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Many of you have probably noticed that when you enter virtually any online casino, all the games are categorised. Some virtual sites divide games into just a few groups, while others, on the contrary, divide it into dozens of categories. What does this have to do with it? In the following article we will look at why this is the case. We will also look in more detail at all the criteria used to make a subdivision. And, of course, our experts couldn’t leave you without some useful tips.

So, the new online casinos of 2022 often include several brands at the same time on the same platform. This is very convenient and attractive to customers. In that case, the games are also subdivided. Alternatively, individual game categories can be presented as one casino. Visitors will still benefit from all the services: promotions, bonuses and other loyalty programmes. A great example would be William Hill or Winner.

These casinos differ in the producers of the games they host. Another example is Star Games. There are various themes of video slots, games and much more. It is also all further subdivided into categories.cataloging-games-in-online-casinos

Usually the different online casinos are designed in different styles. Each site has different features. Sometimes they have special requirements for their players. For example, potential customers have to be from the specified country, otherwise they will not be able to bet. For this reason, our experts strongly recommend you to learn these rules points carefully.

It should be noted that in live games the games are most often divided into groups or thematic sections. The live games are those played by a real croupier in online mode. By the way , if a virtual site is considered a stand-alone establishment, customers have the chance to take advantage of special offers from the administrator. Although, this usually applies in advertising rather than for faster and better organisation.

Let us now turn to the principles of game cataloguing. We should start by classifying the brands of game producers. Many of the big brands have long since taken care of their customers’ comfort level. At Jetbull, for example, it is very easy to find the right producer. This is exactly what is the best bonus of the online casino.

A variety of casino game themes


The next principle of dividing games is naturally by themes and genres. Usually these are board games and card games, video slots and many others. There are a lot of variations of subcategories here. Slots can even be divided according to their number of reels. And, if the management of the internet site wishes, sub-categories can be types of poker and jackpots. In general, scratch cards are considered the most popular today. It’s a kind of quick lottery.
The most “caring” brands also divide the games according to very detailed characteristics: betting limits, special features, number of active lines in the slot machines and others.
It is worth noting that all games with progressive jackpots are always placed in a separate window. The icons for these games may contain an approximate amount of money that is being played.
On the online casino sites, you will be able to see recommendations from the company’s management. For example, editorial choice, recommendation, exclusive and others. All these sections mean the same thing. Experienced players do not recommend relying on this selection. The reason for this is that most of the time these categories contain the most “unprofitable” games for you. These are the ones where the percentage of casino winnings is extremely high. Usually these games don’t have a user-friendly interface and cool features. They are simply promoted because they are rarely played.
There’s no need to get frustrated. After all, there is a tab called “most popular”. It includes exactly the most popular games among real users. You’ll agree that this is more trustworthy. Of course, such games are already much more profitable for visitors. However, even this choice should be treated with caution.
Developers are releasing new products on a regular basis. In this way, giving players no time to get bored. This allows them to win the user flow over other competitors. More often than not, games are released under a famous brand name, which means they are pleasantly surprising in terms of quality and options.
Every casino brand tries to announce a long-awaited new release as quickly as possible. It’s understandable that new games take the top spot in several sections at once in the early days. It helps a lot of people to notice it and try it out sooner. Not all players like to try new things, though. A certain proportion are afraid of risking their money, so they don’t try new things for quite a long time, until they have enough to analyse.

Play and boost the festive mood


Successful casino brands are constantly adding new categories related to seasons or holidays. Many sites now have springtime slot machines. Management believes that this boosts customer morale and spirits. As for the holidays, a selection of games is definitely added for New Year and Christmas.
Of course, one of the natural principles for cataloguing games is their theme. Here it all depends on the imagination of the workers. The themes can be completely different. For example, films, food, countries and more.
In addition, experts distinguish branded games. These are a kind of collaboration with the world’s legendary brands, which are put into separate categories. These are often games from famous Marvel or Comics comics titles. We recommend that you try two versions of the game: via browser and installation. As one of them may be better equipped and convenient for you.
And the last category we will look at is “Bitcoin slot machines”. The fact is that virtually every online casino today allows you to use cryptocurrency and bitcoins in addition to real money. Agree that this is a very convenient format. However, it all depends on the game you choose, because not all developers have yet managed to add this option to the functionality. Therefore, do your research before starting your game.
To summarise, it is worth saying that all of the above catalogues should not influence your choice. It doesn’t matter what category a particular game is in, all that matters is whether you know it or not. Don’t be influenced by the recommendations of online platforms , because they often have games that are far from the most lucrative and prestigious. In addition, remember that in many games it is necessary to be clearly aware of all the features, so as not to lose huge sums of money. We wish you success!


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