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It is difficult to answer the question about the possibility of winning in an online casino. At the moment, many different schemes and strategies can be practical and sometimes help achieve a positive result. On the other hand, it is simply not possible to win casino games without some luck.

To begin with, it is necessary to note that at the moment, no scheme could bring one hundred percent winnings in the casino. Correct bonus hunting can be an exception to this rule.

Achieving a successful outcome


The whole bonus rewards system can be split into two main classes:

  • Bonus offers that add extra monetary funds with a wager;
  • Various wager bonuses are offered when playing a casino game. This type of offer can apply to online baccarat, blackjack, roulette and much more.

At the moment, there are many casino sites that offer bonuses that have their own features. This also applies to the so-called wager, which can have different meanings in different places. When choosing a casino, it is necessary to favour such a gambling resource, where the requirements are loose. In this case, the chance of a victory becomes higher.

Readme! The lower the wagering requirements, the fewer bets you need to make to win it back.

Bonuses with a 35x, 40x wager

This method aims to find a suitable bonus offer with such a wager and play slots with a return percentage of more than 97%. As a result, there is a high probability of a positive mathematical expectation regarding a possible win. Roughly speaking, such a scheme will help collect winnings from the casino in the long term.

The experts have analysed various slots and bonuses that contribute to obtaining a positive mathematical expectation in the course of the game. Here are the results of the research:

Top 5 slots with bonuses with 35x wager requirements

  1. The percentage of return of Mega Joker at the moment is 99%. The dispersion is extremely high;
  2. The return percentage of Jackpot 6000 is 98.86%. The dispersion is extremely high;
  3. The percentage of return of Blood Suckers is 98%. The dispersion is extremely low;
  4. Kings of Chicago’s return percentage is 97.8%. The dispersion is low;
  5. Devils Delight’s return percentage is 97.6%. The dispersion is extremely high.

Wager-40x requirements

When playing the Jackpot 6000 slot, the winning percentage is 98.86%. For every 100 euros, the winning coefficient is 1.36;
When playing the Blood Suckers slot, the winning percentage is 98%. For every 100 euros, the winning coefficient is 0.5;
When playing the Kings of Chicago slot, the winning percentage is 97.8%. For every 100 euros, the winning coefficient is 0.3.

With a 35x wager bonus, you need to play slots with more than 97.14% RTP. With a wager x40 bonus, you need to play slots with a return percentage of at least 97.5%.

Testing slots in the free version

All recommendations are based on comparing real money games with virtual ones. Net Entertainment software makes corrections that depend on the current state of the slot machine: is it it is winning or losing. It is impossible to interfere with the operation of the random number generator. Winning and losing combinations are set by random variables. These variables depend on several factors, such as the player’s current balance, the total cumulative and its real balance. Thus, if the balance of the device is in the black– the chance of winning on it is much greater than in the other case. After playing slots for virtual money, you can understand the condition of the slot machine to try your luck for real money in the future. The essence of the strategy lies in the preliminary study of the slot game during the free trial. When you learn how to assess the condition correctly, you will have a significant advantage over gambling establishments.

Winnings in the casino: myth or reality

To win at a casino, you need to know all the features of its basic principles. Sometimes you will have a solid winning, and sometimes it will be just a nice addition to your budget. Everyone playing in a casino should know definitions of these main features:

Mathematical expectation;
Dispersion of wins and losses;
The main advantages of the selected room

Dispersion is the spread in values compared to the average quantity. For example, today, a player could win 10 euros from a casino, and tomorrow he will lose 50 euros. Thus, he is in the red for two days, even though he won one day and lost the other. Experience has shown that there are a few times more situations like this than the reverse ones.

Most commonly, dispersion plays a role in the long term. The higher the dispersion, the greater the casino’s winning. This is because, with each hand, slot spin or any other activity, the casino’s winning gradually increases, as it receives a certain percentage for any action.

Roulette and Blackjack Strategies


It should be noted that no strategy would allow you to ensure a one hundred percent win at roulette or blackjack. On the other hand, there are schemes and strategies to increase the chances of winning. Today, the most popular roulette winning systems are the Whittaker and Martingale systems. The main essence of these methods is to gradually lower or increase the rates, strictly following the pre-determined sequence. Thanks to such manipulations, the dispersion gradually increases. However, it still won’t change the mathematical expectation that is embedded in roulette.

Blackjack is one of the few games where every player has the opportunity to get a mathematical expectation as an advantage over the casino. This is because the deck of cards is not shuffled before each hand. Thus, by counting the remaining cards, you will be able to develop your own strategy that will bring the winning as close as possible. Statistics show that it is best to start playing blackjack after 12 cards or more have already been drawn from the deck.

Readme! It is best not to be hung up on winning when playing casino games. It is better to just have fun, enjoy the emotions and know your possibilities. In this case, sooner or later, luck will be on your side.

Casino schemes – do not trust scammers.

Today there is a trend to try and use online casinos as the primary source of income. As a result, most often, this leads to unfortunate consequences. A responsible and carefully thought-through game will not be able to guarantee a one hundred percent win; they will simply increase the chances that the game will have a positive outcome in the long run. Most of the schemes that are described on various thematic resources do not really work. That’s why you should not believe everyone who says that they know ways to cheat casinos – there simply aren’t any.

Remember that winning depends on many factors, among which the generation of random numbers plays an important role.


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