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We all realise that no amount of theory can replace practice. No matter how many books, articles and statistics have been studied everything will be meaningless until you try it out yourself. If you really want to become a real professional, then study the theory and back it up with practice straight away. This is the only way to understand what your weaknesses are. This truth works in all areas of activity, from learning a profession to sports.

Of course, all rules have their own kind of caveats and exceptions. However, we are talking about casinos. In this field, practice is extremely important. After all, with it, you can get to know all the online casino bonuses on your own, and you can get the best possible results.

Experts are sure that you can study dozens of books about poker or blackjack, look at a whole mountain of statistical tables and video tutorials, talk with real professionals, but this still does not replace one real casino game. This way your confidence will only increase. And if suddenly you do not believe in yourself, then you can not expect high performance. To date, perhaps, not a single player has been helped: fear of doing something wrong, nerves and trembling.

Is practice important in everything?


Next, we will see if all online casino games require prior practice. Answering this question, it is worth noting that for successful results in poker and its variations, blackjack certainly needs it. As for other games, for example, video slots, a dilemma already arises here.

Because, in these kinds of games, really special skills are not required from a person. However, professionals still do not recommend immediately starting to spend real money.

And all because modern slot machines include a huge number of additional features that are difficult to keep track of even for experienced players. That is why it is necessary to learn the information and practice in advance.

Of course, some will say that all this is not necessary and one can refer to luck and faith in one’s own abilities. But that is far from the case. Because your results depend on a random number generator. In addition, as we said above, the many additional options and complex interface confuse many players. And also you can, without knowing it, play for doubling the payouts or suddenly catch the jackpot, but you won’t be able to use all this properly, due to the fact that your bet will be insufficient.

As a result, we strongly recommend that you, regardless of the type of gambling, train on free versions. Especially now, all brands of virtual sites are happy to provide such a great opportunity.

So, in this training mode, you will play using the so-called conditional bets. However, sometimes there are models where your real bets apply. Be careful and be sure to check this before starting the game. Most often this is found in slot machines for general use or in slot machines with progressive

Let’s move on to the very process of starting the game in test mode. To begin with, we note that some casino brands require registration, and some do not. In this case, you will need to open an account in order to use a personal client program. If you have no desire, then you can easily register. Moreover, this is a very fast and uncomplicated process that does not take any person more than five minutes. Your passport data will not be verified, because in the test mode of the game it is meaningless.

There are versions of virtual casino platforms where you can play with a real croupier. However, there are some difficulties here. The fact is that some online sites do not have the ability to play with real dealers in a training mode. Other resources have such an opportunity, but only for their customers. In order to become a customer, you need to go through the registration process. As we said above, this is a very simple process.

And, of course, there are portals where absolutely everyone is allowed to play in training mode. Therefore, if you need practice or want to play for your own interest, then this option is the most suitable for you.

Mobile casinos


In addition, over the past few years, online versions of casinos for mobile devices have been developing very actively. It, in turn, fall into two categories. The first type is browser-based mobile casinos. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is adapted to your device and touch screen. Therefore, the players do not have any special difficulties. And the second variety is casino applications that require special installation on the device. Despite the fact that major brands have both versions, the browser version is the most common.
Talking about the training mode in mobile casinos but it has its own peculiarities. It includes the fact that it is not always possible to switch to free mode on devices without first registering. Or you can open a personal account and bypass this step. This is up to you to decide, as both options are simple.
How else can a training version in a casino be useful? Our experts said that in this mode, each player can test their new betting strategies. This is a great chance, because in reality you can lose huge amounts of money. On conditional bets, you can check absolutely all your guesses and ideas. However, in reality, some errors are still possible, which were not in the test mode. Be sure to keep an eye on this.
Also in this version of the game you can try to count cards in blackjack. This is a very useful activity for only beginners. Once you learn, it will be much easier for you to calculate it. But remember that in the real version for real money you should not do this.
And, of course, the free casino mode is good because your mistakes will remain only on the scoreboard. If you want to really relax, then here is your option. Now you understand why it is worth trying to play in test mode at least a couple of times, even if you are already a real professional.


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