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Sports betting has long been an integral part of leisure and earnings. Some treat betting as excellent entertainment, while others consider wagering a pot of gold. And in the second case, it all gets real. Players develop their own tactics, combine strategies, and test new schemes to find the ideal one

If everything were simple, everyone’s excitement would have ended a long time ago: it would have become dull. There is no risk-free strategy that will make you enter the game like a king. But in basketball, some will definitely help you get as close to profit as possible and make your subsequent bets the most promising in your entire personal betting history.

Today we will discuss the most popular basketball betting strategies.

Strategy for betting on the favourite in the quarter.


This strategy has a lot of reviews. Some call it dangerous, risky, and someone – the most trustworthy one. Of course, there are risks, just like anywhere else. The essence of the strategy is quite simple: the player bets on the underdog team until it finally wins.

At first glance, it seems that the maths is simple. According to the statistics, in 80% of basketball games, an outsider will win at least once in a quarter. But before that, they can lose more than once. You need to arm yourself with patience and a reasonable sum of money. Using a catch-up strategy when betting on an outsider means increasing the bet, sometimes multi-fold. Therefore, use these tips to avoid losing money before the bet finally wins.

Watch the game carefully. Study the lineups of the teams. If the favourite team plays without significant losses and injuries, and the outsider loses solid players, it is better to skip the match.

The game style of the chosen team is essential. Each club has its own motivation and tactics. There are strong teams that start the game in a “power-saving mode” and then go all out and overpower the outsiders.

What are the advantages of catch-up betting on outsider?

Firstly, the excellent odds easily make up for all the disadvantages. In the case of the outsiders, there is always a risk, but also opportunities to win big money. Secondly, this risk can be significantly reduced by using the statistics – outsiders win in almost all quarters, but not straight away.

Betting on the favourite

Betting on the favourite is possible in many different sports. As with anything else, it has its pros and cons. Let’s look at them.

Pros of betting on the favourite:

  • it is psychologically easier to place a bet on the favourite because you are confident that you chose a strong team and there is every chance of a positive outcome;
  • odds usually start from 2.0 and above;
  • if you study the teams in great detail, you will understand who is firmly determined to succeed and does not intend to give the opponent a chance.

Let’s not forget the cons:

  • you need to spend time and effort to find a match where the favourite is determined to win
  • a strong team does not always live up to expectations – there’s always the human factor.

Catch-up betting on the quarter total

A bet that focuses on the result. The total can be different: an individual or the whole team could be an even/odd bet. The main rule is that the odd should not be lower than 1.8.

Something to bear in mind: keep an eye on the pot. Sometimes you might have to double the bet during the game. And it is better to think through a scenario in which your bet will win only from the third or fourth attempt in advance.


  • everything related to the result can be calculated and predicted, all you need to do is study the statistics of previous games, use your maths skills and then you will be able to see the possible outcomes clearly;
  • you have a vast number of matches to choose from since the odds of 1.8 is the most popular, such games are much easier to find.


  • it is risky, especially when it comes to catch-up betting on the total. In the case of outsiders, the statistics show a good winning percentage (80 or more), but here you can actually stay in the red for four bets in a row.

Positive handicap betting in the quarter

The strategy is used exclusively in live betting. And again, we turn to the catch-up strategy.

Even the most potent team can have moments of weakness and outright failure when an outsider catches up with the score or even out-performs themselves. You can take advantage of this! What should you do? Bet a positive handicap (on the outsider) in the first quarter. In case of failure, increase the wager.


  • at least one quarter in the game will turn out to be worse for the favourite: you can predict this and use it for your own advantage.


  • there are risks of losing money if you are not a basketball expert and make your choice randomly.

Even-odd betting


This strategy is for those who prefer to rely on luck and then rest on their laurels. The essence of this tactic is to bet on even or odd in a quarter, using a catch-up strategy. Each time you fail, increase the bet so as not to end up in the red. We recommend not to bet on the whole match but to monitor the events carefully.

Which matches should you choose for betting?

· If you plan to bet on an outsider, ensure they have won a quarter at least once.
· It is better to avoid betting on women’s and Cup matches.
· Choose the high-performing leagues with no weak teams, the leagues with unpredictable turns of events.
· Watch the meetings of the clubs, especially when it comes to equal opponents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are no risk-free strategies; every sport has room for unpredictability. We can only say which bet is more likely to win.

Each bookmaker has its own calculation rules.

No, it’s not that important. The main thing is to be able to observe the match so as not to miss that live episode when you should place a bet. By the way, there is a possibility to place a bet even before the start of the quarter.

It is necessary to be analytical – to understand the shots percentage of the team, analyse the players who will perform in the game, find out the club’s motivation and tactics. That is why it is better to bet on basketball online.


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