Bingo is an easy game for attentive and focused people. Learning how to make money is quite within the power of everyone if you adhere to certain calculations and strategies. Many agree that bingo is based on numbers.

Currently, there is a noticeable trend: the growing popularity of the online format instead of offline. And all because electronic resources offer better conditions. Firstly, the size of the winnings themselves is much larger than in the casino. The difference is likely to increase over time. Secondly, there’s no need to waste your time on the road to get to the casino. You can make your predictions calmly, just lying on the bed. Thirdly, no one is going to distract or provoke you. However, when playing online, you will not be able to make personal acquaintances with valuable people. It also increases the risk of spending all the money since you do not actually see it with your own eyes.

Bingo online is still gaining momentum in our country. Although in the UK players win 4 million prizes every day. After all, 10 people win each 1 second in England. The jackpots also grow, along with the prizes and the number of players. Particular mathematical strategies have long been developed to help the players. Unfortunately, using them does not guarantee that you will certainly win a large amount of money, but they increase the chances of that. So, these mathematical strategies were developed by Leonard Tippett and Joseph Granville.

Leonard Tippett’s Strategy


Let’s start with Leonard Tippett’s theory. This strategy is only suitable for the traditional version of bingo, which uses the standard lines and precisely 75 balls. Leonard studied the statistics of the game in detail and published his own methodological works to help the players place bets. What is the essence of the theory? The heart is in the game’s duration: the faster you finish the game, the greater the chance of success. Accordingly, the longer the bingo game with 75 balls is, the more likely it is that the number on them will be close to the average of 38.
You cannot influence how long the game lasts, so your way out in cases of a protracted one is to look for cards with numbers as close to 38 as possible. If, on the contrary, the game is short, this strategy is no longer helpful.
By looking at bingo winning patterns, you can figure out which games take longer to play. Line bingo is generally the shortest version as the player has to mark horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. It is definitely faster than complex patterns like Flag, Bullseye, Butterfly and Candlestick.
The median rule can also be applied to a 90-ball game. Thus, choosing numbers closer to 45 increases the chance of hitting the jackpot in a longer game. However, it is better to keep in mind that in 90-ball games, it is much more difficult to determine the length of the game. This is especially true when prizes are distributed for getting one line, two lines or a full house.

A simple truth from Joseph Granville

The second, more popular strategy is Joseph Granville. His name is well-known in the gambling world. The secret of success lies in his field of professional activity – the fact is that Joseph was an investor in the stock market. He managed to personally create several strategies for buying and selling shares during his work. It was this experience, skills and analytical mindset that helped the great player become a bingo genius.
The essence of his strategy is that you need to choose the right cards for a successful game. At first glance, it looks very trivial. But it is not. When the moment for the ball to fall out in the classic version of bingo comes, no matter what number you choose, the chances are equal for everyone: 1:75. By the way, this is what the mathematical theory of probability says – Granville identified three patterns according to it. Firstly, there is always an equal number of game balls, whose numbers end in 1 – 9. Secondly, balls with large and small numbers have the same probability of falling out. And thirdly, half of the balls are always even, and the second is odd. Everything ingenious is simple.
This theory is helpful when choosing which cards you want to play. So, no matter how many cards you play, repeating the same numbers over and over again is not recommended as there can be numbers that are missing from all of your cards. In some offline casinos, cards are distributed randomly. However, you have the freedom to choose the cards you want, especially on online bingo sites. It depends on the conditions of the bingo game you are playing.
Whether these strategies work is up to you to check. Note that all online game sites strictly follow the law to ensure fair play for everyone.

Tips from the experts


Now let’s give a couple more tips from experienced specialists who continue to achieve high results. Before joining a bingo room, always find out what prizes are available and how you can win them because different bingo games offer prizes depending on the lines completed.

Also, one of the most popular bingo strategies insists on buying many cards, as if you have more cards, it will increase your chances of winning. In case the number that was called out is not on one bingo card, it will most likely be on another. In addition, you also have a better chance of hitting the jackpot on any of the multiple bingo cards.

In slot machines, the more players play, the bigger the jackpot will be. As far as bingo is concerned, the prize pool will not increase or decrease depending on how many players are participating. If you play against as few opponents as you can, it will significantly increase your chances of winning.

We advise you to play at a time when there are fewer players online, for example, on weekdays, in the morning or late in the evening.

As mentioned above, one of the disadvantages of the online version is the lack of personal contact. However, now it is not a huge problem. After all, you can converse with other players in the chat box. While this will not increase your chances of winning, it is possible to receive random prizes in the chat, separately from the main game. If you don’t feel particularly talkative, you can always read the chat when the moderator announces various prizes and contests.

Based on the above, follow the advice from the experts, and try the great mathematical strategies yourself. And then you will definitely succeed.


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