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Gambling for money has always attracted a large number of people who want to try their luck. Nowadays, gambling is available to absolutely everyone: the relaxed atmosphere, excitement and dynamism of the gameplay help to forget about the daily routine. And under certain circumstances, also give the opportunity to become the owner of a cash prize.

Big sports fans can make money from their hobby with sports betting at betting shops. Those who want to spin roulette and play slot machines will find thousands of various models with bright designs and favorable conditions in online casinos. Card games are also available online and include video poker, blackjack and baccarat.

Fans of board games and the lottery also have something to surprise: Sic Bo, craps, bingo and scratch cards. Let’s talk about the last entertainment in more detail.

What are scratch cards?


Lottery raffles have been a national pastime for decades, held in parks and clubs, broadcast on television and offered to customers in shops and shopping malls. The popularity of classic lotteries has peaked, leaving room for online entertainment.

A scratch card is a virtual card for an instant lottery game. The essence of the game is as simple as possible: after purchasing a virtual ticket, you need to erase the protective cover and find out whether the purchase was successful or not. You can do it with the mouse or by pressing a button. Thanks to the software providers, the tickets look as realistic and natural as possible.

Unlike a normal card, in a scratch card the winnings are calculated on the basis of the combination obtained. The hidden field contains a set of pictures, on which the availability and amount of the payout depends.

Playtech’s latest scratch cards

Playtech entered the gambling market in 1999. Over 700 online games have been created over the years, including video slots, card games and table games. The corporation employs over 6,400 highly skilled people. With a gambling license issued by the competent authorities in Malta and the UK, the company operates in 24 countries.

The company’s label on the slot machine guarantees the player a high-quality and exciting game. Their designs are available on all devices: mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

It is this company that has concentrated on table games and bingo. Their bingo draws millions of players to their screens, and their scratch cards resemble real tickets as much as possible and have the most favourable playing conditions.

Hidden features of scratch cards

To keep the excitement and interest of players alive, many software developers equip their inventions with bonus systems. They vary from model to model, and the rules can be found under “Description” or “Rules of the Game”. Such surprises may be offered to players by both providers and gambling houses.

“Wild” symbols


The “wilds” do an excellent job of replacing the symbols you need to get a winning combination. Their essence is the same as in video slots: to increase the player’s chances of success.

Test the game with the Wild symbols with the X-Men Scratch card from Playtech. The game consists of 6 cards that are independent of each other. Each of them has 2 fields with a protective cover. It is up to the user to decide how many cards to let into the game.

The main participants in the battle are the heroes of the Marvell comics: Professor X, Wolverine, Magneto and others. The cards paid for are those in which:

there are 2 identical pictures;
there are “good” or “evil” heroes;
the card contains any picture and the Wild symbol, which guarantees the player a payout.

Extra rounds

A great way to increase your chances of winning is to take part in a bonus game. It can be played on either the main or the additional screen. The design can match the main idea, or it can be radically different in design and interface.

The Lotto Madness Scratch from Playtech is a great way to familiarise yourself with the prize features. In addition to the interesting design, the developers have equipped the scratch card with bonus pictures. It is a kind of logical continuation of the video slot of the same name.

Each round has 3 tickets available to the player. The maximum winnings are $37,000. The payout will be awarded to the player if the numbers on the balls at the top of the screen match the numbers in the security cages. The more matches, the bigger the winnings.

The basic scratch card functions are complemented by a bonus game, which is activated when a special symbol appears on the screen. A wheel of fortune appears in front of the player, with each of its sectors indicating the odds. By starting the reel, you can find out your final winnings: it will be equal to the value of the card itself, multiplied by the coefficient obtained.

Another gift from the Playtech representatives is the cash prize symbol. When it appears on the screen, the player’s account is automatically credited with the amount indicated.

Gift scratch cards

Often online casinos use scratch cards as a welcome or incentive bonus. Free virtual instant lotteries are a kind of analog to free spins when playing video slots. Sometimes it can be won in the lottery itself, as in the Pink Panther Scratch model.

When a ticket is purchased, a number between 0 and 3 is shown in a separate field from the beginning of the game. It indicates how many free cards the user has won.

Theoretical return and volatility of scratch cards

The RTP range is very wide and includes games with rates of 61-98.4%. This means that the rules of the online lottery must be learned before playing. Sometimes a ticket has hidden features, which can be found in the description.

To attract new customers, tickets often become winning, but in most cases the amount received does not exceed the cost of the ticket itself.

Scratch cards sometimes feature progressive and progressive jackpots. In this case, the volatility is above the average.

How to choose a profitable scratch card?


Games from well-known and experienced providers guarantee quality and fun play. Before choosing a model, it is worth paying attention to the developer, as well as checking out the deposit and withdrawal options.

The most important indicator of how a virtual lottery works is the percentage of theoretical returns to the player. The higher it is, the more payouts occur.
Payout ratios indicate how many times the initial amount can be increased in the event of success. They can range from 2,000 to 10,000, which has a direct impact on the payout.

A wide range of bets allows the player to act at his own discretion, without strict limits and restrictions.

Do not forget about the stylistic component. The variety of scratch cards is amazing. Some of them are based on films, books and even plays. Others are extensions of computer games and sports competitions. Here everyone will find the most suitable option for themselves.


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