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Published: 30-03-22
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    The casino industry is heading for new horizons.  The competition is growing.  More and more young gaming establishments are loudly declaring themselves.  To attract and retain customers, heavy artillery is used: bonuses, loyalty programs, unusual slots, games with real dealers.  The second wind appears in the proven classics – the same poker is overgrown with a huge number of variations and fresh ideas.  But there is a game that needs neither rebranding or introduction – bingo.

    Today we will talk about the history of bingo, remember the rules and find out all possible types.

    Classic of the genre


    What associations do you have when you mention “bingo”?  Imagination draws different pictures.  For example, a group of pensioners who decided to remember their youth?  A small cafe outside of the city, where everyone knows each other by name?  Bingo-online and students on break between classes?  Or maybe this is one of the programs on local television that you stumbled upon on your weekend ?

    There are many options but the answer is only one.  Bingo is heard even by those who have never played it.  Why is it so popular ?  The secret is simple: the game awakens adrenaline and at the same time is very simple.  It doesn’t require special skills, equipment, or training.Basically , for the game you need only a couple of players , free time and ability to see if today is such a good day.

    Is bingo a mistake? Origin story

    Most likely, you know the rules so well , because they are elementary. But just in case, remember. Bingo is a variant of the lottery. It’s a game where the element of luck comes first. There are several conditions: a host or a person who is willing to take on this role, players, cards for numbers and the word “bingo” that needs to be shouted out at the right time. The organizer takes out random numbers and, provided that they are identical to the numbers of the player, then the lucky person shouts “bingo!”. And takes all the winnings. Everything is simple.
    Good to know that the name, and word “bingo” itself, is an accident. However, like everything in this game. Initially, players shouted “beano” because they used card beans to mark the number match. By the way the word “beano” means bean. There was a “deaf telephone” because someone from the players heard this word incorrectly and began to shout “bingo”. This word attracted the public. Today the game is known to millions under the name of bingo.
    People say that this incident happened in the 20th century, but the first mention of bingo was much earlier.

    Italian ancestry and arduous journey

    Not many people know, but bingo is a game with Italian ancestry. That’s why there are so many expressions when shouting «bingo!».
    In the 16th century, the game had a more melodic name: “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. A little later, they decided that the phrase was difficult to remember and shortened it to “Le Lotto”. By the way, it turned out to be a good move – the French immediately picked up the game. Bingo began to be actively played in private society. In the 18th century, an interesting version of lotto was discovered in Germany. Curiously, bingo was used as a foundation in history and mathematics lessons.

    Bingo conquers the world

    In the 20th century, after the case when “beans” accidentally became “bingo”, everyone started talking about the lottery game. The same salesman, thanks to whom we know the game under the usual name, decided to develop it. With the help of a Colombian professor, bingo has thousands of new cards. Combinations multiplied, it seemed increasingly difficult to guess the winning number of digits.
    It would seem that so much time has passed, games using virtual reality have come into the world, but the good old classic – eternal. Today, bingo has many types and forms, the game is not inferior in popularity to the most interesting novelties.

    Types of bingo


    Bingo using 75 balls is considered a common and classic kind of game. The bottom line is simple: the player’s chances depend on the number of balls in the game. The fewer they are, the better. Today you can find bingo with 30 balls.
    American type
    A common form of the game, which involves 75 balls. Cards are standard size 5×5. The number of fields is 25. However, there are only 24 numbers and the central cell is empty. The numbers are distributed by letters, only 15 pieces for each.
    This game is for those who do not have much time, but still would like to play the game. 3×3 cards, 30 balls in total.
    Bingo – 80
    The playing field includes 80 balls. 4 rows are used, 16 numbers in total. The game takes place in several directions. This type of lotto may be interesting for curious figures of numbers, for example, in the square form.
    British type
    Here in bingo there are 90 balls and 3×5 cards. There are a few numbers – 15. Provided that the participant manages to guess the numbers in one row, he is already the winner. And if it hits all the numbers correctly, the player has collected the strongest combination.

    Bingo variants

    The popularity of bingo and the journey of the game around the world has given rise to different interpretations. Let’s get acquainted with some of them.

    American bingo
    The easiest way to get to know bingo. Here the principle is “do it by yourself”. The players do not get bored while the organizer announces the winning numbers, they are just looking for the numbers that might be correct. Then they look at the correct combination and compare it with their own.

    Crying bingo
    Curious interpretation: the game is “on the contrary.” The point is that you need to be in the process as long as possible without matching the winning combination. That is, in order to win, you should do without “bingo”, without matches with the numbers of the leader.

    Bingo «Gold mine»
    It’s a good-growing jackpot option. We can say that this is the usual form of play, but with an accelerated program. There are 75 balls and 43 numbers each at the beginning of the game.

    Arithmetic bingo
    We’ve already talked about the use of bingo as a maths education in Germany. And this is the clearest example that actually exists in class. Imagine a teacher playing with students in such an unconventional lottery, but the numbers are encoded with a mathematical example.

    It is clear from the title that this version of the game is distributed on social networks. By the way, the more attractive the online forms, here you can get a large number of bonuses that are on the wards.
    Choose the most enjoyable type of bingo for yourself . Imagine that you are somewhere in a cafe in the South of Italy playing “Le Lotto”.

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