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For some promotions, online casinos spend a lot of money, attracting more employees to work. However, they often make mistakes:

  1. insufficiently elaborate the formulation of the objectives and goals of the event,
  2. do not calculate in advance possible costs,
  3. do not determine which segment of consumers it is designed for,
  4. the advertising campaign is wrong.

Is it any wonder that an action carried out without proper preparation does not bring the expected result?

Let’s try to consider the main aspects that must be taken into account when developing a promotion in a real or online casino.

How to determine the target audience of the casino?


Before starting any promotion, determine which groups of players it is designed for. Of course, you should clearly understand why you are holding this event:

  • want to attract new visitors,
  • want to make them fork out,
  • try to keep them in the casino for a long time,
  • hope to change the image of the institution and so on.

But all your efforts can go to waste if you do not understand who your event is aimed at.

It is possible that it will attract the wrong customers that you are not interested in.

There is a theory according to which online casino visitors can be divided into five groups, guided by why they come to such establishments. Here are the groups:

  1. appreciating respect
  2. running away from real life
  3. in need of communication
  4. looking for the best deals
  5. playing for the result

We do not claim that this division is the only true one, but it helps to understand the psychology of customers, determine their motivation and develop an effective action. Let’s consider these groups in more detail.

КHow to get loyal casino customers?

Customers who appreciate respect become attached to establishments where they feel they are appreciated and loved. You can win and strengthen their loyalty in many ways, such as:

  • calling by name,
  • attention from the administration
  • a personal invitation from the manager to take part in the tournament.

They like to be admitted and recognized as their own.

If you pay enough attention to them, they will be the most loyal customers who are madly happy to win, almost never get upset about losses, and invariably take part in all events. They can be one of the most profitable clients.

How to interest casino customers who are tired of everyday life?

Escaping from real life, players come to online casinos to forget about everyday problems. They do not want to remember about work, children, boss, illnesses and other troubles within the walls of your institution. To achieve this, they are helped by an enthusiastic game.

  1. They don’t need to communicate
  2. don’t want to be bothered by the host,
  3. they do not need your stories about future events.

All they want is to temporarily renounce everything except gambling. So leave them alone.

In their understanding, good service is fast and accurate service without unnecessary questions.

Such players can visit various casinos without giving preference to any one of them. Although these are not the most devoted visitors, they do not require special treatment. Therefore, there is no need to spend extra on them. In addition, they play very enthusiastically and do not run away from the casino at the first big payout. All this makes them highly desirable customers.

How to attract casino customers who need communication?

These visitors come to the online casino to have a good time in the company of other visitors and staff.

  • Often they do not care what to play.
  • They almost never make big bets.
  • Your institution for them is something like a club or a recreation center.
  • They are familiar with all the croupiers, waitresses, bartenders, security guards and regular customers.
  • They willingly sit down at the tables where the game is already underway.

Such customers rarely lose large amounts, but they go to the casino almost every day, bringing in a good monthly income.

Try to meet the needs of these players in communication. Pay attention to them. Let the dealers and pit bosses talk to them and listen carefully. Trust me, they will thank you.

How to work with bonus hunters?


Players looking for the best deals go to different casinos, choosing establishments where the most profitable promotions are currently being held.

  • They subscribe to all mailing lists,
  • collect coupons,
  • monitor the status of their account in the loyalty program,
  • never refuse lottery tickets
  • and always attend all draws.

Immediately after the end of the event in one casino, they can go to another, where the promotion is just beginning.

Of course, it is extremely difficult to make money on such customers. If it seems to you that you are winning against them, roughly calculate how much you had to spend extra on them (prizes, receptions, and so on). In addition, they can be very problematic and scandalous.

However, you shouldn’t just dismiss them. Come up with long-term promotions for them with penny prizes. Greed and excitement will make them visit the casino and sit at the tables to the bitter end.

What to do with adventive casino players?

Next, about the most problematic category of customers.

Players who play for the result are professionals or players who aspire to become them.

What do advanced players do?

  • They can count cards in blackjack
  • control the roll of the dice in craps,
  • take advantage of the mistakes of an inexperienced croupier at roulette,
  • actively participate in profitable promotions and so on.

They will never place real bets in games with unfavorable rules. They’d rather be fighting a video poker random number generator alone than sit at a Caribbean poker table.

Such customers may lose some days, but in the long run they will be in profit, or, as they say, “in their own way”. During the draws, they form groups, hoping to get at least a small part of the prize pool.

It often happens that the casino administration, being under the impression of large bets, gives such players discount cards and other privileges. Of course, this only helps professionals to benefit from casino visits.

Set realistic goals and objectives

Understanding the goals pursued by casino customers, it is possible to develop a promotion in such a way as to make it attractive for representatives of the first three groups described above and useless for those who are looking for profit and play for the result.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should definitely try to kick them from the walls of the institution. It is quite possible that the event you invented will be built in such a way that it will interest all customers and force even professional players to abandon their principles.

Anyway, you will have to work hard on the promotion.

  • It is necessary to think over to the smallest detail and anticipate the tricks that the most cunning players can go for.
  • Think about whether customers who make big bets, but rarely go to the casino and even less often lose, will not get an advantage in it.
  • Make sure that players cannot take advantage of the achievements of other customers (this is a problem with draws in real casinos).

In short, simulate various situations and imagine yourself in the place of specific players in order to understand how they can behave.

Calculate the cost of a casino promotion

When planning to launch a promotion, it is necessary to carefully calculate the costs associated with it, even if the top management of the casino does not require this to be done in advance (which is very doubtful).

At this stage, it is important not to forget anything and calculate the possible side costs:

  • prize value,
  • purchase of the necessary equipment,
  • fare,
  • pay for additional staff
  • ticket printing,
  • advertising,
  • show program,
  • buffet,
  • symbolism and so on.

In short, you need to take into account everything to the smallest detail. Otherwise, you run the risk of going significantly beyond the established budget.

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