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Are you new to betting and wondering what you should do? You’re just an enthusiastic football fan, have been supporting one team since you were young and decided that today is the day to place a bet?

Relying on good luck is, of course, an unsuccessful strategy. We have something better for you.

We prepared a brief overview of the most effective tactics and strategies. Believe me, if you don’t know where to look first – this is the proper reaction.

Probability theory


Some say that there are no zero-risk strategies, and this is correct. There are risks in any sport (and betting is also a kind of sport). Even if they are small, even 0.01 percent – it is still a risk.
However, the chances are very high if you approach the matter with calculation and deftly operate the strategies described below. I’ll tell you more; you have no chance of not winning.

A nice theory states that you can win with any strategy. But don’t get too excited; let’s discuss the nuances. Any system, even the most profitable one, depends on several unforeseen situations. For example, an early bath of the player, substitution or injury. Or it could depend on the specific match you have chosen. In other words, the final and semi-final will differ in tactics and, accordingly, in strategy.

The best football betting strategies


First half betting – usually, this applies to live betting. There can be different options: on a result by the end of the time or on a number scored goals. By the way, if the first half betting wasn’t successful, you don’t have to give up and can continue, for example, by doubling the bet in the second half of the game.

Betting against a draw – also suitable for real-time betting. Here you can wager after the first goal is scored.

Dutch betting system – it is somewhat similar to the first one. The idea is to increase the bet if you lose. You should increase the bet according to the odds.

Both teams to score – the strategy is evident from the name. You wager that both teams will score at least one goal. You need to approach the choice of teams carefully and study the tactics of previous games and the statistics of goals.

A scheme of yellow and red cards – quite interesting but complicated. The bettor must predict the course of the game by getting to know the team players well. Here we pay attention even to the refereeing. And, of course, the team roster. Is this match important for the team? This is also an essential condition for this strategy.

Bet on the first goal in live – this strategy is for real-time bets. You can place it after the first 20 minutes. If you see that the score is still 0:0, place this bet.

Please remember that the best strategy is having one strategy. That is, there is no need to randomly jump from one scheme to another in case of failure. As in, I’ll try another one, and maybe it will work.

Stick to the chosen path.

D’alembert and Flat – the next strategy. The idea is to increase the wager after losing and decrease after winning. Here you will need a financial profile.

For example, let’s say you bet 1 euro and lose; your next bet will be 2 euros. Lost again? The next one should be 3. If you win, the next bet should be 2 euros again, and so on.

Bets on even or odd – accordingly, place a bet on an event or an odd number of goals in the first half. If you lose, increase the bet to the original size.

Strategy against the favourite – this requires a long preparation of the betterer. It is necessary to consider the team’s general condition, injuries, substitutions, and the importance of the match. If you are a good expert on the players and understand their motivation perfectly, you can try this wager. There is a high coefficient in such bets.

Total over – for example, you’re betting that the total will be over 1,5 in the first half. If a goal is scored – the bet is won.

Total under – you need to think about the match well. For example, it is better to avoid it in games with obvious favourites and weak players. The bet can be placed half an hour after the start of the match.

Betting on the favourite after the first failure – a strong team may fail to make a save but will quickly compensate themselves. In this case, the odds are growing, and the rates are rising.

Oscar Grind strategy – in this case, pay attention to the value of the coefficient. It must be at least two. If you lose, keep the bet at the same value as you placed it. If you win, double the bet.

Catch up strategy – experienced bettors are perfectly familiar with this scheme. What’s the idea? If you lose – double the bet. If you win, keep the stake at the initial value. It’s good to use this strategy for the same team.

Miller’s method – the essence of the strategy is to not bet more than 1% of your deposit.

Shchukin’s strategy – if you’re going to risk – risk big and bet your entire deposit. But remember that you have to be mentally prepared to say goodbye to this money.

Countercurrent strategy – involves acting conversely. Some expresses indicate the expected outcome of events — for example, the first team’s victory. What you do is place a bet on a different outcome – the victory of the second team.

Corner betting strategy – here, it is necessary to make a precise prediction. There are only three options: a victory for the away team, a victory for the home team or a draw.

Second half betting – if both teams did not score in the first half and the odds for a total of more than noticeably 0.5 increase.

A “ladder” scheme – here, the bets vary. Your winnings are always used; that is, they need to be added to the amount of the initial bet. There is about 10% of your bank in the game.

The most important thing in betting is to put all emotions aside. Choose a clear plan and stick to it until the end.


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