Tennis is one of the most popular sports among bettors. Among individual sports, it takes a leading position. Almost any bookmaker offers players a wide range of events, especially during major tennis tournaments.

Watching the development of events on the court is already a pleasure: tennis is distinguished by dynamic game and absolute unpredictability. The opportunity to receive a generous reward for a correct prediction makes it even more attractive.

Tennis betting features


Like any other sport, tennis has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of betting. Moreover, the more informed the player is, the better the forecast for the game. Before choosing tennis for betting, the player should study its features.

  1. High game speed

Tennis is rightfully considered one of the most dynamic sports: the situation on the court changes very quickly, and the player must keep up with important events. Comebacks in tennis are no exception and are quite common.

  1. Large selection of bets

For tennis, bookmakers offer an extensive gaming line, where you can often find value bets. In addition, one party can combine several different bets. If you bet on games, then the number of bets can reach 20 per game.

  1. Easier to do analytics

In order to have an advantage over the bookmaker, the player must constantly be aware of the events. Playing experience is also important in this matter. Often, knowledgeable bettors choose either a specific athlete or one of the tournaments. Thus, attention is not scattered to all competitions but is focused on selected goals.

Clearly, individual sports are much more convenient in terms of analytics: there is no need to evaluate the physical and emotional shape of each team member.

  1. Regularity of competitions

In tennis, tournaments of various sizes are held throughout the year. There is only one break of 2 weeks at the end of the season when athletes are given time to recover and prepare for new matches. Therefore, almost any day a bettor can bet on tennis.

  1. Influence of external factors

The outcome of a match in tennis is influenced by a huge number of secondary factors. For example, to analyse a meeting, first, the type of coverage is considered, and only then the rating of tennis players. The same applies to weather conditions: the vast majority of courts are open. There were seasons when games had to be postponed due to a rainy and windy season.

Types of bets in tennis


Determination of the winner is the most popular bet among bettors with different levels of experience. In this case, it is quite difficult to find profitable odds, but the percentage of passing the bet is higher.
The handicap determines the number of games or sets in which the selected tennis player will win. In bets on the favourite, a negative handicap is used, and on the outsider, a positive handicap.
Total means the total number of games played by athletes on the court within a set.
Players can also predict the exact score for sets.
Statistical bets: the number of aces, breaks, and double faults of one of the athletes or on both sides.

How to bet on tiebreaks?

A tiebreak is a situation on the court when tennis players are on an equal footing, and the game score is 6:6. In this case, each athlete receives 2 serves to bring the score to 7 points.
For even more entertainment, some tournaments are held in the super-tiebreak format, when the score must be brought to 10 points. Given the physiology in women’s competitions, such events are rather an exception. But in men’s tournaments, this situation is not at all uncommon.

Let’s consider the factors that have the maximum impact on the passability of the bet.

  1. The psychological and emotional state of athletes

In individual sports, everything depends on one participant. If the game started with a mistake, this could negatively affect the entire game. When betting on a tiebreak, you need to pay attention to the dynamics of the game: players can stay close in score through most of the tournament or suddenly catch up with each other during the game.

  1. Type of court surface

The nature of the coverage has the maximum effect on the duration and complexity of the game in tennis. It’s no secret that Rafael Nadal has suffered over 20 serious injuries in his sports career. Because of this, it is difficult for him to play a long and exhausting game.

On clay, he has no equal: Nadal has developed a strategy for a quick game with a minimum of touches. But the grass and hardcourt are an almost insurmountable obstacle on the way to his victory: they reduce the speed of the ball and increase the duration of the game. By the way, Roger Federer shows an incredible game on the grass.

  1. The scale of the tournament

The type of competition directly affects the motivation of the participants. If a regional-level event is being held, you should not expect special efforts from star athletes. And vice versa, at world tournaments, even eminent tennis players do not spare themselves and do their best.

  1. Live bettinglive-betting.

Real-time betting gives the bettor a chance to look at the players, evaluate the dynamics of the game, and only then place a bet. The most popular bet is the winner of a particular game. However, such bets require serious preparation and experience: it is difficult to predict the outcome of the game even in a game with the participation of star tennis players. It is important to consider all the little details that can drastically change the alignment.

The main advantage of such transactions is the high payout speed. The player does not need to wait for the end of the game to receive the winnings.

  1. Evaluation of the delivery and reception of the ball

It so happened that the odds for the serving player are always significantly lower than for the receiving player. Tiebreaks are no exception to this rule. Tennis players are overwhelmingly distinguished by physical strength and confident serve. In major competitions, it is extremely rare for star players to lose a serve.

In the women’s championships, things are not so clear. The outcome is mainly influenced by the motivation of the tennis player, as well as their psychological state. Even in large-scale competitions, you can sometimes see the emotional victories of weaker athletes.

Given these nuances, bookmakers rarely offer profitable odds per server in men’s tournaments: they usually fluctuate in the range of 1.1-1.4. In women’s competitions, the numbers can go up to 4, however, the risk of losing money increases proportionally.

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