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Professional athletes are often an example of fortitude and the desire to win. In order to achieve outstanding results, sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice too much: health, family, personal interests. Even those who are far from sports are actively interested in the fate of famous athletes.

A special place is occupied by contact sports. It is clear why bettors love MMA and boxing: unpredictability, entertainment and excitement contribute to an incredible heat.

Of course, not everyone can connect their lives with a sports career. Some leave voluntarily, preferring a more relaxed pace of life. Others are forced to end their career due to injuries and health problems. And it also happens that athletes simply lack talent and skills in their chosen field. In individual competitions, this aspect becomes evident, especially in professional boxing and MMA betting.

But if you still manage to get to the top of Olympus, they will honor the lucky one on a grand scale. In each sport, a Hall of Fame has been created to honor and recognize the most outstanding representatives. The film industry has a separate genre for acquainting the audience with the fate and career achievements of professional sports legends. Even the architectural world does not stand aside: a huge number of monuments and memorial complexes around the world have been erected in honor of legendary athletes.

Important milestones in the life of Rocky Marciano


When, on September 1, 1923, an Italian immigrant family with many children had another son, no one could have imagined that he would be destined to become one of the most famous boxers of all time. From an early age, Rocky had to take on any job to help his family. He readily shoveled snow, washed dishes in a restaurant and moonlighted on construction sites.

At a young age, Marciano was doing well in baseball: he was serious about pursuing a professional career. Fate intervened: at one of his training sessions, Rocky broke his arm, calling his dream into question. However, the optimistic Marciano was not long in the limelight: trainer Gene Calgiano noticed the youngster’s excellent physical attributes and offered him a partnership.

No sooner had the young boxer tried his hand in the professional ring than he was called up for military service in the navy. For the next two years, Rocky would occasionally take part in scuffles in local bars. His boxing prowess was so evident that Rocky was honoured to be invited by one of the entertainment establishment’s owners to take part in the fights for a fee. The British naval officer was able to earn a little extra money and sharpen his fighting skills.

After returning to the United States, Marciano concentrated on preparing for his big sporting debut. He often continued the training process outside the gym in his spare time.

The first official duel took place in March 1951. As opponents, the newcomer received an experienced boxer, Roland Lastarts. The fight ended in a victory for Rocky by decision of the judges. In the first year, Marciano picked up an incredible pace, having successfully completed 10 fights.

Already in September 1952, young Rocky Marciano won the world heavyweight title after defeating the brilliant Jersey Joe Walcott. The fight was very entertaining and dynamic: Marciano himself was knocked out for the first time, not having enough time to dodge the strongest blow of the opponent. In the 13th round he made an effective attack and finished the fight by knocking out the champion. The bout broke all-time viewership records and was named “Fight of the Year”.

It is noteworthy that in May 1953 a rematch was held. However, this fight added another significant victory to the “Brockton Blockbuster” treasury. Marciano knocked Walcott down, after which the referee decided to end the fight.

Despite the hardships of a poor childhood, the boy did not lose his sense of humor and love of life. Already in the days of world fame, both the coach and close friends unanimously spoke about the light nature of the boxer and the ability to defuse the most tense situation with a joke.

Marciano’s boxing career has left no doubt about his talent and skill. In his own words, it was during his time in the navy that he developed his fighting style. Offensive tactics with a clearly thought-out scheme of action left no chance for his rivals to succeed. Rocky managed not only to stun his opponent with his pressure, but also to calculate the possible development of events several steps ahead.

Defence has always been Rocky’s weakness, so he tried to finish the fight before he had to retreat. Low stance, keeping a short distance and powerful quick strikes, that’s Blockbuster’s calling card.

Marciano’s decision to end his career was a real sensation in the world of professional boxing. The main reason Rocky had to leave the boxing ring was due to the numerous injuries he had suffered during his 5 years as a professional. Back problems called into question not only his boxing career, but also his future life in general.

Rocky Marciano had his last fight with Archie Moore on April 27, 1956. As you would expect, it ended in an undisputed victory for Rocky.

Marciano’s professional career was admired and respected, his fees were envied and the attention of the female was justified. The boxer’s weakness for the female was legendary, even though he was already married at the time. Rocky agreed that he would quickly flare up a new passion, but immediately cool down and return to the family fold.

After leaving the big sport, Marciano joined the ranks of successful American businessmen. With the help of numerous friends and acquaintances in the criminal world, he carved his niche in the American market.

And on August 31, 1969, the sad news of the death of the former boxer shook the world. The plane that Rocky was on crashed. At that time, the boxing star was only 45 years old.

Brockton Blockbuster Individual Achievements and Titles


From September 1952 to November 1956 Marciano was world champion. So far , Rocky Marciano is the only boxer in the heavyweight category who has received the world title and has not suffered a single defeat in his entire career. He spent 49 full-fledged fights in the ring, each of which ended in his victory.

Rocky was ranked 21st in the world’s best boxers of all time for his exceptional results in classical boxing. There is also a monument erected in his hometown of Brockton in his honour and one of the post offices bears his name.

In 1999, a full-length film about the life of a brilliant boxer starring actor Jon Favreau was released.

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