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Nowadays, everyone talks about nothing but young and promising coaches. It seems that there are simply no specialists of a more mature age. However, this opinion is wrong – they exist, and their experience greatly improves the performance of their trainees. We have compiled a rating of 15 coaches who are over 60 years old.

Life begins at 61?


Let us begin our rating with Vitaly Kafanov. At the age of 61, Vitaly takes the lead of Rostov. For Kafanov, this is the first reputable team. Despite the serious tasks and colossal responsibility, experienced colleagues do not doubt his abilities. Experts believe that the team’s results are improving, so do not forget about it when betting on football.

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The next in line is Jorge Sampaoli, a 61-year-old Argentine coach of the Marseille football club. Sampaoli managed to be the head coach of more than one team in his career. He had not always been successful. It was only when he coached the Chilean national team that Horsa finally achieved an excellent result: the players won America’s Cup and three national championships. With regard to our days, an experienced specialist fully implements his skills. His team has already got to third place in the standings this season.

Number thirteen in our rating is Hikmet Karaman. He is a strictly national coach who has coached Turkish teams all his life. Hikmet managed to be the head coach of 15 national teams during his career. However, under his leadership, the players did not produce outstanding results. Perhaps Hikmet Karaman will still be able to realise his potential to the fullest.

A scandalous person

Now let’s move on to the experts who are a little older. Peter Pacult is 62 years old, but he is still considered a scandalous person. The matter is that the coach called one fan a “gay pig”, this homophobic incident caused public outrage. As a result, Peter had to pay 800 euros for non-pecuniary damages. And this is not his only high-profile event. Back in the day, the RB Leipzig football club defeated Wilhelmshaven under his leadership; later, this triumph was recognized as the most memorable in history.

A Russian coach, Leonid Kuchuk, has worked in many football clubs throughout his career. The teams made noticeable progress under his leadership. But he is also known for scandals. The president of the Lokomotiv football club refused to pay the required amount of money to Kuchuk when he left the post of head coach of this team. Later, all payments were made, and the conflict was forgotten.

Number 10 is an Italian, Carlo Ancelotti. This coach has achieved outstanding results, but the missing piece of the puzzle is the victory of Real Madrid in the Big Five Championship. At first, it did not go well with Real Madrid, but Carlo was given a second chance and led the team to win first place.

Ninth place goes to an Italian, Luciano Spalletti. Now his trainees are the players of Napoli football club. Before that, Luciano coached Zenit and Roma, where the teams were always a few inches away from victory. In Roma, the athletes got incredibly close to long-awaited triumph four times.

63-year-old Maurizio Sarri used to play for the football club Stia himself and then became the coach of this team. Then he collaborated with Napoli and Chelsea. To date, Maurizio’s team has not achieved outstanding results: his team won only once – in the Serie A in the European League. This season the club is only in 7th place.

Ron Jans spent most of his life coaching athletes from the Netherlands. In 2020, there was a scandal involving Ron. He was fired from Cincinnati for racist insults.

Gian Piero Gasperini is coaching Atlanta at the age of 64. Despite his age, he began his coaching career only in 2003. Gian Piero is proud of his work with Inter Football Club. However, this work is not very effective: 4 losses and one draw out of 5 matches.

Number 5 is Marcelo Bielsa. He is now 66 years old. He is an outstanding coach, and under his leadership, various teams have achieved excellent results. When he was the head coach of the Newell’s Old Boys, the players won gold in the National Championship. Now Marcelo has, one might say, a “second youth.” He coaches the Leeds football team, whose players have already secured a grand victory in the Championship. Experts are convinced that this is just the beginning, and there will be more great achievements in the future.

Fired on his birthday


Aurelio Andreazzoli is in fourth place in our rating. Previously, Aurelio has not headed any clubs on his own. However, he was a substitute coach of Roma; it was then that the team showed their best results. This man is strong-willed and persistent: once the management fired him on his birthday, but this did not stop him from coaching in the future. Later, he became the head coach of the Azzurri football club once again.
The famous Manuel Pellegrini gets the bronze medal in our rating. This man has seen a lot in 68 years of his life: glorious victories, bitter defeats and loud scandals. Under his management, the teams won the FA Cup and various national championships.

The silver medal undoubtedly goes to Royce Hodgson. Now the coach is 74 years old. During this time, Royce has worked almost everywhere. The 1970-80 Hodgson was at the peak of his career, and it was then that the team won four national championships. Currently, he takes up the post of head coach of Fulham Football Club.

76-year-old Mircea Lucescu is in the first place of our rating with a gold medal. The legendary coach became famous for coaching Romanian and Turkish teams. But his most tremendous success was in the football club of Dynamo Kyiv. In general, results are no longer as crucial at his age because it is an outstanding achievement to pass on your experience to young athletes.

Summing up, all these people deserve the first place. And our rating contains real champions and heroes who, despite all the difficulties, continue to do their job. Thanks to their strength, perseverance and vast experience, athletes achieve excellent results. The trainees take their team’s coach for a model and are proud of him.

Experts are confident that each one of these outstanding coaches is already a legend, and the potential of many has not yet been fulfilled to the maximum. And this means that these people will continue to be heard about, and their names will glorify their teams for many years to come.


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