The question posed in the title of this article is perhaps the most important of those that every newcomer to an offline or online casino should ask.

No matter what gambling enthusiasts say about the goals they pursue while playing, achieving a positive result is the main goal for almost all customers.

When taking your first steps in gambling, you should decide which games give you the most chances. We will give you some recommendations on this issue, sorting the games into categories. We hope you will listen to our advice and be able to use it wisely.

Best casino games


Let’s sort out casino entertainment by category.

Slot machines

Classic slots and video slots of various types are the most popular gambling categories. They are traditionally in demand in real casinos and those that operate on the world wide web.

Most major slot manufacturers provide information on the theoretical returns of their models. This means that you can choose the most profitable ones. But do not forget that these indicators can be noticeable only over a very long period of the game.

Their range is very wide. There are models that return about eighty percent, and there are those that give more than the ninety-nine. But these are two extremes. Currently, slots usually have a return of 95%-97%. These are quite acceptable options that you can focus on.

Card games

Table gambling with cards differs from video slots in that almost all of them require the client to make some decisions during the game process. Therefore, choosing the most profitable game is only half of the job because you still need to master the optimal strategy.

This is the case with blackjack, almost all poker games and many other games in this category. But some of them are easier. For example, in baccarat, you can simply bet on the banker every time, and this will be the right decision because this bet includes the smallest house edge. And you should never bet on a draw since this bet is the most unprofitable one.

For the main varieties of blackjack, lists of optimal strategies have long been compiled. They clearly state how to behave in every situation that may arise at the table. Payout percentages for most versions are also calculated, so the choice is easy to make.

There are also more than enough recommendations for all types of poker, and it’s a good idea to use these for your own benefit.

Table Games

It is impossible to influence the outcome of the game in roulette. But you can choose the most profitable type of roulette or place bets that have the highest probability of winning.

These, for example, include even odds bets in French roulette. The rule is that when zero comes up, the player gets back half of the money they bet on red/black, even/odd, or high/low numbers, and the housing edge is reduced by 50%.

Craps also has very profitable and extremely disadvantageous bets, so do not start playing this game without studying statistics on the topic first. Craps is great because it has bets that without a house edge, but you should not rush into placing them and do this on your own.

Keno, bingo, wheel of fortune and other similar games are usually pretty disadvantageous for the player.

Instant lotteries

In scratch cards, which have recently become very popular in online casinos, the return percentage can also vary significantly. In some, it exceeds 97%, while in other casinos, they take almost a fifth of all bets.

Video poker

Video poker is a little bit similar to blackjack in that here, to achieve the maximum effect, you also need to play according to the best strategy. Some of them we explained in a lot more detail in other articles. It is not very difficult to master them, so we recommend you try to do it.

In some varieties of video poker, if played correctly, it is possible to make the chances of the client and the casino equal.

How to choose the most profitable casino game?


Finally, we will tell you how to look for online casino games that will give you the highest chances of winning.

  • Study the theory – Make sense of at least the basic concepts and key terms. You need to know why the establishment has a mathematical advantage over the client, where this advantage comes from, how to minimize it, and so on. Otherwise, your chances are very low.
  • Set goals – Answer the question “What do I expect from the casino?” but be completely honest with yourself. Do you long to become an advanced player and live off playing? Or just want to have fun, enjoying the pleasure for as long as possible? This will help you to choose the most appropriate game.
  • Assess your opportunities – How often do you plan to play at the casino? How much are you prepared to spend there? For example, you cannot become a blackjack pro by playing once a year with a hundred dollars in your pocket.
  • Understand player types – Do you have a good memory? How patient and persistent are you? Can you call yourself an emotionally stable person? Do you keep your cool in stressful situations? If you decide to try yourself in more complex games, you will need a combination of these qualities.
  • Choose the category – Having carefully considered the above points, you can make the choice of which gambling genre fits you the most. While blackjack and video poker offer the best chances of winning, some clients decide against them for a variety of reasons. Many people opt for slot machines or roulette.
  • Know your provider – Most of the largest software developers for online casinos have models of all the different genres. This includes slots, blackjacks, pokers, roulettes, video pokers and a few other categories. Study their features, compare RTP, and evaluate the interface. Consider all these criteria when choosing a provider.
  • Choose your casino wisely – Now, you just need to find a reliable and honest establishment that meets your all needs. Hopefully, you already know what you’re looking for after reading this.

If you prefer complex games that require special knowledge and skills, do not rush to risk your real money. Learn basic strategies for blackjack or video poker and practice in demo mode, this will help you to manage your bankroll. Thus, you will be able to beat the casino more often.

Based on the above, we can conclude:

  • The best options for the player are some types of blackjack and online poker, and individual bets in craps.
  • If you do not want to get your head around strategies, simply choose slot machines with the highest return percentage.

At the same time, remember that you must keep cool in the casino and follow the general recommendations for the game. Otherwise, you will get trouble instead of enjoyment from visiting the casino.


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