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In the same way, as the alphabet begins with the letter “A”, the casino almost always starts with roulette. Somewhere nearby, there are also Poker and blackjack. The Devil’s Game, the classic of the genre, the queen of gambling games – roulette has many nicknames.

Some relax by looking at fire or water, while others prefer to watch the trajectory of the ball rotating around the roulette wheel. This is a kind of hypnosis: while the ball is spinning, the visitor of a casino or online roulette player can imagine themselves as a winner.

Have you ever wondered how to name the ball’s rotation in roulette correctly?

In the English language, ball rotation is referred to as spinning. The word “spin” also made it to other languages and is used when talking about gambling games.

Roulette: follow your intuition


Why are beginners attracted to roulette?
Firstly, this is the alluring picture from the TV screens we all saw in childhood. Betting columns, a variety of cells, numbers, the famous devil’s wheel, and, of course, the ball. To master roulette, you do not need to be a frequent visitor of the gambling establishments: familiarising yourself with the rules, approximately knowing what goes where and how this saga can end is enough. The essence of roulette is a wheel and a ball that’s thrown into it and spins between sectors. Thus, the ball is the main object of roulette – it is the instrument that decides who will be lucky today.
Secondly, you should not be afraid of using the wrong terminology. Whether you say “rotation” or “spin”, the game’s quality will not be affected. In fact, roulette is an intuitive game. Many rules and nuances do not require an explanation. This also applies to the ball’s spinning – sometimes, the players follow their intuition or some kind of sixth sense and win.
Thirdly, all a novice player needs is to get their head around the bet variations and understand what strategies can be used to complete the round successfully. Simply put – answer the question “where shall I place the chip?” and you’ve done half of the work. If you’re armed with a good strategy, you will be comfortable at the table. This is important if you play in an offline institution, not behind a monitor. Unfortunately, when playing in a land-based casino, you cannot get a hint. All you have is yourself, your vision of the situation, and, of course, a little luck.

The roulette ball


There’s also the question of how the small white sphere that lands on the numbers should be referred to. Isn’t “the ball” too simplistic? As Anton Chekhov put it, brevity is the sister of talent, and simplicity is a relative of the casino.
Accessibility is highly valued in gambling establishments. This applies even to the websites – it is essential that the client can easily navigate the website and understand where to click. The same thing goes for the ball; it is simply called “the ball”. It is said that some tried to clarify and add the word “roulette”, but since it is only used in the roulette, this clarification seems redundant.
However, you will hear the variant “roulette ball” in some English-speaking establishments. If, during the game, you hear something like “roulette pills” from the croupier, it is also about the ball. But the second option is infrequent, so just stick to saying “ball”.
You will probably agree that miniature white balls are the first association with playing roulette. You may not know the rules, not play in the casino, but the ball is a symbol that can be recognized almost immediately. This main item in a roulette game is usually made out of Teflon or plastic. Interestingly, some time ago, the ball’s material was made of was ivory. But later, it was considered inappropriate. Firstly, for moral reasons. Secondly, for technical. Ivory balls are far more predictable – the players even tried to calculate the fall trajectory. And the wheel itself gets damaged and has to be replaced much faster when this material is used.

The right number of revolutions for the ball

Casino representatives spin the roulette wheel and send the ball flying in a completely different direction. It travels inside a special device and through to the deflector, ensuring that the ball’s trajectory is impossible to predict.
There are specific requirements and rules on how many times the ball should revolve inside the roulette wheel for the player to have their go. Experts say there must be at least three manipulations like this with the ball.
Some casinos have their own rules regarding the number of spins, which can confuse the players. That is why before becoming a client of a particular institution, you need to find out all the details about how they operate. Yes, you may know that the casino has a roulette table, but they may have their vision of the game that does not suit you. Therefore, it is better to analyze the casino in advance, and the best thing is to study the reviews, where everything that seems to be hidden is laid out point by point.
How many revolutions does the ball make in the drum? On average, the ball makes 27-29 revolutions before reaching the cell. But many players use online casinos, and it is difficult to predict the number of revolutions there.
Time rules the world. This is why so many developers have thought hard about making the game process more dynamic, increasing the speed. Consequently, the number of ball rotations will decrease.
Roulette began to move away from traditional rules, and recently the developers introduced a new version – 360 Roulette. As is evident from the name, it will have the maximal degree of coverage.
This is one of the latest developments – and it is worth your attention. This game is a symbiosis of realities. The player sees an image of the real and the virtual and can open other games at the same time. A huge number of roulette variations will definitely not let the player get bored.


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