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The card combination Royal Flush is known even to those who know nothing about poker. In many feature films and popular video clips, we can see the undisguised joy of the players who received the Royal Flush during the game.

And this joy is quite understandable since this is not just a strong combination of cards but the strongest one. Some ordinary people believe that the cherished set of cards is a combination of one suit, but this is not the case at all.

Let’s take a closer look at the Royal Straight Flush, aka Royal Flush, find out what it consists of, how it is assembled and how professionals use these cards.

Flash Royal combination in poker


If you are just getting acquainted with a game of online poker, you should start with the weakest game combinations and gradually move on to the strongest ones. Thus, before you discover Royal Flush, you should learn about simpler combinations.

The weakest combination is considered the High card. This is a combination of any five cards that do not form any of the combinations. Ace-King is next, but it’s worth noting that this combination can be found not in every poker discipline but mainly in casinos. And for example, Texas Holdem or Omaha does not recognize it as a combination.

This is followed by a Pair – a pair of cards with the same value, then – 2 pairs. For example, two 7s and two 3s in hand would be two Pairs. A Set follows them – these are 3 cards with the same value. The weakest among the combinations of 5 cards is the Straight. For a Straight, you must collect five consecutive cards of different suits. The next one after the Straight in the hierarchy is the Flush. To collect the Flash, you also need five cards, but of the same suit. Cards do not have to be consecutive. The strength of the Flash is based on the strongest card in it.

If the cards are consecutive in the Flush, this combination is a Straight Flush. In the middle of the Flush and the Straight Flush, there are 2 more combinations. These are Full House (Pair and Set in one hand) and Four of a Kind (4 cards with the same value, for example, 4 Queens). But a combination that is higher than a Straight Flush is just a Royal Flush.

In poker, Royal Flash is considered the most stringent combination. In it, both the suit of the cards and their value play an important role. They must be of the same suit and arranged in the hierarchical order, from highest card to lowest card. The highest card is the Ace, followed by the King, then the Queen, then the Jack, and at the end of the combination 10.

There is a joke that the chances of getting a Royal Flush in poker are about the same as the chances of a person being struck by lightning. In truth, this is only partly a joke because the probability of a Royal Flush within one hand is no more than one-thousandth of a percent.

Probability of collecting a Royal Flush in poker

Talking about the chances of collecting a Royal Flash, we will simply say that the player gets it at a ratio of 1 to 649,739. So in real life, it won’t be as in a film where the players receive the cherished cards too often.

In Texas Hold ’em, the chances of collecting a Flash Royal are as follows: two of the five required cards in the starting hand will become a full combination on flop street – 0.0008 percent; if you have four out of five Royal Flush cards on the flop, you have two percent to collect on the turn and four percent on the river; four of the five required cards on the turn street leaves you with a two percent chance to get it on the river.

As for Omaha Poker, it’s a little different: having a starting hand with two cards of the right cards will give you a 0.001 percent to make a Royal Straight Flush on the flop; if the player has four out of five cards – the chances on the flop increase to 0.002 percent; if a player has collected four coveted cards on the flop, then the probability of getting a full hand on the turn or river will be two and four and a half percent; turn with four cards – gives 2 percent chance to collect on the last street of the river.

How a Royal Flush combination is played


Many novice players think that the very presence of Flash Royal is enough for a victory, but professionals know that even a 100% guarantee of victory with the Royal hand must be accompanied by a well-thought-out draw, and this depends on several factors – the manner or style of play of your opponent and how exactly your Royal Flush is collected.

You can probably agree that if four cards from the combination are on the board as community cards, the opponents will definitely admit the possibility that someone at the table has the missing fifth card, so the behaviour of the players will change. And this must be taken into account and thought through.

An aggressive style of play can be a sign of your confidence in victory, and this will force some to fold, and some may think that you are bluffing, and if you really are bluffing, the real owner of the out can lure you into their trap. So caution and balanced decisions are needed in this situation.

In some poker rooms, players who have collected a Royal Flush receive not only the pot of the game and a victory over opponents, they are often given a bonus reward for this combination and their size is quite large.

Summing up, we remind you once again that Flash Royal is the strongest and rarest combination in poker. The suit of the cards from which it is collected does not affect its value in any way. Royal Flush is a great way to extract maximum value if you play it right. But it should be borne in mind that even professionals who regularly play poker and take part in major tournaments may not hold these cherished five cards of the same suit going strictly in order from Ace to Ten in their hands for several years.

Royal Flush in culture, cinema and everyday life


The combination has become a symbol of poker aesthetics. The logos of the rooms and casinos depict a Broadway street flush. Many books have been written about this hand. It is also used in cinema: the protagonist of the film Maverick managed to collect a Royal Flush.

The special attention to this combination is caused by its rarity. Many professional players have not been able to collect the strongest combination in their entire careers. In Hollywood films, its appearance shows that a miracle has happened at the poker table.

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