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Opposites attract. Everyone knows this axiom without exception. But can you be sure of success when it comes to members of the same basketball team?

Sport is about passion, fight and incredible energy. The team is the backbone that helps and supports. Obviously, there can be like-minded people in a team, or there can be complete opposites. But how is it that unique antipodes get along perfectly together? Is it possible for two completely different selves to get along and work together smoothly?

The Golden State Warriors put together an amazing team. These are athletes who show an amazing game, incredible cohesion. Everyone’s reasons for betting on basketball are different. But an amazing team is one of them. The Warriors team seems to be one organism.

But have you thought about how the most “explosive” and most reserved basketball players, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry, can perfectly interact in the same arena. Why is their tandem so popular? How does the club perceive these incompatible opposites? Is it true that players of completely different characters can help each other perfectly?

We try to figure it out in this article.

Emotional Green and Calm Curry: Team Atmosphere


The impulsive nature of Draymond Green has long been legendary, generously seasoned with facts. It seems like every Warriors game has to end with some kind of incident.

So, for example, once Green lost his temper and practically knocked out his opponent. Remember, this is not about wrestling in the ring. The thing is that another basketball player tried to prevent him from making one maneuver that Green considered absolutely necessary at this point in the game. Stephen Adams, the injured party, decided to stop Green, but is it possible to block the path of a speeding train? He paid the price for it. Draymond hit Adams between the legs with all his might. Of course, the “explosive” was sent to the bench, in pursuit – a fine of 25 thousand dollars for unrestrained behavior.

By the way, this is not the only trick of Green, which is remembered by sports fans and fans of basketball betting. Once he decided to take out his anger on an unusual basketball player. Draymond swung at the legend – LeBron James. Green didn’t like the way LeBron accidentally hit him. The reaction turned out to be instantaneous – and James also got in the groin area. And the second incident did not go unnoticed: Draymond was deprived of the opportunity to play on.

A sports psychologist shared his opinion on this matter. He noted that Green “no one slows down.” He goes beyond reasonable behavior, goes on about emotions, and the team prefers to just watch it.

Perhaps, realizing that when he rushes at all speeds, throwing himself at his feet is fraught with injury. But with Curry, the situation is completely different. The psychologist noticed that if Stefan suddenly finds himself in some kind of unpleasant situation, his teammates do not stand aside and seem to protect him. Maybe it’s because Green can do it on his own, but Curry needs support?

Messi and Ronaldo in a basketball way


The sports psychologist continues to analyze the characters of the main characters of the article using the example of world football stars.
He recalls the obvious difference between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. And it’s true: these heroes of the football arena are fundamentally different both in the manner of the game and in their behavior. However, this does not prevent both one and the other from reaching the top of the football Olympus, earning authority, devotion and love of fans, respect of colleagues.
Ronaldo does play more vividly, emotionally, “aorta-breaking”. Maybe in some ways aggressive. Somewhere a little too flashy. But he does it at a level that few can surpass.
Lionel Messi is the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. He prefers to weigh his decisions on the football field. However, experts note that sometimes the “silent pool” can act with all its might and extremely impulsively. Perhaps Curry’s restraint is also not the main guideline in his supposedly calm disposition?
Green does not wear a mask – he is who he is. Shows his violent temper, gets into conflicts, defends his territory.
Curry is an example of calmness. But who knows, maybe a hurricane is raging inside there? And does he prefer to show his character in other situations when it is really needed?

Did the Golden State Warriors need both Curry and Green?


Any team depends on the right leader. This is the player who can unite the team. Perhaps it is Curry who is so needed by the Warriors because of his leadership qualities. But who said that the team does not need such an aggressive attacking player as Green?
Green is a machine that can step up and have a fist fight with a basketball legend. There are no brakes, no balanced decisions. He loves basketball, perceives it as the main business of life and just goes ahead of his goal. Maybe at some point he goes too far. But is there any guarantee that the team would have achieved such excellent results if not for Green’s aggression and assertiveness?
Curry is a head that works ahead of the curve. But it seems that he does not know how to show his anger at all. Because of this, he gets into awkward situations.
One thing is clear: the team is a whole. Therefore, the coach should not divide the players into “white” and “black”. In the end, it turns out to be a mix, because each of the basketball players contributes. Green adds spice and aggression to the team. Curry is slowly but surely showing his leadership.
The main thing is that the general background of the team should be approximately on the same level. Curry is phenomenal with super throws, and that’s a known fact. Therefore, does it make sense to constantly focus on this all the time? And Green cannot get past the conflict. Should the public be reminded of this then?
Maintaining harmony and balance in the team is the key task of the coach and the key to a successful game.


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