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Heart attack and recovery


Denmark’s coach and fans had high hopes for the player, but fate dictated the other way round. Football betting lovers had to adjust their original forecasts. However ,the Danes performed magnificently in the tournament, losing in the semi-finals to the British, they fought «for themselves and for that guy». The tragedy of Eriksen in last year’s Euro shocked the world, few people believed that the player would be able to return to the big sport. Later Christian told reporters that he remembered everything except the few minutes he spent unconscious. “Throwing the ball, handling the knee… and then – blackout, darkness. When I came to, I saw a lot of people who were crowding around, and there was a lot of pressure in the chest area.” Fortunately, the doctors of the Danish national team took all the necessary steps in time and managed to save the life of the football player. A few days later, he was implanted with a cardioverter defibrillator, a device that monitors his heart.

In December, the Italian «Inter», for which Eriksen played, terminated the agreement with the football player by mutual agreement, as under the medical laws of Italy in the series A can not play with implanted pacemakers. Representatives of «Inter» said that it is not easy for them to say goodbye to the player, and all his achievements will forever remain part of the history of the club.

Christian always dreamed of returning to the field and continuing his professional career. According to him, he wants to return to the national team and prove that all the problems are behind him

In early December, Eriksen trained independently at his home club, where he began his professional career. Then he joined the training of the youth team «Ajax», where he played a few seasons ago. The footballer did a great job of proving that he was ready for the big things.

There’s no law in England against playing pacemaker football. On the last winter days Eriksen signed a contract with English «Brentford», which is playing for the first time in the APL. Head coach Thomas Frank said that the player is in good physical shape and soon will be able to return to his previous level and add experience and skills to the team.

According to the player’s agent Martin Shoots, England is a second home for the player and his family. “Brentford” has 7 Danish players and old friends of Christian, so the adaptation should be successful.

Before the match against Crystal Palace, Eriksen was introduced to the fans, who greeted the newcomer with a standing ovation.

On February 14, he took part in a friendly match with Southend United, spent 60 minutes on the field and became the initiator of an assisted pass to Joshu da Silva. Brentford won 3-2. On February 21, another friendly game took place with the Scottish Rangers. It ended with a draw of 2:2, and the Danish midfielder gave two cool assists, demonstrating an incredible utility.

In an interview with the site correspondent, the football player said that it becomes easier to work with each training session. The player aims to get back in shape as soon as possible in order to take the field in official games and help “Brentford” gain a foothold in the Premier League.

With his drive and indomitable character, the player proved that he is ready to return to the professional level and play football on a par with world stars.

Entering the field against Newcastle»


Before the meeting with «Newcastle» in the Premier League, club manager Thomas Frank said that Eriksen was ready to play: “Yes, you will see him in the game, it will be a great day for our club, for the Dane and his loved ones.”The team needs fresh strength – «Brentford» successfully started in the championship of England, and then sharply lost the position: only one successful result in the last eleven meetings. After updates, “Newcastle” began to gradually rise and left the drop out zone. Eddie Howe’s team gave their fans a six-match unbeaten streak. One of “Brentford’s” key players, Ivan Toni, was recovering from an injury, so he didn’t appear in the starting lineup.In the first 45 minutes without Eriksen and Toni, the team didn’t demonstrate anything outstanding in attack. In addition, already at the beginning of the match , da Silfa grossly violated the rules when the referee showed him a red card. According to statistics from 0.00 xG versus 1.38 for “Newcastle”. Even without their injured leaders,”Newcastle” shot down the gates of David Raya – 13 shots at the gates in the first half of the match. An incredible game was shown by Ryan Frazier, who proved to be a real creator in attack. As a result of the game, he has 1 assist, 7 passes to partners under attack, 17 passes forward, 32 passes in the opponent’s penalty area.

“Brentfort” faced serious difficulties in defense in cases where the opponent attacked from the flank, it was also difficult for the players to pass half of the enemy fields. The “Newcastle” players showed excellent pressing: 5.63 passes per action in defense against 11.62. Eriksen knows how to cope with the opponent’s pressure and suppress the pressing actions of the opponent with competent and masterful forward passes, this is one of the strongest qualities of the midfielder. His long-awaited return came in the 52nd minute of the game, he replaced Matthias Jensen on the field. By that time, the numbers on the scoreboard were not the most pleasant for “Brentford”,it was 0:2. Of course, in such an unfavorable scenario, the coach and fans didn’t have high hopes for the Danish footballer. However, Erickson managed to improve his ball possession in 40 minutes and initiate some very dangerous attacking moves. counted him with a key pass. Pretty good result for a debut after such a long break. In addition, the Danish midfielder was included in the list of “Brentford’s” top 5 players in terms of possible danger from passes, although he played an incomplete match.

The football player immediately began to control all the standard positions and was responsible for moving “Brentford” into the final third. Professional bettors and sports betting fans hoped that “Brentford” together with Eriksen would be able to change the course of the match , but it didn’t happen. “Newcastle” confidently brought the match to victory and extended their unbeaten streak to 7 matches. The key point was that Eriksen still returned to big sport. It can be called the main winner on the field. Fans remembered him as a calm and balanced player, but today Christian reacted quite violently to game moments: he annoyedly hit his palms when the ball was lost, happily thanked his teammates for successful passes. It can be seen that the player really missed professional football and the stormy reaction of the stands and is happy that he returned to his beloved work. According to the football player‘s words ,his health is not at risk , the doctors allowed him to play, so he feels safe. “Everything else doesn’t matter to me at the moment,” Eriksen said in a post-match interview. We are glad that all the health problems of the midfielder are behind and we can watch his beautiful game again. We wish him and his team many victories.


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