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Everyone knows the saying “real men play hockey”, and that almost the whole world watches this game. But who is it that bets on this type of sport?

Perhaps everyone who is familiar with the betting industry has bet on hockey. Why?

Hockey is a sport that brings millions together. It is dynamic unpredictable, but at the same time, it is surrounded by a lot of strategies that help to predict the result. Or at least try to do that.

Today, in the article, we will discuss ways to increase your chances and why you should pay attention to betting strategies on periods in hockey.

Through hardships – to the ice


Anyone who is interested in wagering, who has placed a bet, knows very well that it is pretty difficult to make a decision. No one can guarantee 100% results. But no one wants to lose. Any bet is either hit or miss. And a professional better differs from a beginner in that he owns several basic principles that will help you get closer to a winning bet.

Beware of high odds. The higher the number, the harder it is the fall. The outcomes of such bets can be anything. And most often – not in favour of the player.

Choose stability. The safest option is to bet on teams that show predictable results. Emotional rollercoasters are absolutely useless in betting.

Detailed analysis. Perhaps, this is what all preparation is based on. The wager itself is the tip of the iceberg. And the analysis of information from previous matches, the composition of teams and its statistics is the foundation.

By having these three rules in your arsenal, you will be able to make the right choice in hockey betting.

Catch up in hockey matches

Why do bettors like to wager on periods? Because these strategies are connected with catch-up. This means that there is a higher chance of a double profit.
Let’s take a look at this example: if a player bets on the outcome of a draw in the 1st period, and the bet did not win, then they multiply the bet and continue to bet on a tie in the 2nd period. The same happens later: if the bet did not win in the 2nd period, it’s okay, we can increase the bet and bet on the same outcome in the 3rd.
You can do such manipulations on different wagers: the outcome and even-odd bets. But the most common bet among bettors is on over (total over).

Features of betting strategies on periods

There is no need to talk about the dynamics of hockey – everyone knows about it already. The game outcome can change at any moment. Players fly across the ice, trying to protect the team, intercept the puck and become the winners of the game. That is why people watch and will continue to watch hockey: fans do not get bored for a single second.

Before placing a bet, it is better to understand some of the features of the standoff of teams on the ice field.

The constant change of players. If, for example, in a football game, the spectators will see only three player replacements, during the hockey game, the lineups are often changed at the request of the coach. He changes the course of the game as he sees fit.

Goalkeeper change. Surely you know about this final twist: if the difference in the score is small, the team replaces the goalkeeper. And it really increases the chances of scoring the winning goal.

Frequent misconduct penalties. It is almost impossible to imagine hockey without penalty minutes – this was determined by history. And it increases the likelihood of an unexpected goal.

Apart from the features and rules, another important question is: how to manage the pot wisely?

You can start your bettor career boldly with a big bet. And also finish it very quickly. To build the right relationship with the bets, it is better to familiarise yourself with the bank management options.

The first option is to divide the catch-up into three parts. For example, if a bet loses in all three periods, you will not lose the whole pot at once.

Option number two – divide the catch-up into six parts. This is a relevant technique if the bet lost in three periods of the first match, and you immediately go to the second match. The catch-up continues, and the bank still maintains a cash cushion.

The main rules for keeping the pot are calculating the bet in advance and deciding on a certain percentage. And, importantly, never move away from the set course and never change the plan during the game.

Strategy for 1.5 total


Statistics cannot be argued with, especially in hockey. In most matches, at least in one period, there will be goals scored — at least two. Therefore, over 1.5 catch-up is perhaps the most popular strategy for betting on periods. But, as elsewhere, there are more things to consider here.
First, let’s look at the odds. They usually range from 1.5 to 2.30. Usually, for over 1.5 in the first period, the numbers are set approximately as follows: 1.70-1.90. It should be remembered that the odds in the following periods will be lower.
Secondly, the matches have to be carefully selected: it is better not to get engaged with games where the odds for over 1.5 in the first period are below 1.80. Why? A bettor risks running out of budget if the first bet loses because they will have to catch up with odds below 1.50.
To avoid unexpected expenses and disappointments, make the selection of matches a priority. Do not forget about statistics and match predictions. It is better to choose games where the favourite and the outsider are clearly defined.
There is a working technique that will help you with match selection – this is the Bob McCune system. By the way, Bob is known more as a bodybuilder than as an experienced better. However, having changed his type of activity, he achieved great success. Bob’s betting system is very popular. Let’s see how it works for the selection of matches.
The essence of the strategy is to concentrate on the odds in the first period. If you see that they fall below 1.5 at the beginning of the game, it is better to ignore this match. If the numbers have not changed or have grown, this game is quite suitable for betting.
After you have decided on the match, you can choose a strategy. The best option is a three-step catch-up.
To feel confident in games and betting, you need to prepare well. This article is your cheat sheet.

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