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Everyone’s favorite football has gone through many stages of eternal small adjustments and big rule changes. For example, now there are 5-7 referees on the field at once, although earlier one was quite enough. Also now there is a special program VAR. It helps to avoid the human factor in judging. After all, we are all human and sometimes we make annoying mistakes.

Does the VAR system help referees?


However, this system does not always cope either. Many major media outlets often publish that teams are dissatisfied with the refereeing. Experts also believe that the referees are often guilty of errors. Let’s look at whether this is really the case.

It turns out that the VAR programme does not always work 100%. In turn, according to the fans, this is reflected in their betting on football. The situation becomes heated, with spectators demanding a review of questionable moments in the game.

Do football players always get yellow cards deservedly?

We will now begin our review of the most common refereeing mistakes. We divide them into three fairly large groups. So, the first group is the mistakes made by the referees at the very beginning of the meeting. Their essence lies in the assignment of too many yellow cards to the players. Usually, this is due to a special raising of the general emotional background and the intensity of passions in the match.

One tip for successful betting will be the following information. Professionals advise to make their predictions explicitly on the specific amount of yellow cards issued. And that’s because every card given out is always hotly debated. As we found out above, the judges are trying to get the spectators excited and for this reason will very often give them out again and again.

In turn, the players, because they do not understand the situation and the unfairness, begin to make real mistakes and thereby receive yellow cards for good reason. In addition, players commit a lot of controversial moments and fouls. So, in addition to betting on the increased total of red and yellow cards, you can bet on the total of fouls, because there are also a lot of them.

Emotionality of football coaches


The second kind of football referees’ mistakes is related to the emotions of the head coaches of the playing teams. It is known that many betting companies are always on the alert, adding a huge number of new bet variations. For the fans, this is a huge advantage. However, you should not predict everything at once, you should have a look in detail at all the proposed options and choose the best one for yourself.
Not surprisingly, one of the betting options again was those red and yellow cards, which often change the whole game. This time we decided to take into account how receiving yellow and red cards affects the general emotional state of the head coach and his assistants. Of particular interest are situations where the referee makes mistakes at the start of a football match.
Often after the first half is over, too worried and emotional coaches literally rush to the referees and demand clear explanations from them. In turn, arbitrators very rarely give it, moreover, they do not tolerate such an attitude towards themselves. The result is as follows: for such behavior, the judges give a card to the coach, which radically affects everything that happens.
After all, it is extremely difficult for the team to understand what needs to be done next and how to behave.
If you’re good at reacting quickly to what’s going on, live betting, which is done during the game, is a great option for you. As soon as you see that one of the teams actually got a few yellow cards or, worse, a red card completely undeservedly, the coach is very likely to go to the referees after the end of the first half to find out the reasons for this.
If the coach is emotional, which you can tell from past games or by watching him in real time, you can safely bet on the coach being awarded a yellow card. Among the head coaches, there are several very emotional personalities, for example, Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho and many others.

The reaction of teams to unfair referee decisions


As we can see, all of these above mistakes are clearly interlinked. A whole system is formed: undeserved yellow cards, followed by the coach’s response to this, which usually results in him receiving a yellow card as well, and as a consequence it all affects the more affected team. Of course, all national teams are different and have their own reactions to what has happened.
Some players can’t get together and therefore start to play poorly and miss the balls. Opponents do not sleep and make the most of the situation until the players are in the majority, or until the head coach returns with help to the national team. For this reason, time becomes the main fighting resource here. Some try to stretch it out, while others, on the contrary, use it 100%. The team not affected or less affected by the referees usually scores a goal. All this happens literally within 15 minutes.
However, not all teams are like that. The second part of the football teams, have already faced similar situations and know not to give up here, and the best option is to fight for themselves and for the coach. These players immediately have a higher morale. They turn on all their skills and strengths and start a real battle. They try to hold on and even grab the lead, no matter what the obstacles and difficulties. This proves to everyone that the referees’ decision is clearly a mistake. For this reason, a goal within 15 minutes is also possible and to be expected. Even if one of the team’s athletes has received a red card. In such cases the chances are only doubled.
To summarise, it is worth saying that in any case, every action taken by the referees affects bettors’ bets. It can be said that referees sometimes become the real commanders of the action. Remember that at the start of a match both teams usually receive an extensive number of yellow cards, use this bravely in your betting. Be aware of the coaches’ emotionalism as well, consider how they react to such actions by the referees. And, of course, the emotionalism of the team itself should not be neglected. If the players are really strong in spirit, they will surely want to avenge their yellow cards. We wish you the best of luck!


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