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Surely, many of you are familiar with the concept of the house edge. In fact, it is present in every gambling game, blackjack is no exception. The value is measured as a percentage and contains information about the size of the deduction from the player’s winnings. Such a mathematical advantage should not be too low, otherwise, the casino will incur losses. Of course, the more experienced the player, the less the losses will be, but this requires special knowledge and skills.

As you know, classic and online blackjack are always included in the number of games of chance with a minimum house edge. For this reason, this game is quite popular. Clearly, the higher the percentage of casino winnings, the lower the player’s profit. Realizing the amount of funds that you can lose, you will immediately try to reduce it.

Obviously, the house edge is not immediately noticeable, and it seems that we are talking about very small amounts. However, this is not quite true. For example, the house edge is 0.8% and your bet is $10. So, the possible outcomes here are: losing the whole amount, winning the same amount, winning $15, or keeping $10. It turns out that under such circumstances you will not lose only 0.8%, because for this you need to play more than once. Each time the final amount will be different from the previously estimated.

As mentioned above, blackjack is considered one of the most profitable games. For example, in classic roulette, the percentage of house edge is 2.7%, and in video slots, it is 5%. In poker, this figure is much higher. This means that with a bet of $100 in blackjack you will lose less than $1, but in roulette, you will lose $2.5. However, for this, everyone needs to know the rules of a successful blackjack game.

In addition, you must be able to choose the right game strategy. Most often, the basic strategy is chosen, in which case the advantage of the casino is significantly reduced. The question immediately arises: how do institutions survive? Our experts have found out that a very small part of the clients knows how to play blackjack competently. Many people make mistakes and do not listen to the advice of experienced players, thereby increasing the advantage of the casino at times.

How to reduce the house edge?


If you think that getting rid of the mathematical superiority of the casino is impossible, we will bust this myth. The easiest way is card counting. Do not think that this method is only suitable for real professionals, not at all. Each player can learn this by studying its main principles.
Bear in mind that different versions of blackjack have their own characteristics that affect the advantage of the casino. For example, a player surrendering, differences in the set of cards, deck sizes, and much more. When choosing a basic game strategy, in fact, all these nuances will help you avoid these troubles.
Beginners are surprised when they find out that the single-deck version of this gambling game is much more profitable than other variations because the more cards, the higher the mathematical advantage. Moreover, these features appear during the game itself.
In the classic version of blackjack, the dealer, having 16 points, takes one card and stops there. Other versions of the game mean that the banker can continue to draw cards if they get an ace. Such combinations are called soft. At the same time, the house edge immediately increases by 0.2%.
As you know, it is permissible to make a double on two maps, having 9-11 points. Then the house edge is reduced by 0.2%. However, these nuances need to be found on the site or from the casino administrator.
Blackjack versions are usually divided into two categories: with the same cards and with separate cards. Thanks to this, the player can deposit more funds. The administration understood this and introduced some restrictions. Please note that all additional features reduce the advantage of the casino. Surrendering also generally lowers mathematical advantage. For this reason, some institutions do not include it.
A lot depends on the payouts of blackjack. For example, some establishments pay out money in the presence of an ace and any card with a face value of 10 at a ratio of 3:2, while others payout blackjack with a ratio of 6:5. The size of the institution’s superiority depends on this, as it can grow by 1.5% at once.

Math programs to help you


Often, especially in the virtual version of the casino, you can find unusual versions of the game. For example, blackjack with additional bonuses, ante bets, and others. To avoid mistakes, you should initially carefully study the rules and all possible nuances.
Moreover, now there are special programs that mathematically help to find out how the features of blackjack versions affect the house edge. To do this, just enter the necessary data about the game and some of its rules.

Professionals also lose

Do not get discouraged if one day luck is not on your side. After all, real professionals lose shoes even when choosing the optimal strategy. As a result, the players lose.
Usually, experienced players have a large bankroll, which helps them to play for a long time. Thus, there is an opportunity to recoup and get additional profit. If you play online, your chances double because, in this version, the house edge is immediately reduced. After all, the owner does not need to pay for rent and utilities. In addition, the process of obtaining a license is not only much easier but also cheaper. It turns out that it is profitable to maintain online gambling sites. For this reason, usually, the superiority ratio does not exceed 0.2% and in some cases, even 0.1%.

This game is more profitable than blackjack


Is there anything more profitable than blackjack? We found out that some varieties of video poker are, indeed, more profitable. There, the size of the edge varies between 0.46% and 0.05%. Here, the player can clearly gain an advantage over the casino.
Summing up, blackjack gambling is considered one of the most profitable for customers. There are some versions of video poker with an even lower mathematical advantage than this game. To make a profit in the casino, you need to learn the rules, strategies, and features of some versions of blackjack, so you do not make typical mistakes. Good luck!


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