Betting has long ceased to be a privilege of the rich and famous. Sports betting is everywhere. Players from countries where gambling is not officially allowed use a lot of workarounds to get even more excitement from the performance of their favorites.

With the advent of online betting platforms, betting has become even easier. Betting shops welcome new players and regular customers with a generous bonus programme. Often large institutions have a rating system: the more points a customer has accumulated, the better playing conditions the bookmaker will offer him.

Selecting a sporting event to bet on


Experienced bettors unanimously say that the success of the entire mission depends on the right choice of sport and sporting event. Do not spread your attention and grab every bet with high odds.

First you need to choose one or more sports that interest you personally. To get constant dividends from betting, you will have to spend a lot of time getting acquainted with the nuances of sports betting

The bookmaker’s office is an experienced and ruthless opponent who uses any player’s mistake in his favor. That is why it is so important to have up-to-date and verified information.

Sports events with different rankings require different approaches. Betting on World Cup games differs strikingly from betting on regional championships. Let’s divide sporting events according to their status:

  1. World championships

The events with the most publicity. Even those who have never been interested in sports are aware of the news about the world championships. Regardless of the host country, they attract the widest possible audience to the screens. During these major tournaments and championships, all other events take a back seat.

  1. Continental level tournaments

Popular, bright and demanding for the bettor’s attention. You can easily find all the information you need about the participants’ performances on the internet, in sports magazines or on TV channels. Due to the scale of these events, the betting line often contains exaggerated odds. This means that it is quite possible to find a wild card and make a good profit if you wish.

  1. National competitions

Such events are mainly of interest only to residents of the country in which they are held. Bettors rarely offer a wide range of coverage for little-known championships. They are not particularly popular, and in order to cover the costs of the office analysts, bookmakers include an unreasonably high margin in the cost of the bet. For an experienced bettor, regional tournaments may well become a source of income due to frequent errors in the calculation of odds made by office workers.

  1. Amateur level: student, junior, pro-league

Knowledgeable players in advice to beginners in sports betting categorically do not recommend choosing such events for the game. They are extremely unpredictable and do not have the proper information component.

Working strategies against favorites


Obvious bets on clear favourites to win the cups have long lost popularity. Clearly, low odds do not offer any tangible benefits, especially over the long haul. That is why bettors have turned their attention to more sophisticated but lucrative options.
It is often difficult to predict the outcome of an event in cup tournaments, but it is possible. Due to the low rating at such events, one should not expect a full display from top clubs, especially when the main games are still ahead. Matches within the country’s strong teams do not play at full strength. Often the coaching staff does not want to risk the team leaders and puts up a second squad for the game.
In this case, the bet against the favorite has a logical explanation. This approach is especially relevant at the very beginning of the competition. Indeed, for well-known clubs, playing in national cups is just a tick in the list of obligatory things. But for little-known participants, it is the most important event of the year.

Betting using the system

The system is a cross between a single bet and an xpressbet. The positive is the fact that even if several bets fail, the player can still remain in the black due to high odds.
It is best to make combinations of 3-10 events. Next, you need to determine the pattern: in bets on the underdog not losing, the systems “2 out of 5” (5 accumulators with two outcomes), “3 out of 6” (6 accumulators with 3 outcomes) have proven themselves to be excellent.
The amount of the main bet is divided into equal parts and distributed among all variants of the system. It makes sense to use this approach only if the coefficient is higher than 3.5. According to statistics, the patency of such bets is approximately 45%. This percentage can be increased to 50-55% if you approach the choice of an event rationally.

Flat bets

This tactic is ideal for inexperienced players and those who do not intend to risk their savings. Its essence is quite simple and consists in making several bets without changing the initial amount. Usually the bet is 1-3% of the total amount available.
Flat odds are at least 1.8. The main types of bets are plus handicaps and double odds.

Live betting


In cup games, it usually becomes clear in the first half hour of viewing which result to expect. Real-time betting is therefore very popular among football fans indeed. The only disadvantage of this strategy is the speed. The odds on the outcomes may change several times during the game. If the bettor sees favourable conditions, then there is no reason to hesitate.
Most of the betting against favourites takes place at the start of cup tournaments. It is also the place where you can find the wild-card matches. It is worth paying special attention to games in which at least one of these criteria is present:
a weaker team takes on an opponent in their own stadium and is very determined;
the outsider had time to rest and prepare, and their main line-up does not raise questions;
the favorite is not in the best shape: serious injuries among the leaders, an exhausting series of games a few days ago, changes in the playing or coaching team.
The Europa League Top 6 fixtures are a great option for such betting: bookmakers offer a wide choice, information about the games is available at all times, and the motivation for winning trophies with these clubs is doubtful.

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