Blackjack in the modern gambling world


Card games have always been given special attention. Just one deck of cards can turn an ordinary evening into an exciting event. According to historical evidence, the predecessor of modern blackjack appeared in France in the 15th century. Both representatives of the nobility and middle-class players were fond of playing 21.

The simple rules and uncomplicated process have made blackjack one of the most popular games of chance. The main goal of the game is to defeat the dealer. It is necessary to collect the combination of cards that will be valued higher than the hand of the casino employee. Thus, each player has only one opponent in the face of the casino.

The film industry also became interested in gambling, creating a separate genre of films about casinos. Blackjack is a card game where the outcome of the game depends on the player’s experience and skills. Reducing the house edge is difficult, but not impossible. The main thing is to choose the right tactics and follow the right path during the game.

Today, there are all sorts of variations of blackjack, roulette and classic casino table games, there is something for every taste. And the gaming session is still as exciting and emotional. The best online casino providers have taken care of the comfort and convenience of customers by developing mobile versions of the game. And excellent graphics and soundtrack will help you escape the daily routine and enjoy an exciting game.

After the appearance of new winning techniques and ways to count cards, blackjack’s popularity has peaked. However, not all players have the necessary skills and sufficient experience. And the reviews of unsuccessful users only make the situation worse. More and more new rumours about blackjack appear for no apparent reason. To find a balance between knowledge and skill and minimise your own mistakes, it is worth familiarising yourself with the most common misconceptions when playing 21

What not to do when playing blackjack


  1. Deviate from the basic strategy

Any knowledgeable player understands the importance of having a basic strategy when playing blackjack. In the absence of a clear plan of action, the chances of success are dramatically dropping. By adapting one of the versions to suit you best, you can significantly improve your position. However, players are often nervous in real life, giving in to emotions and trying to win back right there and now, thoughtlessly raising the stakes.

The casino strategies, based on the method of Martingale and Parlay, are very well-known. There are also more systems like flat and ladder. Such methods involve dividing the bank into parts and making bets depending on the tactics chosen. In the case of blackjack, such schemes give no advantage to the player. It is difficult to argue with science, and even if you do see a positive result, it is unlikely that you will continue to be successful in the long run.

  1. Counting cards with no experience

Maths skills can be used in counting cards successfully to increase one’s chances of a successful outcome. The fact that card counting really allows you to navigate the situation better and predict the likely outcome is undoubted. However, things are not as simple in online casinos.

The dealer uses between 1 and 8 card decks when playing in a land-based casino. It is clear that the fewer cards are involved in the layout, the easier it is to determine those that have been played and those that are yet to appear in the game. Casinos in which the game is played with at least three decks are very rare. And more recently, the dealer has resorted to using a shuffle machine, which is the equivalent of an endless deck. It is very difficult to keep a card count in such conditions, and in some cases, it is simply impossible.

Even if you do find a casino where the cards that were played are not returned to the main deck, such a strategy requires experience and a lot of preparation. And without it, it may lead to an unfortunate outcome: having lost count and the thread of the game, the player can easily lose their entire bankroll.

  1. Playing like a dealer

The dealer is the representative of the casino and the main opponent at the blackjack table. He has the necessary skills to lead the session. However, his authority does not mean that a player who wants to win needs to copy the actions of a specialist.

The dealer has no right to act out of his own free will: he must adhere to a whole set of rules, even if it hurts the final result. His capabilities and responsibilities are fully spelt out in the explanations for the game. Therefore, following his example is not a smart move.

  1. Take into account the advice of other players

Despite the fact that the other players are not direct opponents of each other, you cannot be sure they have a sincere desire to help you. Of course, learning from the mistakes of others is faster and less painful, but it is hardly worth doing it directly at the gaming table.

We are not talking only about direct advice on how to act in a given situation. Sometimes other players urge you to speed up the game or complain that your tactics allowed the dealer to gain an advantage.

It is important to remember that your bet is your decision and your decision only. Of course, it is very difficult to ignore indignant exclamations, especially when the tension is increasing. But stress tolerance is one of the essential qualities of a professional gambler.

  1. Using additional options

If the first card the dealer gets is an ace, the casino employee can offer players to insure the bet against a possible blackjack. If the player agrees, they must place another bet equal to half of the original amount. In the case of the dealer’s blackjack, the player loses the main bet, receiving a 2:1 insurance payout. If the dealer does not get 21 points, the additional bet goes to the casino account, and the player continues the game with the main one.

According to many years of experience of professional players, there is no point in insuring your bet without keeping a card count. The probability of a dealer with an ace in his hand getting a blackjack is about 4 out of 13, which does not justify the insurance.

Watching beginners play, it seems that they do not want to use the surrender option in any situation. Giving up half of the amount wagered to keep the second part is a sensible action, it is only logical to make it. And it is certainly not a weakness, as some players believe.

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