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The battle between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics could be summed up as a lost opportunity. Why did the strongest team fail the match so easily literally in the first minutes of the game? And why are Miami fans still proud of their idols?

The basketball elite is restless. The end of May was full of meetings of the final series of the Eastern Conference. Boston was the host of the upcoming confrontation and met the Miami Heat. At that time, the Celtics were losing to the guests with a small gap and a score of 1-2. A serious match with strong opponents is at stake with results being quite unpredictable.

Before the start of the game, the impression was created that the Heat players were determined and came to take their toll. But a well-known fact is that Ime Udoki’s team has never been defeated more than once by the same team. Betting enthusiasts bet with excitement: the stakes are too high in every sense of the word. The mistake of beginners in basketball betting is to believe that everything is predictable for strong teams. As Miami proved, that rule doesn’t always work.

Miami Heat: the game didn’t go well from the start


From the very first minutes, it became clear that the Miami strategic plan had sunk into oblivion. There was an impression that the team did not start playing or forgot that they were in the basketball arena. While Boston swiftly earned points in their piggy bank and was able to score 18 points in the first 8 minutes, the Heat collected 1 point with great difficulty. In addition, none of the shots, which technically could give the team good points, were completed. The first quarter of the match brought disappointing conclusions. It seems like Miami just forgot to wake each other up. By the way, these are the worst indicators of the team in a quarter of a century. A rumour spread through the stands: did the famous franchise run out of steam?

Of course, there was a chance that the guys from Miami would be able to rectify the situation. Basketball betting fans know for sure that everything can change in a few seconds. However, the gap in the score was too large. What happened in the final minutes? Victor Oladipo was able to throw spectacularly, just as Jimmy Butler pleased the puzzled audience with a productive double.

What happens at the end of the game? The far from sunny Miami take the shameful 11 points, and thus, instead of a beautiful game, they show the team’s worst result in the playoffs. What’s the point of discussing if one of the Boston basketball players did more in the opening minutes than the Heat team did in the entire game?

Miami coach: “There will be no excuses!”


After the end of the game, Miami basketball players were at a loss. On the one hand, the failed match was on their conscience. On the other hand, everyone knows that basketball players from the Heat are not used to giving up. In their official groups on social media, fans launched support actions and eagerly wrote words of gratitude to the team. It feels like Miami has the most empathetic and caring fans. It’s amazing, but no one scolded the basketball players. As if everyone understood that the loss of the team today is not an indicator of anything. It simply happened.
After the match, the journalists caught the coach of the losers. Eric Spoelstra, the famous American coach, carried himself proudly and happily. With his exterior, the team’s mentor made it clear that there would be no excuses or apologies for the fact that something went wrong.
Spoelstra immediately emphasized that Boston’s victory today is fully deserved. The coach pointed out that this was not an accidental success, as the opponents really played stronger, more aggressively, and tougher. According to Eric Spoelstra, Miami had very little chance of a positive outcome in the game, because everything did not work out from the very beginning. He said that they didn’t manage to do what they planned. Free throws rained down, and the guys did not have a head start to fight back.
Well, apparently, the coach described the whole situation eloquently. Failure in the first minutes greatly crippled the Heat. It seemed that basketball players could not take the game under their control in any way, which was very desirable. In fact, two strong and competitive clubs appeared before the fans. It’s just that someone started to lead from the first seconds, and the other one automatically became a follower. The game can develop completely unpredictably. That’s exactly what the fans saw: a strong and successful team abruptly started failing and showed the worst result in history. Predictable? Not at all.
A chain of failures usually creates big trouble. Having failed to take the game into their own hands at the start, the Miami basketball players seem to have forgotten how to wield the ball. No assists, no blocks.

Good defence and nothing else?


Analysts argue that Boston was able to break through not because of the amazing performance but by focusing on defence, doing a great job defending and blocking shots. All this was accomplished without the season’s star Marcus Smart who is famous for his talent as a defender. The player was unable to compete with Miami due to a serious injury.
In fairness, we note that the Heat also had their shortcomings. Tyler Herro, one of the top six most productive players of the season, did not enter the basketball arena.
In addition to excellent defensive tactics, Boston was able to prove itself in another role: the game without losses. The Celtics were so desperate for possession that they did it perfectly. Basketball players almost constantly controlled the ball in the arena.
The Boston coach emphasized that the success of the enterprise is the energy that his players manage very competently. The coach noticed that both after a victory and after a defeat, basketball players try to let go of things of the past and enter the court with the same energy and drive and take on new horizons.
Udoka concluded that they don’t have time to despair, just as they don’t have time to exaggerate their success. They simply move on.
Well, Miami fans seem to share the stance on the competition. Fans write messages of support to the Heat players, thanking them for a great season and expressing confidence that the basketball players fought to the end.

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