we said above, it is advisable to make such predictions only if the meeting takes place between teams of equal strength. It is clear that a team behind by a couple of points will try to execute a tactical foul. And if there is too much difference in points between them, then there is no point in resorting to this. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about who will be the last to perform the last throw. In case you have a strong belief that the team will take the lead, albeit by a minimal margin on points, it is likely to be the team that will make the free throw or foul from their opponents. After all, the underdogs will clearly allow plenty of fouls to try and narrow the scoring differential.
Let’s take a closer look at betting on three-point shots. First of all, pay attention to the presence of good sharpshooters on the team, if there are none, it is unlikely that the athletes will suddenly make this shot. In fact, with only one such basketball player, you can’t rely on him, because he may simply be on the bench or suspended at the right moment. Secondly, you need to understand whether the team can quickly reduce the difference in the score. The trailing players often start to close the gap by making three-pointers. Be sure to analyse whether the opposing team also has any sharpshooters. If there are, there is a chance that your bet will not work.
Speaking of two-point shots, this is often carried out by the leading basketball players. This is done by the centre guard, who is completely calm and relaxed and continues to score the winning points for his team. So bet confidently on the leaders, who are more likely to be the last ones to make two-point shots.which-teams-are-usually-the-last
To summarise, it must be said that indeed the final minutes of the match are the most exciting and productive. Before placing your bets, you need to identify the clear leading and trailing team. A lot also depends on the coach, because he or she can do the same thing for several years in a row. This information is publicly available. Be sure to analyse the availability of sharpshooters on the team, because a lot really depends on them. We wish you good luck!


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