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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Probably, every player knows that getting zero is lucky because this happens very rarely. Some are sure that if this happens, the player immediately mathematically wins over the casino. However, this isn’t a completely true statement since some players lose completely.

If you make your predictions for a sector next to zero or if you get a neighbouring sector anyways, you’re clearly in the black. Of course, you shouldn’t consider the possibility of winnings and payout ratios because it’s considered a small nuance in gambling.

Notably, zero is always given much more attention than another number on the gaming table. European and French roulettes contain one zero, but there are double zeros in the American version. Experts said that today there are versions of roulettes that don’t contain zero at all. The same is happening in online casinos.

In addition, one-third of gamblers are sure that zero is not just a number or a roulette symbol but a symbol with mystical power. That’s why it’s necessary to analyse it in more detail and find out how it affects the game and how it appeared in general.

French father of roulette


Let’s start with the appearance of the gaming roulette itself. It’s currently unknown when exactly this happened. However, many believe that the great French mathematician Blaise Pascal can rightfully be considered its father because he developed the classic and simplest formula for playing it.
Paris was mentioned in the 1790s as the first physical location. Then, roulette appeared in the casino for the first time, which is mentioned in a short story by Jacques Lebel. It described a roulette wheel with two zeros at once. We will tell you a little later what exactly this means.
But first, let’s look back at history to understand when these zeros first appeared on the roulette field. Turns out, in the 1840s, the brothers Louis and Francois Blanc were the owners of a casino in Hamburg. They were the ones who first decided to remove two zeros. They explained that this way more new visitors would come to the roulettes. And they were right about it because this reduced the percentage of the casino’s advantage significantly, almost twice. However, the results didn’t live up to expectations. For unknown reasons, the number of customers didn’t increase then.
At the same time, Monaco officially lifted the gambling ban. After that, in 1858, the construction of Monte Carlo began to actively gain momentum. A couple of years later, one of the French brothers made a deal. According to this agreement, the Monte Carlo casino building came into his possession for 50 years. By the way, its opening was already under Blank’s leadership.
After some time, the new owner started to act. Initially, the casino housed game roulettes with two zeros. Later he had to abandon this idea because there weren’t that many customers. Soon, gaming roulettes with one zero began to appear. This event was supported and highly appreciated by the visitors. The number of visitors also increased twofold. This was noticed by other leaders of European gambling establishments. Therefore in a short time, virtually all roulettes were replaced by single-zero ones.

American roulette


As mentioned earlier, the American version of roulette contains 2 zeros at once. What is the reason? Let’s find out now!
The history of the development of American roulette is fundamentally different from the European one. According to reports, the great historian Hoyle said that at the end of the 19th century in the United States there were roulettes that contained the following values: from 1 to 28, 2 zeros, and various symbols of the countries of the world. For example, eagle, clover, and many others. It turned out that these special characters were additional zeros.
Let’s talk about payout ratios. They differ from the European coefficients. The earnings of the casinos were so large that many were afraid to start playing, all because the payout ratios were significantly lower than the real chances of winning. Clearly, each casino owner tried to lure as many customers as possible; because of this, they had to constantly come up with new ideas. Later they began to include classic numbers in the roulette.
This is how American roulette appeared in the world. Interestingly, even today the situation in American casinos has remained virtually the same. Most players are so accustomed to the version of roulette with two zeros that they basically don’t want to change anything. Therefore, in the United States, such varieties of roulette are now more popular. In Europe, on the contrary, gaming roulettes with one zero are in great demand.
However, in the American version, not everything is as clear as it seems on the surface because the En Prison rule is often used. It significantly reduces the casino advantage ratio. However, it still isn’t the most attractive roulette for players today like French roulette is.
As for the online version of the casino, the game roulette is very popular there. Large casino brands contain many varieties of roulettes on their virtual platforms. European, French, American, roulette without zero, roulette with multiple wheels, and many others are among them.
Each gambler will be able to find their own roulette based on personal taste. These are varieties with the most simple and classic interface or, on the contrary, roulettes containing bright graphics and design. Moreover, all versions have long been optimized for your phone or another device screen. You can always find something suitable for yourself.
Summing up, it’s up to you to choose the version of roulette that suits you. However, your goals from the game, skills, requests, and desires will help you facilitate this process. Be sure to understand all these points, and then you will easily understand what kind of roulette suits you. We wish you success!


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