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Perhaps there is nothing in this world that cannot be outwitted. For every casino there is a brilliant mathematician who will introduce the theory of card counting, thus jeopardising the carefree existence of gambling establishments.

Even before 1962, players did not hear or know about the theory that involves accurate card counting. Casino visitors worked on their own strategies, tried to find the truth, and leave the dealer somewhere behind. But this did not bring the desired results. One day, a modest math professor decided to play for high stakes. Here began a new era in the world of gambling. Casino visitors began to count cards, deftly operate with theories, and win.

Of course, the casino owners quickly suspected something was wrong. How to deal with what is stronger and more cunning? Use their own weapons against them.

It has been a long time since casinos learned about the scoring system. Of course, players can no longer boast such phenomenal winnings, because the casinos have begun to counterattack. The rules of successful blackjack based on counting are in jeopardy.

Casino vs players: methods of owners


Free cheese only in a mousetrap? It seems that in casinos, even cheese in mousetraps will cost a certain investment. The owners of gambling establishments were not going to turn a blind eye to the cunning manipulations of customers. Therefore, they developed several methods that could protect blackjack from card counting.
At first, the casinos decided to act radically. Many establishments simply introduced a ban on doubling the bet and did not allow customers to bet large amounts. This method worked like a boomerang: customers began to refuse to play blackjack and the tables were suddenly empty.
Very soon, managers realized that they will simply go bankrupt if they keep going like this. After all, blackjack is a fairly popular game in the gambling field.
After a good brainstorming session, the following steps were taken. Here the players were left at a serious loss.

Several decks, and nothing more

Until 1962, when the casino did not even think that they could be outwitted, there was always one deck of cards at the gaming table. It is convenient, practical, and does not confuse the dealer. After the introduction of the theory of card counting, there were several decks. Two, three, or even ten.
Indeed, some casinos began to use dozens of decks, so that the cards were juggled with each other. This confused the players, prevented them from concentrating on the count, and increased the dealer’s chances of winning. One card has ceased to carry the same value. Imagine how many cards there were in the game, several hundred. How to understand how many more such denominations can leave the game in the process?
In addition, the croupiers stopped handing out cards manually. The nuts were being tightened and customers understood that a big fish was slipping out of their hands: the casinos hit the bull’s eye.
It seemed like the right strategy but the managers of the establishments did not want to stop there either.

New hurdles


The owners wanted to consolidate the result and came up with a new rule. Now, if the dealer had more than two cards in his hand, everything went to waste. It was not possible to trace this because the dealer hid the cards in a closed chest of drawers.
The dealers were on high alert and did not let the players relax. They constantly mixed up the decks. The croupier reacted negatively to any increase in the bet and shuffled the cards again. Imagine the psychological stress in such a situation. Even if customers wanted to start smart card counting, it didn’t lead to anything good. Again, 3:0 in favour of the casino.
Security closely watched every movement of the player. If a satisfied customer kept taking winnings and increasing stakes, it created suspicions. A person could be called to talk or just sit next to him.
But that’s not it. If a person, even outwardly, aroused the suspicion of the security guard, they could easily be asked to leave or even get a ban on approaching the casino.

Personal photo collection

The security service of each major casino has acquired its own database of photographs. That’s the advantage of online blackjack: there are no guards. All the famous players who left the institution with full pockets of money were known. The security immediately recognized the one who could potentially rob the casino of a large amount and act like their shadow. Though, playing in such an environment is still a pleasure.

Reciprocal move from casino customers

Obviously, not all players liked the new rules. Even those who did not practice card counting were tense and annoyed at the innovation of the establishments.
The players realized that their strength is in numbers. Managers have taught how to disarm those who are trying to hack the blackjack system on their own. What about team play?
Blackjack teams reached a new level and became popular in an instant. Imagine the whole performance unfolding at the gambling table. This is a show in which everything is thought out, each actor in its place. The player had their own role, perhaps the most important in his career. Therefore, gestures, behaviour, rates – everything was calculated in advance.
Such a group could easily earn several million dollars and then elegantly, like in a movie about famous magicians, disperse in different directions and divide the money.

The essence of group work


Each player receives a task and follows a clearly developed plan. Some are just bystanders. The player bets a little, does not attract attention, and carefully counts the cards. This person does not stick out, sits quietly, and hopefully goes unnoticed by the guards.
Also, the observer may not be at the table at all. He is simply in the hall, and the playing place is in his field of vision. Perhaps it is even a woman, a kind of support group.
Then a new character enters the game. Well-dressed, savvy, a millionaire’s son type, who decided to spice up his evening with a large bet.
When the moment of truth happens in blackjack, that is, a big bet should happen, the “son” comes into play. No one will suspect him, because a large bet is due to his financial situation, and not to calculation. The rich kid will bet big until the card goes down. Also spectacularly, the rich man removes himself from the table with big money.


Casinos are very hard to cheat. This is a system that has been worked out for years and which has gathered thousands of professionals under its wing.
However, some players still stubbornly tempt fate.


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