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Preliminary card of the UFC 269


The tournament opened with a fight between Gillian Robertson and Priscila Cachoeira. It was certainly very dramatic. Robertson had control of the fight. She repeatedly struck her opponent in the par terre, and for Gillian the first round ended with a rear-naked choke, which the opponent could not escape. Surprisingly, Cachoeira refused to give up, so the fight was ended by the judge when Priscilla lost consciousness. Robertson’s victory came seconds before the gong.

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The next fight was between Randy Costa and Tony Kelley. Throughout the fight, Kelly seriously outperformed his opponent by showing excellent clinch. The second round ended with Kelley’s victory over his opponent after a series of crushing blows. It is worth noting that Costa loses for the second time in a row.

The third grapple was protracted, Ryan Hall and Darrick Minner had a full fight. During the confrontation, which was quite close, the opponents exchanged blows. The judges awarded victory to Hall unanimously only due to his pressing at the end.

The next ones up in the octagon were young and promising women.Erin Blanchfield and Miranda Maverick had a full fight. Erin’s skills as a wrestler played a major role, setting the pace and imposing her style. The judges unanimously pronounced Blanchfield as the winner.

Andre Muniz armbar, which made Eryk Anders go down in the first round allowed nobody to stay indifferent. An excellent fight, albeit a short one, made it possible to identify a new serious threat in the middleweight category.

Another short fight was held by Bruno Silva and Jordan Wright, in which the first one destroyed his opponent in a minute and a half, getting the seventh victory in his career.

Heavyweights Tai Tuivasa and Augusto Sakai faced each other in a merciless wrestle, and from the first minutes it was clear that this confrontation would end only with a knockout. Tuivasa ended up throwing his opponent to the net, and knocking Sakai out after a series of powerful blows. The outcome of the fight will certainly provide the Australian wrestler with an opportunity to get into the top 15 heavyweight fighters.

The penultimate grapple of the prelims took place between Dominick Cruz and Pedro Munhoz. It lasted all three rounds, there was one dangerous moment when Cruz almost got into the opponent’s triangle choke, but managed to avoid this deadly technique. Thanks to Dominick’s performance in the standing game, the judge awarded victory to him.

The fight between Josh Emmett and Dan Ige closed the preliminary card. It was a high-quality wrestle in which the fighters showed their high skills and were worthy of each other. Emmett won, securing a unanimous decision.

UFC 269 main card

The first fights were good and set a certain bar for the fighters entering the octagon next. Sean O’Malley fought against Raulian Paiva, and the second really wanted to knock off the arrogance of the guy who loves to make a show. But Sean turned on his destruction mode in the first round, knocking out his opponent.

Garbrandt has a dark time in his career now. Once an undefeated champion, now Cody was able to win only one out of five fights held. He moved to a lower weight category, where the opponent was not the strongest, but quite solid Kai Kara-France. In the first round, Kara-France mercilessly beat his opponent, securing the biggest victory in his personal career.

The most spectacular match of the tournament was definitely the fight between Geoff Neal and Santiago Ponzinibbio. Three rounds at close range with constant hard punches seemed to shake the very air. The opinion of the judges differed, and Neil won by a split decision, ending a series of defeats.

Championship matches


This is what millions of fans around the world have been waiting for. Lightweight title fight. The confrontation of the best fighters of their division: the American Dustin Poirier and the champion from Brazil – Charles Oliveira. Let’s recall that the Brazilian won the belt in May 2021 and has already managed to defend it against Michael Chandler.

It was not clear from the start that the fight would be a long one. As the fans had expected, the American dominated the first round, remaining standing. In the second round, the initiative was taken by the champion who used wrestling, which created noticeable problems for Poirier. The third and final round ended with a choke hold from Oliveira. The opponent tried to resist and hold the American on himself, but it is hard to resist the record holder for victories by submission holds. He was tapped out with a rear-naked choke, which brought victory to the Brazilian fighter. Oliveira has proven that he deserves to own the belt.

The fight, the results of which were a real surprise, was Peña’s one. No one really knew about her, she got to the title tournament with just a 5 2. No one thought Peña could win, but she did. The outcome of the fight was the main surprise of the year, and in general one of the most unexpected surprises in the history of MMA.

The first round went rather calmly, Nunes did not seem anxious at all, moved around the octagon freely, knocked her opponent off her feet and attempted a choke out. By the end of the round, Amanda was even smiling. But the second round was not as fun for Nunes. Peña immediately set a high tempo to the fight, throwing one punch after another one. It did not take much time for Amanda to lose concentration, which gave Julianne an advantage. She quickly started beating her opponent. After a series of successful blows, Peña moved the fight to the ground and ended Amanda’s winning streak with a choke hold.

Let’s summarize the results of the tournament

  • Andre Muniz defeated Eryk Anders by an armlock in the first round.
  • Erin Blanchfield became the winner in the fight with Miranda Maverick by a unanimous decision of the judges.
  • Ryan Hall also became a winner by a judge decision in the fight against Darrick Minner.
  • Tony Kelley ended the fight with a knockout, having spent two rounds up against Randy Costa.
  • Gillian Robertson defeated Priscila Cachoeira by a chokehold in the first round.
  • The judges awarded Josh Emmett a unanimous victory in a fight against Dan Ige.
  • The judges also awarded victory to Dominick Cruz in the fight against Pedro Munhoz.
  • Tuivasa defeated Sakai with a knockout.
  • Silva defeated Jordan, ending the fight at the very beginning with a knockout.
  • Oliveira defended the champion’s belt against Poirier.
  • Julianna Peña surprised everyone by defeating Amanda.
  • Geoff Neal became a winner in the fight against Ponzinibbio.
  • Kai Kara-France audaciously knocked out Cody Garbrandt and ended the fight in the first round.
  • Raulian Paiva lost at the beginning of the match to Sean O’Malley.

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