Casino security is old. The basics of the gambling world are about reputation and ensuring that players’ funds remain safe and sound.

How many stories are told about players losing money or not being able to withdraw their winnings to their account. Let’s face it: such episodes have nothing to do with real casinos, which have proven their credibility many times over.

Many gambling enthusiasts do not become regulars at gambling establishments for this reason alone: supposedly there is no guarantee of security. In their fantasy, all employees have access to customers’ accounts, winnings and cards. And their hobby is to peek at the secret codes of plastic payment triangles and withdraw the money into their pockets. The machines are “rigged” to lose, and fake slots are far more common than regular ones.

Believe me, this only happens in films about criminal gangs operating under the guise of a legal casino somewhere in Monaco. Or a casino with a bad reputation that doesn’t even have an official licence. By the way, it is strictly forbidden to gamble in such establishments – you can get into trouble.

Today talks about why you shouldn’t be afraid to disclose your payment details to casinos and how to be confident about your security.

Personal information – taboo


A good casino is very protective of its name, so high-profile scandals involving finances are out of the question.

A gambling establishment starts with the most basic rules, from which trust and respect are ultimately built. Just imagine how much gambling and dividends a casino could lose if it got into financial trouble?

Online casinos are no exception. All virtual accounts are strictly monitored, and every dollar you put in hits the mark. If it were otherwise, would online casinos be so popular?

The last few years have been a new phase in the history of gambling. Owners are not standing still, trying out new security schemes. And they have been very successful at it.

Customers’ personal information is under seven locks. And to steal any data is something out of the realm of fiction.

How are virtual casino servers protected?

While the land-based establishments are more or less clear, the online casinos raise a lot of questions. Players do not understand what is going on with the information and how the money transactions are handled.
Everything concerning payment transactions and personal customer data is on the casino’s servers. Hackers will not be able to hack into such a system.
Servers have high-class protection, which is worked on by the best specialists. The story that almost every casino employee has access to information is a myth! Only the owner of the institution and his deputies, who are entrusted with working with financial transactions, have such privileges. However, even people of this level cannot enter the server, like for bread. This requires permission and justification. And their every step is clearly recorded by specialists.
The casino is well aware that any misfire will be very costly. That is why it never saves on top-class security and the experts who oversee the matter.
Personal customer data will never become available to third parties.

How to secure the transfer of funds?


If the security of personal data seems clear – servers, codes, specialists – then what about the transfer of money by virtual means?
For many people, the term “online payment” alone is already something out of a scam story. Such people never set up e-wallets, do not buy through online shops that require 100% prepayment and, as a consequence, do not play at online casinos.
So what about transferring information that might be intercepted by skilled hackers?
The casinos have made provision for this issue as well. Each payment goes under a special coding, which is known only to the special staff in charge of money transfers. Accordingly, only knowledgeable individuals will be able to “read” this. The codes have their own name: Secure Sockets Layer. This system is constantly being updated so that the codes change frequently.

Authoritative opinion

It is no secret that every casino must be licensed in order to operate in the gambling industry and to accept customers. Virtual establishments, of course, also go through this procedure. But apart from the licence certificate, there are experts who assess the condition and safety conditions of the casino.
For standard organisations, this is commonplace. Endless commissions, inspections, assessments of working conditions and so on. In casinos, it’s more or less the same scenario, except that such independent companies focus on priority issues for casinos.
The commission assesses the quality of security, the payment systems, and the competent and speedy withdrawal of funds. It is the certificate of such verification that guarantees customers that they are dealing with professionals.
There are several companies that do not lose their vigilance and monitor the activities of the casino. These are Thawte and Verisign. Thawte is a “subsidiary” organization of Verisign, but each of the companies operates on its own trajectory.
It is the conclusion of the experts of these companies that will be the very “higher education diploma” in the casino industry. Agencies have long earned an excellent reputation in the market and their opinion can be trusted.

Quality Assurance – Thawte SSL Document


If we talk about the platinum level of trust, it’s SSL from Thawte. Why?
Trust in age and experience. The world of gambling is no exception. That’s why young casinos are wary, why choose those establishments that have been on the market for decades.
Thawte emerged in the early 2000s and over the years has managed to build a high-profile name and a base of great customers. The company works with all the casinos in the world! You could say that Thawte is about to become a monopoly in its field: their customers represent more than forty percent of the casinos on the planet.
The company deals with several issues. It checks the security of transfers, the protection of customers’ personal data and the speed of payment transactions.
The availability of SSL from Thawte is a code that allows information to be encrypted in such a way that it cannot be intercepted by anyone.
Customer confidence is the most important issue for casino owners. Therefore, it is in their interest to have SSL. This feature allows you to securely close all data from prying eyes. Login to the site will be allowed only from a secure server.
This will protect the platform from hacking and viruses.
Use simple safety rules and play only in trusted casinos – then you will not have to worry about the financial side of the issue.