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Bets on the correct score in the game have the largest winning. It is difficult to find odds like this anywhere else. Its size can be easily explained because it is very difficult to guess the exact score the match will end with.

Only true professionals can cope with this task, and beginners can use expert predictions for betting on football. To “guess” the score more often, it is necessary to analyze previous and upcoming games, as well as accumulate this information, using it every time. This is difficult to do without a dash of luck, but remember, it is useless to rely on luck alone.

According to the experts, most football matches end with a 1:1, 0:1, 1:0 or a draw. Of course, there are exceptions. However, it is better to bet on a different score only if your analytical knowledge supports this decision. In general, more than three goals per game in football are considered an exception rather than the norm.

Analyze every little thing


Now let’s talk about analysis in more detail. Before making your predictions, it is essential to analyze the team as a whole: their statistics, the ratio of strong and weak players, where the match will take place, the presence of star players. You may think that there isn’t much that this information will give you. But in fact, you can learn a lot from it. For example, if a team focuses on defending, it is quite possible that a bet on the score of 0:0 will win. By the way, this forecast is considered to be the most profitable, and it has the highest odds. Because as soon as a single goal is scored, you immediately lose.
It is better not to bet on a rare match outcome, as mentioned above. However, sometimes it proves its value. Such bets are appropriate when a definite favourite faces an outsider. As you can probably agree, absolutely devastating lopsided scores are possible in such games. If you are afraid of making a mistake, there is an option especially for you – “any other score”. It will increase your chances of winning. In general, the best advice is to watch as many games as possible and note down every little thing that will make it easier for you to make predictions.
Correct score bets must be combined with others. Otherwise, you can go into the red and not be able to recoup in a while. For example, place a wager on a draw and, at the same time, on a score of 1:0 or 0:1. If you know that your favourite team is generally strong in defence, these bets will work very well.
It is pretty possible that you don’t succeed and lose at some point. Don’t let it upset you because even professionals make mistakes. High odds also mean high risks. Your predictions will be considered successful if you win back 40% of your expenses.
Just because teams are averaging three goals per game in a season doesn’t mean that average will continue. This may be due to the fact that key players are absent, or the team has just had a long flight and did not have time to rest.
A perfect example of this would be the Liverpool football team in the 2020-2021 season when they were in desperate need of their player Virgil Van Dyke. In the 2019-2020 season, they missed just 33 goals in the Premier League, but in the 2020-2021 season, they failed to prevent 42 goals.
Another thing you need to consider when predicting the correct score in football matches is changes in the management team. Head coaches may have completely opposite styles of managing the team. Some are more attack-oriented, and others pay more attention to the defence. After getting negative results, many clubs choose managers of the opposite type, and this can be a great time to go against previous results when the odds turn in your favour.

Maths will help you


Predicting the correct score in football has become a science for some professional bettors, many of whom use special equations and algorithms to determine how many goals there will be in a game. This mathematical analysis is usually based on how many shots a team makes and how many shots a team misses during a game to determine how energetic it will be.
To do this, you need to study a little mathematics, or rather, the Poisson distribution. It is a mathematical theory that helps outline the possible outcomes based on historical averages. Unfortunately, this simple predicting model does not always work well in certain situations. Things like the status of the game, the atmosphere in the changing room, the manager’s influence on the player, the team’s schedule and much more are beyond the reach of this formula. This method also does not consider the player’s physical condition and the advantage of the home field. Of course, home games always have better performance.
Despite the fact that there are many tips you can follow to improve your betting on the correct score in football, if you are looking to profit from your own skills and evaluations, you must be prepared for the hard work. This includes hours of studying games and taking notes, as well as being willing not to place a bet after all that work if the odds are not in your favour.
Many people work full-time, which means they have absolutely no free time. Therefore, many seek advice from professional football players or experts who offer their advice for free or as part of a subscription service.
Summing up, let’s note that it is not so easy to make a profit and correctly predict the correct results in football. You need to use several statistics to narrow down to the most likely outcome of a match. A good extra skill which will be very helpful in this situation would be knowledge of mathematics. It is also necessary to constantly analyze matches and record this in your notes. This data should be recorded and constantly added to, updated, and used. And it is hard work. However, if you follow the above tips from experts, your chances of winning become much higher. We wish you success!

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