For many people, the word «sport» in the head automatically pops up a field, a gate and a soccer ball. Football, of course, is the public favorite. But there is another game where the ball still remains an Achilles heel, and the popularity of which grows every year.

The main principle of sports betting is to bet on what the player really understands and loves. Then the stars will converge, and the hobby will turn into a source of income. But everyone loves to watch basketball without exception.

Basketball betting is one of the leaders of betting officers. Many people like to follow the game of tall guys: both loyal fans and betters. Professional players like to joke about this topic: “You may not like basketball, but you must bet on it.” What is the secret of this privilege? We reveal the cards in today’s article.

One, two – and you’re done


The first reason why a bettor will choose basketball is the short duration of matches. Let’s remember how long people can “wait” at the screen, when in football it turns into overtime and penalties. Hockey, by the way, has not gone far – with separate minutes and shootouts, bettors watch the process for about 2.5 hours. Basketball is much easier. Four short breaks of 15-20 minutes and instructions for a “break”. Assuming overtime is required, it’s still an hour and a half tops.

The dynamism, maneuverability of players, quick results – all this keeps the attention and provokes bets from reliable bookmakers further. The longest fight is usually the final. It’s like the cherry on the cake, like the final twist that everyone’s looking forward to – it warms the interest. Basketball is especially respected by bettors who sympathize with live-betting. The match takes place according to a fast scenario, the player immediately takes the winnings. And, if desired, can continue betting.

Short game meetings favor active bets. You can make a large number of bets per day. And, provided that the player has good strategies, there will be a solid financial gratitude for the efforts.

Either yes or no

A very nice point in betting on basketball is that the game has only two outcomes.
When all goes well, but in the end, there is an unpleasant surprise in the form of a peaceful resolution of the fight – it’s a nightmare for bettors. A tie is always a risk and a trap for a successful bet.
Let’s open the statistics of basketball and see pleasant facts: the outcome of “friendship won” is almost never found there. That is why bookmakers willingly make concessions and leave only two options: for the victory of any of the teams. This minimizes the possibility that the bet will not go through.
Why does no one like a draw in basketball? Because most often the favorites justify their title. Even if a strong team plays relaxed and is not in a hurry to “make” the opponent in regular time. Then, as a rule, in additional minutes, the players pull themselves together and destroy the outsiders.

Nothing can stop the game

As the saying goes, the rain for today is canceled or let the football players worry about it.
There are hundreds of examples where good rates have been hampered by weather conditions. The sudden downpour confuses all the cards because the players are using a different tactic. Or, even worse, the matches will be canceled. Tennis and beach football are usually under the impact.
And in sports, there is an unspoken rule: to postpone fights only as a last resort. Postponing matches is to expose players to negative influence. After all, team spirit is an important aspect that should not be neglected. Basketball is the ideal sport in this regard. Players are based indoors. It doesn’t matter what the “weather in the house”, and the level of danger. The trajectory of the ball is affected only by the skills of the sportsmans.
Professional bettors know how much attention should be paid to the preparation of players. And it’s not so much in the physical form, but in the psychological. This is another plus in the piggy bank of basketball. Athletes play for real in comfortable conditions. In contrast, for example, from football players who have to run either in the heat or in the cold. By the way, that is why the favorites always defend their rights. They have no reason to “fail”, to be out of shape, out of mood, and out of combat readiness. Because all the favorable conditions are actually met.

Large selection of fights

Even if you didn’t plan to bet today, basketball doesn’t seem to leave you a choice. Because it is always there – the season lasts throughout the year.
A huge number of matches is also due to the fact that there is a division by age: up to 16, 18, up to 20, and so on. You choose what you want to bet on, which game is definitely worth watching. Note that youth basketball can bring more unexpected surprises, so it’s better not to expect predictable moves here. Not only men’s basketball is popular, but also women’s. The game with jumps and the ball abolished all kinds of inequality in sports.
Even if you basically follow one team and bet only on it, there will be many matches. In football, the team enters the field 1-2 times a week, but basketball does never sleep and does not relax. Athletes have a busy schedule. You definitely won’t be bored. The only negative is that the exhausting schedule can have a negative impact on the players. Between matches there should be a break and the opportunity to recover. This is really noticeable when one team plays in the National Basketball League, where there are 3-4 matches a week, and the second has time to sleep and relax. Here, even the favorites run out of limits on strength and positive thinking.

All matches are important


There are no passing games in basketball where you can relax and pretend that you are trying to intercept the ball.
As it turns out, all matches are tied together, and a misfire in one game can knock down all the bright playoffs. Even a strong team that steadily takes the first place, has a hand on the pulse and on the ball. So in basketball we see strong players, working tactics and tingling tension.
All of these points prove basketball is a piece of cake for bettors.


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