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The National Basketball Association is the largest and most prestigious active organization in North America. It has existed for 85 years, during which it has received worldwide recognition. The NBA has its own values, traditions and legends. Representatives of the organization value their members very much, and a place in the Hall of Fame has been prepared for the best of the best.

Throughout the history of the association, the format of basketball competitions has changed dramatically several times. To date, within the framework of the NBA, there are 2 Conferences created on a territorial basis. Each of them has 3 divisions of 5 teams. Since 2004, 30 teams have competed for the title.

As part of the regular season, each participating team is required to play 82 full-fledged matches. Based on the results of the meetings, the teams with the most points are selected. These lucky ones get a ticket to participate in the postseason tournament, where the winner will be determined.

With excellent media coverage, a large number of participants and a clear frequency of NBA matches, they are an excellent option for betting on basketball. A wide payline and a variety of bets will help beginners in betting make their first successful bet, and knowledgeable players will make good money on value events and special bets.

It is important to know that basketball is a dynamic and statistical sport, to increase the passability of the bet, it is important to take into account even the smallest details. The main mistakes of beginners in betting on basketball lie in the wrong interpretation of the picture of the game taking place on the court and a dismissive attitude towards the preparatory stage. To receive a permanent income, you must constantly be aware of the main events, separating valuable information from rumors and speculation.

The 2021/2022 season began on October 19, 2021 at the home court of the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks. The regular season ended on April 10, 2022. The teams that qualified for the playoffs began fighting for the champion title on April 16. The season finale is scheduled for July 19, where the winner of the season will be determined.

On May 4, the NBA playoffs featured two spectacular games. “The Golden State Warriors hosted Memphis and the Boston Celtics hosted the Milwaukee Bucks at home. Here’s a look at the highlights from those meetings.

Serious injury to Gary Payton


The Memphis Grizzlies have never been particularly patient, but this time they just burst into the game. Literally in the 3rd minute of the game, the defender of the guests Gary Payton was in threatening proximity to the Grizzlies’ home ring. Dylan Brooks could not leave the situation as it was and attacked Payton when he was already in the air. A strong hand blow hit the defender’s head, because of which Gary lost his balance and fell to the floor. The result was disastrous: after landing on the elbow, doctors diagnosed a closed fracture. Of course , the player will need more than one month for treatment and recovery, which casts doubt on his further participation in the playoffs.
As luck would have it, Payton had an unusually successful season. At 29 years old, this was almost the last opportunity to get a lucrative contract.
The behavior of the attacking defender of “Memphis” was absolutely unjustified: his team led with a score of 8:0 and showed a strong game. It cannot be said that Brooks deliberately inflicted injury on the opponent. However, he was nevertheless removed from the site under the extremely disapproving roar of the Golden State fans. In addition, in the near future, the NBA will apply its own sanctions to the player.
Steve Kerr, head coach of the visiting team, could not contain his annoyance. At a press conference after the game, he accused Brooks of violating the main rule of basketball – safety first.

Draymond Green’s Unprofessional Behavior


But the Warriors’ misfortunes didn’t end there either. Just seconds later, visiting forward Green found himself lying on the floor. He was elbowed by the heavy Memphis forward and collapsed to the floor. The blow was unintentional, but severe: Draymond had to leave the game to get some stitches.
Injuries are common in basketball, but this time the situation got out of hand because of the fans of the Grizzlies. When Green left the site, accompanied by doctors, a huge crowd expressed extreme pleasure from what was happening. Draymond did not hesitate to give them two middle fingers and disappeared into the locker room.
The NBA takes reputation very seriously, and therefore imposes heavy fines on violators of the rules. However, Green does not regret his act at all. According to him, such behavior of fans must be stopped. If a person is injured and needs medical attention, this cannot and should not be the object of ridicule. In addition, the striker’s fantastic fees will more than cover the fine. Despite his rather aggressive style of play, Green was almost never known to suffer an attack of unmotivated brutality.

Talented Ja Morant leads the team to victory


22-year-old Morant has long attracted the attention of sports critics with his excellent level of play and incredible drive to win. With his help, the Memphis Grizzlies left the guests behind with a score of 106:101. Surprisingly, out of 106 total points, as many as 47 belong to Morant. The 40 minutes he spent on the court included 8 assists, 8 rebounds and 3 powerful interceptions.
The American basketball player has been a member of Memphis since 2019 and has already set several personal records. In 2020, he participated in the first team of the NBA rookies, having received the title of “Rookie of the Year” for his bright and professional game. In 2022, he got the title of “Most Improved NBA Player”: Sports journalists cast their votes on 3 players from the proposed list. Ja even managed to attend the All-Star Game in 2022, having received an invitation for outstanding success in the professional field. Today, young Ja is referred to as “the new Jordan.” He is justifiably considered the opening of last season, but he is not going to stop there.
In the NBA, the talented player also achieved certain records. For example, he became the third player in the history of the association who was able to get more than 45 points in two games in the playoffs. Before him, only Kobe Bryant and Lebron James could boast of such a result.


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