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Over the past decade, casinos have taken first place among the most popular types of entertainment. The atmosphere of excitement and luck attracts more and more people willing to try their luck.

The sphere of gambling doesn’t stagnate; innovative developments allow players to experience maximum comfort from a gaming session not only in real-life establishments. Online platforms show high growth of users of all age categories.

In order to become a member of a poker game, play your favourite slot, take part in a classic casino table game, or bet on red in roulette, you simply need to register on the casino website or use the mobile application.

Casino owners guarantee players the necessary anonymity and security of their personal data necessary to verify their identity. The bonus system in reliable establishments allows new customers to use the provided opportunities as much as possible.

Today, online platforms aren’t limited to the classic set of games. The best online casino providers offer a wide selection of slots on various topics to please even the most sophisticated users. Detailed graphics, design, and musical accompaniment take the player into the uncharted depths of the sea, allow you to find yourself on a desert island in search of treasures, and even fight a sea monster. Poker lovers will be able to play a full-fledged game while on the subway on their way home or in a bar with friends.

Casino administrators haven’t forgotten about the legendary gambling card game of Blackjack. The game of 21 points has always had a large number of fans. The situation hasn’t changed; Blackjack takes 2nd place after poker in the number of players. A simple and understandable game without frills has become a real-life legend and a symbol of America. With the introduction of the method of counting cards, the number of those wishing to collect a winning combination has increased significantly.

However, even the best of the best sometimes need support. Statistics show that casino owners aren’t too upset about the low interest in Blackjack tables: there are always other options like poker or baccarat. However, the weakening of one link threatens to break the entire chain. Those aware of this are making great efforts to popularize 21 points. So, how do real-life and online casinos encourage new and experienced Blackjack players to get interested in the game?



We can safely say that in the 21st century, advertising is the engine of progress. An advertising campaign is often a piece of art involving all kinds of specialists working for one goal: to increase demand for the proposed product or service.

Advertising is everywhere: on the radio in traffic, on bulletin boards and billboards, in newspapers and magazines, in shopping centres and theatres. With the advent of the Internet, advertisers have a powerful weapon in their hands, as streaming has come to the forefront.

For the first time, streaming was involved in eSports, but soon it surpassed it. Streaming is considered the most effective way to advertise for a reason. An ordinary consumer enjoys watching the process of playing online without risking his own money.

Through streaming, a potential player can get acquainted with the novelties in the gambling market, get acquainted with the nuances of the game, and make an informed decision on their participation.

Blackjack tournaments, lotteries, and profitable promotions

Each of us loves receiving gifts. Casino visitors are happy to partake in various competitions in their favourite category. Often, tournaments are held in an arena where players fight each other for the winner’s title in an exciting duel. And for the prize fund, of course.

Lotteries are held quite often in successful casinos. To participate, the player only needs to confirm their account. Each client can choose the most optimal option for himself among the most diverse offers:

– SnG format is among the most popular. The tournament starts as soon as the required number of participants register. Usually, it takes place once every 1-2 days. At the beginning of the competition, each participant gets offered a certain number of chips to replace real money. Each casino sets its own bets range and the number of hands. Entry fees form the prize fund that the participant with the most saved chips receives. The casino gets 10% of all deposits as a commission;

– Heads-up tournament uses a one-on-one format. Usually, the championship is carried out daily and in 1 stage. Heads-up is characterized by a small deposit, high game speed, and a formal prize pool. You need to apply to the website or mobile application to participate;

– Free-Roll competition takes place without a participant’s fee. The small prize amount usually doesn’t interest experienced players, but it provides beginners with an opportunity to try out the basic strategy and gain valuable experience. The tournament runs for several weeks, but each account can only take part once. Chips are also used for betting, which are only valuable in Blackjack. Usually, the tournament is limited in time and bets face value.

The easiest option is mini-tournaments held weekly. All players interested in Blackjack can participate automatically without monetary contributions. There are several winners in such competitions, and the prize fund depends on the level of bets.

If you’re lucky enough to win the tournament, the prize pool will be transferred to your account as soon as possible. They’re separate from the bonus programme, meaning there’s no need for them to be wagered.

Focus on newbies


After reading the negative feedback from other players, beginners are hesitant to risk their finances at the table with professional players. It makes sense on the part of the owners of gambling establishments to allocate a separate niche for new customers with the most loyal gaming conditions.

An excellent idea would be to conduct master classes on an online platform. A purely symbolic fee is usually accepted for participation, while large casinos can afford to offer free Blackjack lessons. Of course, you have to hire a specialist and free the card table for this, but these are quite reasonable expenses.

Separate tables for novice 21-point gamers are also popular. They feature low limits and a fixed betting range. But at least the player will feel more comfortable and safe surrounded by opponents of the same level.


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