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What do people, who are far from hockey, know about this sport? Firstly, hockey is exclusively for real men. Secondly, it is one of the most dynamic team sports – and the most unpredictable. The adrenaline rush, intense emotions, nervous tension and an enchanting finale. You don’t have to play hockey, but you just have to love it.

Traditionally, it is hockey that is most famous for the loudest sensations and sudden comebacks. Thousands of stories tell us about a team that was going down, surprisingly changed the game’s direction completely and won. Stories about how outsiders became champions. And about how the cohesion of the players and the fighting spirit has worked a real wonder.

Well, unpredictability is good for keeping the intrigue for the fans, but what about betting?

Why do betters love hockey?


Let’s pull back the veil of mystery: experienced betters are not afraid of such sensations, on the contrary – they use it professionally for their benefit. The higher the degree of surprise– the greater the coefficient for a profitable bet.

The second reason hockey betting is so loved by the fans is the frequency of matches. A game every few days – and you are always up to date with current events. It’s as if you are in the middle of hockey history itself – all the information about the team’s state, their mood, the roster is spread out before you. It makes it easier to analyze and think your next steps through to aim right at the target.

And what about the downsides? We’ll talk about the most obvious one. So, a little fly in the ointment is a small number of live streams compared to football, for instance. Unfortunately, if the games are not at the NHL level, they are either broadcasted either locally or not at all.

Specificity of hockey betting: everything you need to know

Even if you know the rules of the ice competition well, it will be beneficial to recap them.

A hockey match consists of three periods. One period is 20 minutes.

If the main time ended in a draw, a three-on-three overtime period follows, it lasts 5 minutes. The overtime ends with the first goal. Shootouts begin if no one scores, and the overtime still ends with a draw.

An interesting feature of hockey is that the replacement of players during the game can occur an unlimited number of times.

And that’s all – it’s not complicated. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there is no need for a number of strategies that betters can use to make the right bet.

What hockey strategies work?


Every experienced betterer has a few aces up his sleeve – these are the strategies he trusts the most. But to use them deftly, you should thoroughly understand how hockey betting functions. So, how can we approach it?

Live betting strategy is the most popular type of betting.

This is when the betters make their choice in real-time while looking at the results of each period. There are two of them that are used most often.

In which case should you bet on a total of more than 1.5 in the second period?

  • If the start of the match didn’t have many goals – no more than two goals in the first period.
  • The top scorers of both teams were playing on the ice at the very beginning.
  • If both teams performed best in the second period.
  • If during the first period there were at least 19 shots on goal.

Another option for live betting is when the total goals scored is more in the 3rd period.

You can choose it for the following “ifs”:

  • The first sign is that the bookmakers’ expectations were not met. That is, the teams could not make the number of goals that were expected.
  • Second – if the coefficient is higher than 2.00
  • The third – if the team is leading the opponent by one goal.

Provided that all these conditions were met – the bet should win.

Let’s get acquainted with the strategy when the bet is placed on a weaker team. Yes, in hockey, the course of the game can change at any moment. And if you want to place your bet on the outsider, taking the overtime and the shootouts into consideration, here are the criteria that will help you make the right choice.

The outsider strategy is good for when they play on their familiar territory – that is at home match. If the outsiders have good statistics on home matches (over half of the games ended in victory), it’s a plus. And if the stronger team has been playing for two games in a row – it’s the best combination for this strategy. After all, even favourites tend to get tired and weaken due to lack of rest. Pay close attention to the roster of the favourite team – if a player from the top line is missing, the outsiders have every chance.

Here’s another strategy that betters love. By the way, one of the first strategies for hockey.

This is a catch-up strategy for a draw in the period when you bet more with each subsequent bet. The catch-up tactic is this: you do not stop placing bets after a failure; on the contrary – you increase them.

There is a special formula by which you can deftly calculate how much to bet to remain a winner.

This strategy is good for lives. The perfect timing for placing the bet is when the first period has already started. According to the statistics of the winning bets, the first period is considered to be the most favourable for the catch-up strategy. But even if your first bet was unsuccessful, increase it and try in the next period.

Whatever strategy you choose for your bet, you need to prepare well for the match. The bet should not be spontaneous. The ideal option is if you are a long-time fan of a team and know its ins and outs very well. Yes, hockey is unpredictable and impulsive. And even an outsider can become a strong team. But no one says you should overlook the statistics and detailed analysis of previous matches.

And if the ones playing hockey are the real men, the ones who bet on hockey are truly the real betters.


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