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In order for sports betting to be effective and profitable, it is necessary to adhere to a certain strategy. In fact, there are many of them, however, some experts recommend choosing one to be sure to achieve success. One of the advanced schemes is the Labouchere strategy. The article will focus on its history, essence, varieties, application features, positive and negative sides.

The origin of the strategy


Henry Labouchere is the author of this tactic. It is easy to guess that the name of the strategy comes from his last name. This man was engaged in writing and politics and had French roots. Even as a student, he loved to play in the casino and bet on races. After a period of time, he realized that he needed a certain strategy in order to increase the chance of winning. That is how the strategy he developed came about. By the way, this algorithm is used by bookmakers and casinos.

The essence of the Labouchere strategy

The Labouchere strategy involves the use of a variable series of numbers. You should not be afraid of it because even a beginner and a person who is not competent in mathematics can deal with the nuances of the process. There are two versions of the scheme, a classic and a reverse one. The first one does not involve counting losses. The second one even takes care of failures, allowing you to save the bank.

The basic principle is that the player should bet on short-term goals. First, they determine the desired amount of winnings, which is no more than 5% of the bankroll. Its distribution occurs on a certain number of numbers. Let’s say the starting value is 250 rubles. It is distributed at 20-40-60-60-40-30. By the way, these points can be “broken” into equal parts, and their total number does not have to be 6, since there are no strict division rules.
The next step is the summation of the extreme values ​​located on the left and right. Then a bet is made on the same amount. In this case, the coefficient value is equal to or greater than two. If the bet does not go in, you need to add (50) to it at the end of the row, that is, the total combination looks like this: 20-40-60-60-40-30-50. If there was a loss, you need to remove the summed numbers and leave 20-40-60-60-40-30.
The steps are repeated until all the numbers are crossed out. At the next step, the goal is set again, the amount is re-distributed. Two values ​​must be removed from the series if it’s successful, or one must be added in case of failure. The probability of winning, in this case, prevails over the risk of losing. However, with each unsuccessful game, the size of the next bet increases. In this aspect, the described strategy resembles Martingale.

Types of systems

There are two methods of playing – according to the classical and reverse Labouchere systems. They are different in several ways, and each of them has its pros and cons.

Classic Labouchere


This indicates how much the player is able to win (hypothetically). To cross out a row, you need to score wins in the minimum percentage.

Reverse Labouchere

Reverse Labouchere is an offshoot of the aforementioned strategy. In case of loss, the player removes the extreme values. The method shows how much you can lose, which makes it different from the classic version that displays the potential amount of earnings.

To understand the key essence of these directions, it is necessary to learn three basic points:

  1. if the bet failed to play, it is worth removing the first and last number from the series;
  2. if the bet works, the amount of funds won is added to the end of the row;
  3. the cycle ends with the absence of numbers or in the situation if they have reached the limit, while the limit is set by the participant on his own.

To choose the optimal strategy, you need to test it in theory and in practice, playing at low amounts from 10 rubles.

Application of the method

The main advantage of this tactic is that it can be used in gambling establishments and betting shops.

In the casino

Most often, the system is used in roulette. This is not surprising since it allows the player to get a unique and clear visual representation of the course of the game and understand the risk of losing and the probability of winning. In the tables, as a rule, a number series, the amount of the bet, its total and the amount of net profit are displayed.

In bets

To avoid confusion, it is worth considering a practical example of identical numbers but different bets.

The more losses the participant has, and the higher their sum, the more the number series increases. It is difficult to cover it, and the minus increases. To make a profit, the coefficient must exceed 2.0.

Pros and cons of the strategy

Like any other betting system, it has its pros and cons. There are quite a few of them if you conduct a deep analysis, but the main ones are the following:


  1. To make a profit, it is enough to win about a third of all bets made.
  2. Nothing needs to be kept in mind. All calculations are made in advance on a sheet of paper or in an electronic notebook.
  3. Average low variance. Long series of failures are rare, so the bankroll can be stretched for a long time.



  1. Results are not guaranteed. Due to the accidental fall of the roulette ball, the desired outcome may not come even on the tenth attempt.
  2. The risk is gradually increasing. If a person suffers a series of failures, each subsequent bet will be riskier.
  3. You cannot combine several types of forecasts. Bets should be made only on equal chances without moving away from the template.

The larger the amount of money set for the goal, the longer you need to make the chain. Short sequences are quite risky. Although they have a chance to bring a quick result, the bankroll can also be exhausted just as soon.

How to win with the Labouchere system: recommendations for users

No roulette strategy provides a guaranteed win. The risks of the cancellation strategy are a long-term loss because then the bet will increase all the time. But there are several rules that allow you to maximize the effectiveness of the Labouchere system:

  • It is desirable to play in reliable casinos or online establishments.
  • Before making a bet, you need to carefully determine the conditional unit of the bet in accordance with the stock of funds of the selected gaming table.
  • Steadily following the rules of the system, it is necessary to end the game session at the end of the numerical sequence.
  • It is better to make your own bets after skipping a few spins of the roulette, having decided on the value of the starting bet.
  • After increasing the length of the current number series three times, it is advisable to stop betting based on its numbers.


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