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Lucky Ronaldo currently owns 51% of all rights of the Valladolid club. Surely, you remember that this Brazilian footballer is also considered to be a two-time world champion at once. After his team, where he is president, made it back to La Liga, this great player decided to accomplish a real feat. We are talking about his amazing 500 km bike ride. And that’s not all.
In an interview with local media, Ronaldo said that if his team makes it to La Liga again, then he will do it. And so it happened. Now the footballer is following in the footsteps of the great and holy James. Why a bicycle? The fact is that an athlete cannot run and a bicycle is a wonderful and useful alternative. Ronaldo himself was sure that this would be just an unforgettable journey and an experience that would stay with him forever.

The long-awaited rise of Valladolid


How did it happen that the team called “Valladolid” was again able to show good results? So, according to the results of the last playing season, this team in the Segunda is on the honorable second line of the rating. However, the fans were still upset, because the team was so close to victory. The audience did not sleep at night, they were very worried about them and even made bets outside of time management.

However, 81 points in 42 games were not enough to win the title of absolute champion. By the way, the players from Almeria got exactly the same result, but they were ahead due to leadership in personal games.

All that doesn’t really matter now, though. Because this team was eventually able to break through and become a legitimate member of the strongest national championship in Spain. As we can see, Ronaldo’s career in this field of activity is only gaining momentum. Experts have noted that this is a pretty good result at the moment.

Ronaldo’s Treasure

Back to the coveted 51% ownership. Not long ago, Ronaldo became the owner and also the main face of Valladolid’s team management board. This happened in the autumn of 2018. Recall that the deal was then done for €30m. That’s an impressive amount of money for most of the club. In general, this decision was initially criticised by many, as was the night-time betting, but then everyone realised that it was very lucrative and productive, rather than the classic variations.

The former footballer himself says he is obsessed with football. He has virtually everything to implement his ideas and plans. Further plans for the national team are also great. Ronaldo shared that he really wants to make this team a real competitive and strong team that will be loved by many fans. Special meetings with club fans are also planned, that is, the most friendly and open relations. It is also interesting that the representative of the club really wants to receive ideas, suggestions and criticism from anyone. In his opinion, only in this way can one not stand still and move only forward.

Experts noted that such a cost of the club is considered very profitable. And all because at the time of the purchase, Valladolid was considered an absolutely unpopular and inexperienced club.ronaldo's-treasure

Just think, in the major leagues, the team climbed to 13th place in the 2019-2020 season and 16th in 2018-2019. Once, 19th place was recorded, but the players immediately dropped out of the tournament bracket. Accordingly, the current result is an absolute record. The question arises why Ronaldo believed in these guys?

Many have known his name for a long time, but fame alone has clearly not helped him to become the owner of what is now such a successful club. Especially as he has always been known to invest only his own money, without any help or support from other sponsors and partners. The Brazilian admits that this is not the easiest kind of business.

Now, let’s talk more about the bike ride. As we said above, because of Valladolid’s inclusion in La Liga, Ronaldo decided to do a real 500km marathon. Many have noticed that the Brazilian has put on a lot of weight. Doctors have revealed that this is due to hormones, which means that things can still be rectified. It is clear that this journey will be difficult and long, and the former footballer himself realises this too. It is for this reason that he has not even announced the length of his bike ride.

Has Ronaldo kept his promise?

Recall that this news appeared on June 6, and literally 3 days later, Ronaldo said that he had already fulfilled his promise. Obviously, not being physically fit and healthy, it is unlikely that he managed to completely overcome such a distance. However, this is not the main thing here, but the main thing is that he kept his word and really set off on a holy path.

What will happen next?

As it turned out, the legend still has many great goals and plans. For example, now he is eager to take the team to the Europa League. As we can see, he is clearly capable of it, because the indicators are already high. It later emerged that Ronaldo had decided to scale. It is known that he bought the ownership of another club just in April. We are talking about the football team Cruzeiro. This time he owns 90% of all rights and shares at once. The estimated value has reached $70 million. Now there is clearly no doubt that the former footballer has decided to take a serious plunge into the business.what-will-happen-next
Experts are confident that it certainly won’t end with so many teams. It has emerged that Ronaldo currently runs a marketing agency, invests in eSports and that’s not all. Apart from that, he is also investing in other sports organisations. So it won’t be long before the champion is happy in other areas of his business.
Moreover, the great striker is burning desire to recreate the European Super League. In his opinion, this should have happened long ago. Ronaldo is ready to personally take care of it, as well as to invest money there. We wish the great footballer good luck in all his endeavours.

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