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Published: 06-04-22
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    What is basketball?  This is not only an opportunity to earn good money on bets for experienced players, but also a rich game, the course of which changes literally every few minutes. There are many factors to consider when it comes to betting. And it’s not just some team features or statistics.  It’s important to understand that a certain contribution to a particular outcome is made by the following: the home court and refereeing.

    In the article we tell how to bet on basketball to stay positive, taking into account the mentioned factors.

    Judging factor


    It seems that the referees are, first of all, unbiased people who competently evaluate the course of the game? It’s not always so. But not unfortunately. Arbitrators can quite actively interfere in a particular match, to influence its results. This is important to consider when it comes to betting on basketball.

    We will show a few nuances that you can, and sometimes need to take into account in order to make winning bets.

    Nuance №1

    If the referee does not prefer to actively interfere in a particular game, allowing the basketball players to act as they are used to, the teams slowly gain comments and fouls. In such a situation, free throws at the end of an event are practically excluded.  Plus in some sense – the ability to make a choice in favor of the bet “Last scored points”.

    It should also be taken into account that everything can be completely different. If the referee likes to be picky, people can begin to assume that the final points will be scored by means of only penalty shots.

    Nuance №2

    There are judges who intentionally or unintentionally, as they say, “whistle in one direction.” Refusing to take into account this moment means “draining” the deposit. One should not look for some kind of conspiracy or someone’s intent in such a situation, in reality everything can be different. A simple example is a few fouls given by the referee to a particular team at the start of the game. The consequence is the aggressive attitude of players towards the referee. He, which is understandable, will respond to aggression with punishments even for minor offenses.

    Tip: It’s possible, if such a dynamic is detected, to bet on the fact that the last foul will be received by the «problem» team. It is also advisable to make a bet that the last penalty will be «played» by the opponent last.

    Nuance №3

    Some judges with all their behavior literally hint that you should put on «punching» planks for fouls. Example – TB 43.5. The scenario is easy to implement when the referee constantly makes comments and does not let the teams play. It can be expected that there will be at least 12 to 14 comments per quarter.

    Nuance №4

    Provided that the referee «indulges» any team, a foul odds as the bet can pass. However, provided that he closely monitors the actions of all players, the variation in violations can be small.

    Tip: people should not, if equal teams compete, choose a positive lead. It is possible to explain the inadequacy of this by the fact that provided a relatively small gap «catching up» may start playing incorrectly, for which they will receive comments. The result is a rapid increase in the number of the latter.

    Nuance №5

    In basketball, as in other «disciplines», the arbitrariness of judges is rare. They almost never affect the outcome of fights. However, the same can’t be said about the impact on the outcome of a particular meeting.

    It is worth considering that in a situation where players become on the penalty line, they will not always be accurate. For an attack in a specific case, less points are scored. It is clear that it is better to use TM for the bet.

    Home court: impact on match results


    The need to take into account the conduct of judges has been sorted. Now let’s talk about another important factor. This is the home court in terms of the impact on a particular match. Any team in some sense appreciates the ability to play on it. And here, as in the case of arbitrators, there are several nuances that should be considered.

    Nuance №1

    It is important to understand that when any team is faced with the need to “travel” from court to court, there can be some exhaustion, including morale.  In this context, the team that acts as the host will have an advantage.

    Nuance №2

    The home court factor should be considered carefully when a particular host team has a large fan base. Why? Because it’s this base that guarantees that it will be much more fun in the stands than on the same site.

    Applause, whistles, shouts, support and so on – all this will be truly colossal.  And this will affect the guests, can overwhelm them and make them act less well than usual.

    Interesting fact: it’s generally accepted that the most “hot” fans are from Spain. The Turks can also “give heat”.

    Nuance №3

    If it comes to a situation where a particular team plays on the home court and at the same time the stands are filled with fans, you can bet on its victory without any special fears and additional analysis. Even ordinary meetings in such conditions literally move the favorites of the crowd to victories.  

    Nuance №4

    This nuance is more specific than general.  In the NBA, the Eastern Conference often boasts of tenacity due to the fact that the vast majority of teams in their “places” perform more than well. We can say that before the completion of a particular regular championship, all the teams will fight fiercely for the opportunity to reach the playoffs.  Of particular note is the Atlantic Division.  It boasts a “stronghold of fighters” who are showing outstanding results at home courts. 

    If in other divisions it is possible to highlight, sometimes with difficulty, 2-3 teams that play excellently “at home”, then in the examples presented, the guests rarely show a good game.

    Nuance №5

    The home court is always the motivation for the host team. The fans we have already talked about do not let the players relax and make mistakes. This should be used when selecting a suitable bet. Examples:

    • rarely meetings of such a plan end so that the «favorite» could not get the advantage in points. TB is therefore a great option for winning bets;
    • often the game in territory for a particular team is an opportunity to push, to press the opponent. Hence the high probability of wins in each of the four. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

    If all factors other than those presented were assessed, good results could be achieved. However, they can be made excellent if you consider the behavior of the judges and realize how much influence on the game of a team presence «home» or performance as a guest.

    At the same time, it should be understood that refereeing is an ambiguous factor, sometimes difficult to predict. Based on it, you need to make decisions “here and now.”  In this context, the site factor can be considered as universal and most accurate in terms of predicting the outcome of an event.

    We wish victories to your favorites and successful bets on basketball!


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