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Poker is not just a casino game, as it may seem at first glance. Professional players know that this is more of a lifestyle than a hobby or passion. The gambling atmosphere around, simple rules of the game and a good pot are the main components of a great game.

The rules of the game are quite simple, even for a beginner, but there are nuances that you should know about before starting the game. Professional players use any gap in the knowledge of opponents to succeed. Everything is important in poker: the ability to control oneself and mislead other players, evaluate chances of success and have an enviable stress resistance.

Poker tables have existed for several hundred years and have not lost their popularity. On the contrary, the number of fans continues growing. With the introduction of online casinos, players have the opportunity to play without leaving their houses. Online casino players mostly prefer the Zoom Poker format.

It first appeared on the gambling market in 2010 and since then has taken a leading position among other variations. The developers call online poker in the Zoom format a big event for fans and a big challenge for professional players.

Benefits of playing Zoom Poker


First of all, the game takes place online, which means that the player only needs to have some kind of gadget with Internet access. No need to waste time getting ready and travelling somewhere, you can play while sitting on your sofa. An important condition: before playing, you must register in a special application or create an account on the online casino website.
The most significant benefit is the high speed of the game. No more wasting time waiting for the end of the game. After a fold, the player is automatically transferred to another table with new opponents. In addition, the game can be played on four different tables simultaneously.
For new customers and professional players, online casinos offer a bonus program: bonus points, a trial game or a good Rakeback. In addition, a poker room usually provides customers with 24/7 access to the tables.
Playing online has a simpler structure than poker at a regular table. By playing poker online, difficult situations are reduced to a minimum since any player can simply fold and move to another table at any time. Plus, your opponents can’t see your folds, and you can’t see them.

Disadvantages of playing Zoom Poker

Many players need a festive atmosphere that cannot be recreated online. Casino websites have an attractive design and excellent technical base, but it is very difficult to replace human communication and a relaxed atmosphere.
The attendance of poker rooms is high, which means that the tables are often fully occupied. This means that the chances of a profitable place become less. There are a large number of professional players, which indicates high competition.
When a new table is presented, the player does not have the opportunity to choose a place to play, and we know that this is one of the key components of a successful game.

Reliable Poker Room Criteria

For a comfortable and safe game, it is necessary to choose proven poker rooms. For the convenience of players, special sites with ratings of official online casinos have been created. They contain up-to-date information about the casino: selection of games and slots, language format, withdrawal methods, bonus system. It would be useful to read the reviews of other players.
Most online casinos provide access to games 24/7. The support service also works non-stop. It is important to clarify in advance which languages ​​the platform supports and which withdrawal methods can be used.
The number of games presented on the platform indicates the possibilities of online casinos. It is worth choosing only games developed by experienced providers. A software failure or server overload is unlikely to please a client who is in the mood to have a great free evening.

Players’ position in the Zoom Poker

The position of the player at the beginning of the game determines the strategy of his further game and the chances of winning. Places are distributed relative to the button (dealer) and change every new game.
Early positions are the most vulnerable because players have to rely only on the knowledge of their own hands and on luck. The game starts from them, which means that the opponents will have more information. This distribution of power carries risks to the players in the first position, which means that the only way to enter the game is with strong cards on hand.
Middle positions also put the player at risk because the probability that the remaining players have a stronger combination is very high. Therefore, the game should be continued with a good hand, the risks are unnecessary here. Do not forget about the players in early positions: if they continue the game, most likely they have good chances of winning.
Late cutoff and button positions are winning spots for any player. By the time it’s their turn, many players will have folded, and the picture of the game will become clearer and more predictable.

Stages of online poker


  • Preflop

The initial stage is where the player evaluates how well they can play and decides whether to continue the game. If the answer is yes, depending on the place at the game table, the player determines the tactics of the further game. There are three options:

  • Monster hand

An excellent combination of cards with which you can continue the game. At this stage, the main goal will be to get rid of weak opponents and enlarge the bank

  • Marginal hand

The medium variant can be successfully played with some experience. The goal is to strengthen the hand during the game, displacing a few weaker players.

  • Trash hand

The risk of losing is higher than the probability of winning. If a beginner is playing, it is definitely worth folding and finishing this game.

  • Flop

At this stage, three common cards are put on the table, and the picture of the game becomes clearer. During the flop, it is important to appreciate your own capabilities.

  • Turn

There is only one card to expose. However, it becomes very clear to the player: the hand became stronger, there is a good combination, or this card turned out to be a “nothing” for him.

  • River

The last card is placed on the table. The main climax of the game is to reveal the cards of all players and pick up the results of the game — a great time to bluff and manipulate your opponents.


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