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Even nowadays, when there’s a lot of information about how gambling sites operate, messages uncovering yet another casino scam appear. Despite the availability of tips and recommendations for novice players, the number of victims of dishonest establishments doesn’t decrease. The reason for it is more people who are interested in gambling turning to the services of online companies and leaving classic establishments. Not all of them are aware of the dangers of fraud.

Some gambling beginners start playing at the first online casino they come across, succumbing to the temptation provoked by an enticing promotional offer on some third-party site. After adding money to the account and winning, the joy is gradually replaced by disappointment as the winnings simply don’t reach the bank account, while the casino ignores the messages, or the representative comes up with excuses as to why the money cannot be transferred.

Moreover, the blame often falls on the player or their inattention to some of the rules of the gambling site. Some clients leave the site with annoyance, while others try to prove their case and write to the regulatory institutions where the casino received a license or turn to the admins of special sites for help.

You can avoid registering in dubious establishments and instead spend your time on a website where you won’t stress about the withdrawal of winnings.

You will understand how to do this by learning about the main ways casinos can scam you. With this information in mind, you’ll be suspicious of dubious offers and check them before using them. We have already told how to conduct such checks, but we’ll briefly repeat it at the end of the article.

Types of online casino fraud


Often, casino customers complain about the establishments refusing to pay out winnings. If you read complaints about gambling sites, you’ll notice that a significant part of them is written due to a misunderstanding of payout rules.

Claims of issues with the funds withdrawal arise against gambling sites with different ratings. But if you take a closer look at them, you’ll notice that licensed and rated casinos respond to a complaint quickly and try to peacefully resolve the conflict by all means, even when the player is at fault. Getting a response from low-rated gambling establishments is tough, and if you do, they provide the most incomprehensible reasons as to why they can’t return the money their client won.

Casino fraud isn’t limited to refusing to pay out the winnings. It can also include manipulations with bonus offers.

The player is lured to the site with an appealing bonus offer and makes a deposit, but doesn’t receive what was promised.

Customer support either:

  • doesn’t respond at all,
  • apologizes and announces the end of the promotion, or
  • declares that the offer doesn’t apply to the player’s country, etc.

In addition to refusing to withdraw funds, impudent account cancellation is also practiced in dishonourable casinos.

Another popular type of fraud includes using fake software. The casino sets up the slot machine to be more generous. You can find more information on how to distinguish genuine software from fake one on the forum and on the players’ blogs.

Players also complain about their account getting blocked after accumulating some funds on it or refusal to block the account resulting in the player continuing to deposit money and playing without pleasure with no control over their finances. This can lead to losing everything.

In reliable casinos, the blocking issue is resolved very quickly. Moreover, it’s customary to help gamblers cope with their illness in institutions licensed in the UK. There’s no such service in Russian-speaking establishments, but it’s still possible to block your access to the site. All these services are widely offered in online casinos with a license and a high rating.

Fraud at win-win casinos

There are other ways casinos can fraud their customers.

For some time, the following scheme was distributed online: the swindler offers the victim to create an account in a casino, to which he allegedly transferred his money. Then, the player is to use this money at the casino according to a certain winning strategy. The user is supposed to receive a percentage of the winnings. But either:

  1. they lose the money and start receiving threats, as a result of which they get scared and return the full amount to the scammer.

2️. (a more popular version) the player doesn’t receive the promised salary due to the employer disappearing with the “won” amount. The player believes that they know a winning strategy, so the victim credits their money to the account and very quickly loses it. The site belongs to the swindler, so it’s impossible to win anything, especially to withdraw.

How not to lose in the heat

If you value your time and money and want to play an honest game, you should avoid rushing during registration. Also, don’t be lazy and first familiarize yourself with some data about the virtual gambling site. These few minutes you initially spend can save you money, as there are still many gambling sites created by scammers on the internet.
In the gambling industry, there are many non-fraudulent casinos. They should simply be singled out from the general mass, weeding out those establishments that don’t pay and are run by swindlers.
Which isn’t a hard job.

How to find the best non-fraudulent casinos

Some strategies and tools help you find an honest and reliable online gambling platform. Here are a few things you should do when choosing a casino where you can really win:

  • look at the rating of the casino and select the site with the highest ratings. There’s a reason why they score higher than others;
  • check if they have a license; a certificate issued by a decent jurisdiction is an indispensable document that confirms compliance with fair conditions. After making sure that the license is genuine, you can rest assured that this is a real casino that doesn’t deceive its visitors, doesn’t create problems with the withdrawal of funds or cause other unpleasant moments while spending time;
  • read reviews. They say a lot and reveal the true nature and decency of a gambling site, which is sometimes hidden behind bright advertising banners, purchased flattering articles, and attractive promotions. A fair online casino will have a decent number of positive reviews.

Moreover, if you pay attention to the complaints section, you will notice that representatives from reputable establishments respond to complaints very quickly. A dispute or a misunderstanding that has arisen is resolved as soon as possible, which is important.

In general, applying the first item from the above list may be enough to register with a reliable casino. The other ones will expand your knowledge of the service you want to access in a few minutes time and point out some important details. For example, those related to payment systems or certain verification requirements.

Play at different casinos


You don’t have to stick to one place. The gambling market is saturated with offers from reputable game organizers. If there’s something you don’t like in one casino, test the quality of service and luck in another. Gradually, you will be able to find a site that suits you best.
Online casinos without scams are gaining a foothold in their niche and are doing their best to keep their customer base.
Therefore, you get not only excellent service but also regular participation in loyalty programs. That is, don’t always have to play for money. You can easily receive an offer of a no deposit bonus in a variety of cases: the release of a new slot, the loss of your deposit the day before, a long absence from the site, etc.


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