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In 2021, many were sure that this was the end of the Danish star’s career after getting a cardioverter-defibrillator installed. However, the footballer himself continued his training to avoid wasting time. As soon as the doctors said it was safe, Eriksen began to train with his youth team “Odense”, and then with the football club “Ajax”, where he learned and gained invaluable experience. He scored 36 goals in 109 matches for the Danish national team. In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018, he was recognized as the best national player.

On January 31, 2022, he signed a contract with the English Premier League club Brentford. This event means Christian’s return to high-performance sports. Experts are confident that the results of the Brentford football club will significantly improve now. The first predictions for the upcoming matches with the world legend have already been made and can help bet on football.

The biggest events of Euro 2020


Let’s go back to 2021 when the Euro-2020 took place. During the match between Denmark and Finland, Eriksen felt unwell and collapsed. Doctors provided help for the footballer on the field and then took him to the hospital. It turned out that the athlete had a sudden cardiac arrest and suffered clinical death. As we know, clinical death is followed by biological death. Luckily, the quick work of doctors helped to avoid this. How quickly the person receives help is also significant, there are just seconds to do that.

Literally, 10-15 minutes without breathing have serious consequences, including problems with human brain activity. Christian was fortunate, he was quickly brought to his senses, and his body did not have time to suffer severe damage. The match was immediately stopped, and everyone wanted Christian to recover as soon as possible. Teammates were worried about his health and helped take the player out from the field. As mentioned above, the athlete’s quickly felt better. He was kept in intensive care for a couple of days and then transferred to a regular ward to establish the causes of the incident.

All players and staff received psychological assistance, and Christian Eriksen underwent a lengthy medical examination. Later, doctors found out that the cause of cardiac arrest was inflammation of the heart muscle – myocarditis. Unfortunately, conventional medicine is not enough for this case, so he was given a defibrillator. Then Christian was waiting for the decision of the doctors. Fortunately, the doctors stated he was fit enough to return to sports, but another problem arose. According to the Serie A regulations, players are forbidden to go into the field with a cardiostimulator. Therefore, Christian had to terminate the contract with the Italian Inter. He has been playing for this club since 2020.

It became clear that the Danish footballer couldn’t continue his sports career in Italy. Together with his agent, Christian focused on looking for a new football club. The athlete himself says that his heart does not bother him, and he is 100% ready for the new season. In addition, his health is closely monitored: he gets regular diagnostics of the heart and the whole body.

Winter is the period when the players transfer from one club to another. According to the media, many sports clubs have shown interest in Eriksen. So who are these “brave” clubs? The teams like Monaco, Copenhagen, Ajax, Odense, and other Premier League clubs. Christian’s agent did not expect such an interest in Christian. Antonio Conte, the former head coach of the Inter sports club and the current Spurs coach, previously worked with Dane and said he is interested in acquiring the player.

Antonio says that Christian Eriksen is a strong person so he will achieve his goals. At the moment, the footballer is training in the gym, monitoring his feelings and general health condition. The former coach does not doubt that Eriksen will achieve numerous excellent results.

Christian Eriksen and Brentford desperately need each other


The offer made by the Danish football club Brentford turned out the most appealing one. Representatives of the team had lost hope that Christian would agree to cooperate with them, considering all his options. The head coach is Thomas Frank. He said that the Dane deserved it. The leaders of the club are very flattered by this collaboration. Only five years ago, no one could have imagined such a turn of events. Of course, this is a good football club, but let’s be honest: Christian would not have agreed to play for them before. Now, this is the best solution for him.

The club was in tier 4 the whole time; they did not show any outstanding results. However, now many are expecting that the new player will positively impact the entire team. Eriksen can help his colleagues not only in the actual football matches but also psychologically, helping the team’s morale. After all, he is a strong fighter; his example can motivate many. Christian is expected to help Brentford stay firmly in the Premier League, and there is every chance of this happening.

To sign the agreement, the player had to go through a serious and in-depth medical examination and obtain permission from a cardiologist. The issue was considered very carefully and for a long time. The contract was signed only when everyone was convinced that the football player’s health was not in danger. The next matches are scheduled for February 5 and 9, respectively, with Everton and Manchester City. Due to the pandemic, Christian needs to quarantine for ten days.

Christian Eriksen himself claims that his main desire is to move on from the past and forget about that terrible day. The football player is confident in himself and his abilities and has a lot of plans. His goal is to get into the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. But for this, it is needed to qualify for the national team first, obtain permission from doctors and be prepared for various difficulties. The head coach of Brentford says that what is most important is to have self-confidence and believe in your abilities. If there is a dream, there is motivation to work for it. The next match with the Dane will be Brentford vs Crystal Palace, which will take place on February 12.


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