It is impossible to imagine sports betting without a bettor. It is also impossible to imagine without hockey because bettors love this sport. But why?

Hockey indeed is one of the most unpredictable games. But if you have a good experience, a love for the ice sport and excellent observation skills, you have every chance of winning.

Factors to consider before betting on hockey


Hockey has several characteristic features. Here are some things to consider before placing your bet.

It’s seasonal. Hockey season lasts from September to May, and there are very few games taking place in the summer, so practically no events to bet on.

It’s strategic. There are many strategies. Hockey is the champion in a number of various schemes and tactics. On the one hand, this is good, as there is a choice and room for experiment. On the other hand, it can be somewhat disorienting. Great news for the fans of maths: hockey loves financial strategies too.

It’s dynamic. The bettor should fully immerse into the match. If you get distracted for a couple of minutes, you may find that the favourite and the outsider have swapped places when you come back. In hockey, everything is based on speed; events happen exceptionally quickly. An important rule successful bettors follow is to track progress online, paying attention to every detail.

Hockey bet types

Bookmakers offer several different betting options. Let’s look at each of them.

Bet on the outcome

The match can go according to one of the two scenarios: the outcome will become clear in regular time or during the overtime and shootouts. In the first case, it’s possible to bet either on the first team’s victory, a draw, or the second team’s victory. In the second case, it is no longer possible that the match will end in a draw.


Betting on the result – literally on anything that can be counted. You can choose a certain period of time, for example, between the 11th and the 20th minute. Or bet on the overall outcome of the match. Bookmakers also offer to bet on the performance of a particular club.

A bet placed on the score gap between the teams. It is up to the player whether to choose a specific time period or the match as a whole.

Next Goal

Hockey is a sport that is about the result. A 0:0 score outcome is virtually impossible. Therefore, a bet on which team will score next has high odds and great popularity.

What’s the best place to bet on hockey?

Today, bettors can choose from thousands of bookmaker shops. Competition is high, which means that each shop is trying to provide customers with the best conditions on the market. However, some bookmakers have options that are a little better than the rest.

1xBet betting company is considered the most professional bookmaker for betting on hockey. The advantage is that it is possible to bet not only on world tournaments but also on local competitions with them.

Melbet – the next one in line after the previous bookmaker. A wide variety of betting options, but they do lack some of the benefits of 1xBet.

Fonbet – the variety in the types of bets that can be placed is smaller, but most of the matches are freely broadcasted.

Liga Stavok – offers the most favourable odds, especially for live betting.

LVBET – Sports betting reaches the major leagues around the world and delivers the best odds

FavBet – has been on the gambling market for more than 20 years, and throughout all these years has successfully kept its relevance, constantly developing and improving its offer

Tips from the pros


Hockey betting is like any other profession – you can master it if you really want to. Don’t just focus on a specific scheme. Sadly, you cannot go without a thorough analysis of all matches and each step of the team.

If you are new to betting, do not to rush to the barricades and avoid world tournaments. Yes, the NHL is famous worldwide, but it is challenging to analyse their matches. Start with the KHL. Firstly, the Russian media loves to dissect the games within this tournament. Perhaps they will even do some of the work for you. You will always be up to date with all the events, which will help you prepare for the bet. And luckily, all Russian tournaments are broadcasted in the daytime.

Little by little, one travels far. This rule is true about almost all spheres. Don’t rush into betting the whole pot – start small. Test the strategy. Remember the golden rule: only bet the amount you can afford to lose.

What are the most effective strategies?

It is worth mentioning that each strategy is bound to be based on the flat betting strategy. This means that the value of your bet is always a certain percentage of the deposit. If the pot is 10,000, the bet should not exceed 500. This is the fixed amount that you should stick to.
Total in the second period is the best strategy. Why’s that? The second period is difficult for the team; they are vulnerable. There is a change of players, teams swap sides, oversights and confusion on the court are possible. The bet on over is the most profitable for bettors.

Catch-up strategy when betting on an outsider

The odds are through the roof with this bet. Each tournament has a so-called outsider – the team that is about to be eliminated and dreams of the playoffs. You need a solid pot for this strategy, but the game is worth the candle.

The key to success is managing your deposit properly, analysing the matches carefully and having a good knowledge of hockey.

Frequently asked Questions:

There is no single answer – it is up to the bettor. The player himself must determine when it is better to bet, depending on what happens on the ice rink.

Hockey odds are incredibly unpredictable and frequently change to the point that the odds on the same hockey match can vary depending on the bookmaker.

It depends on your preference. It is better to look at the rating of the best bookmakers and choose trustworthy ones.

It is important to be reasonable not and not rely on luck. You will need to have a strategy, impeccable knowledge of the game, analytics and a little intuition.

They say that these bets are for those who like a thrill. The truth is that it is almost impossible to predict the exact score. And it’s dangerous. But, if you decide to go for it, pay attention to the defence and offence of both teams. You can go further and find out the motivation of the football clubs.

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